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Bathroom Vanity Unit Buying Guide

by Globo 20 Dec 2022 0 Comments
White bathroom vanity unit

Choosing the perfect bathroom vanity unit may be the most crucial decision you have to make throughout your bathroom renovation, even though it's not the easiest. Your vanity unit will not only offer storage for extras but also serve as the focal point of your room's fresh decor. Once you become aware of the mind-boggling array of designs, sizes, materials, forms, and combinations available on the market, you will start asking yourself a lot of questions about what you want and what you need.

This guide will provide you with the knowledge you require to buy the right bathroom sink vanity unit and make your shopping experience less stressful, more enjoyable, and more manageable.

What is a Vanity Unit?

The type of bathroom furniture that combines a sink with storage space beneath in the form of drawers or cabinets is referred to as a bathroom vanity unit. 

To further complicate matters, they are occasionally also known by other terms such as bathroom sink cabinets, under sink cabinets, basin cabinets, or even bathroom combination vanity units. 

In addition to surface spaces for storing daily necessities nearby, vanity units in your bathroom offer additional storage space in the form of cabinets and drawers. They are also an excellent solution for concealing unattractive pipes.

Sink vanity units not only serve a practical purpose but also provide a significant amount of elegance, from conventional and classic styles to ultra-modern and minimalist. You can pick a countertop basin or a sink that is completely or partially recessed into the unit.

Are Vanity Units suitable for all types of bathrooms?

Bathroom basin cabinets are perfect for both large and small bathrooms and come in a variety of styles. If you have the room, going big will make a big visual effect. A spacious container allows you to store several of your bathroom necessities close at hand. 

Additionally, there are several possibilities for tiny bathrooms. You may pick a straightforward, cloakroom vanity unit or a slimline vanity unit that not only looks excellent but also offers some useful additional storage.

Types of Basin Vanity Units

Make sure the vanity unit you pick from the many alternatives available complements the decor and lifestyle. You can decide which style will match your bathroom the best by figuring out what you need in terms of storage, accessibility, and form.

Freestanding Vanity Units

This is the conventional or most popular kind of basin vanity unit that is accessible. For stability, floor standing vanity units are mounted to and supported by the floor. A square or rectangular solution with simple lines is something that is provided by freestanding bathroom vanity units.
                                        Black Freestanding Bathroom Vanity Unit
These vanities, which function somewhat like pedestal basins and have storage space and elegant hues to go with any decor, can effortlessly hold your basins.

Wall Hung Vanity Units

This vanity style, often referred to as a floating vanity unit  , gets mounted straight to the wall without aid from the floor. Wall hung basin vanity unit looks wonderful and takes up less room on the floor. A small bathroom will look better with the wall mounted vanity unit and have more room for other storage accessories like baskets and organisers.
Although this fashion is incredibly adaptable, it is vital to use it with caution. Your bathroom's floating vanities are more delicate and are readily harmed when pressure is applied to the surface. In severe circumstances, the vanity unit can come loose from the wall, which would have an impact on the entire bathroom.
When installing a wall hung vanity unit, we advise extending your floor tiles farther up the wall to give your bathroom a cleaner, more modern appearance.

Double Vanity Units

You may organise your bathroom needs by dividing them into distinct categories with the substantial storage space and convenience provided by double sink vanity units. If you are living with another member with whom you are sharing the bathroom with, then a double basin vanity unit will definitely be the best solution for you to save most of the time especially in morning time when everybody is in a rush to get ready.

These double vanity units are not only useful, but they also have amazing aesthetic appeal and are gaining popularity. You will be sure to discover one that complements the design of your bathroom with the equal selection of modern and conventional bathroom double vanity units available in a variety of colours, including white, brown, grey, and blue. You may be confident that a long-lasting, high-quality product will be provided by reputable companies like Britton.

Cloakroom Vanity Unit

Even if the item isn't positioned in a cloakroom, the modest style elements of cloakroom vanity units are well worth buying if smaller bathroom furniture models are what you prefer.

These small vanity units are available in vertical and horizontal layouts with classic and modern themes, wall mounted and freestanding designs, and a variety of sizes.

Cloakroom Vanity Unit tapron
Cloakroom basin vanity units are available in small sizes and are frequently slim than regular vanities. They are therefore ideal for restrooms in cloakrooms or compact bathrooms that require a wash basin. These sink vanity units are frequently equipped with a closet that provides storage, making them even more practical in a limited area.

Vanity Unit with Basin

Basin vanity units continue the concept by highlighting the benefits of making the most of available space, making them a particularly wise choice for small bathrooms or even en-suite spaces.

Both conventional and modern basin vanity units are among the most stylish statement pieces of bathroom furniture available today, exuding a classy bathroom boutique vibe. Check out Tapron range of bathroom vanity units with sinks at the best price with free next day delivery.*

What are the available colours and materials?

Bathroom Vanity Unit Colour Options


The ultimate classic and unquestionably the most popular bathroom vanity unit in both homes and shops is white. Unfortunately, this implies that occasionally, individuals tend to become inundated with them, and this is one of those instances. White vanity units have quickly lost favour with wood vanities after years of comfortably dominating the market.
Bathroom Vanity Unit Colour Options White

But as everyone who has or grew up with golden oak cabinets knows, it's quite simple for a specific hue of wood to become horribly out of date when it becomes highly fashionable.

The same cannot be said for a bright, glossy white finish. Even though it may not be the most popular option right now, I dare argue it is the safest one in the long run. White bathroom vanity units are the real neutral; they may change with the times without having to be changed as long as you're careful about your style and hardware selections and decorate tastefully.


Don't wish to go in for a white vanity? Your next best option is a matt or glossy black bathroom vanity unit. This may seem contradictory because black is a striking hue that might look overly daring. But if you use a transitional design that has a straightforward, cosy appearance and wouldn't look out of place in a cottage or farmhouse bathroom, black vanity unit will look more classic.
black vanity unit
If you are looking for a wall mounted option, you can go with our black wall hung vanity unit that softens and gives virtually the same timeless appearance as white with that dash of classic taste. If white dominates farmhouse and cottage design, opting for a black vanity unit can give your room a subtly more industrial feel.
Although the two can't be used interchangeably, what if you want a classic appearance with a touch of modernity? The best finish to choose is black.


Grey bathroom vanity unit has undergone the quickest rise-and-fall cycle of any trend I've seen in the whole time I've been in the design industry. Grey moved from being the most popular hue to one of the least liked in just a few years. However, a grey vanity unit is a decent option for if you like to have a neutral tone in your bathroom.

Tapron Grey bathroom vanity unit

One of the many benefits of grey sink vanity is its ability to blend in nicely with virtually any colour scheme. Just be careful not to overdo it with the grey; a grey vanity is simple to design around, but it requires extra colours to stand out.

If you're currently looking for a grey vanity, you might be able to find one on sale at Tapron!


Deep tones of blue have a timeless, understated air to them while being closer to a main colour than a neutral one. Bathrooms frequently use the colour blue, and dark blues are associated with the origin of most cottage-style features. A fun, low-risk approach to adding colour to your bathroom that will age well and well with most colour schemes is with a blue vanity unit.

Other Colours

The most popular possibilities when looking for vanity units, without wood or veneers, are white, black, grey, and blue, in that order. However, vanities come in virtually every hue. Although brown, red, orange, and green are a little more prevalent, the only restriction is how arduously you're prepared to look. 

However, there is a reason why other hues are less prevalent. A truly colourful basin vanity unit will need to be at the centre of all your other selections, even if neutral paint may withstand significant design alterations elsewhere in the bathroom. To execute successfully, even a soft forest green requires thinking and consideration.

Contrarily, it won't ever seem outdated if you highlight a unique hue. There is no way for it to become outdated! Consequently, an unique option might last just as long as a neutral one since they blend into the backdrop and are therefore timeless.

Bathroom Vanity Unit Material Options

basin vanity unit

Egger Board (also known as MFC)

It is often foil-wrapped and used to create bathroom cabinets. MFC (melamine-faced chipboard) is an item made of engineered wood. It is constructed from several wood chips that have been crushed into a sturdy sheet of material. Bathroom cabinets are frequently made with MFC since it is quite durable.


Medium-Density Fiberboard, often known as MDF, is an engineered wood product constructed of composite wood fibres and pieces that are joined with either a wax or resin glue. The composite wood board is then wrapped in a thin ornamental veneer coating. MDF is used extensively in the furniture business and is denser than plywood. Plywood should NOT be confused with it.

The real advantage of MDF in cabinet construction is that it is among the least expensive materials. Its durability has previously been questioned, particularly when used in humid washroom environments. But when correctly finished, MDF can be utilised in the bathroom with little to no issues. But here's the catch: It is challenging to assess how fully finished a certain board may be since MDF is a very variable material due to variations in the fibre sizes and quality of the many various woods used to create the material.

MDF is frequently used in less expensive vanity cabinets, and while it is generally acceptable, it is not the greatest material for your bathroom. The greatest places for your MDF cabinets to reside are the kitchen and other dry areas.


Regarding bathroom vanity units, laminate is a popular choice because of its sleek, fashionable surface and durable body constructed of many paper sheets. The top of your vanity might be made of laminate, which is suitable for painting and doodling on. 

Laminate vanity units can persist for a very long period without any harm and are also water resistant. However, take caution while handling it as it is easily damaged.

Solid Wood

Nothing surpasses solid wood cabinets in terms of aesthetics. The best timber that you can use for bathroom cabinets includes oak, maple, and birch. These solid wood vanity units may be stained to match the appearance you choose for your bathroom, and the range of wood grains enables you to add a lot of customisation.

Solid woods also withstand bathroom conditions rather well, although it's essential that the space be well ventilated to save the wood from getting harmed by the shower produced humidity. However, repairs are straightforward compared to some other possibilities if your cabinets are made of solid wood and they sustain damage.


Plywood is one of the most common materials for bathroom furniture, such as sink vanity units, out of all the types of wood that are available. The durable material plywood is frequently found in your attic or other areas of your house. 

By joining numerous sheets of wood with glue, a solid piece of plywood is produced that is strong and long-lasting. In comparison to other types of wood, this, therefore, provides a plywood bathroom vanity unit with the potential to stand unharmed by the moisture and vapour collected in the bathrooms.


On a bathroom vanity, marble surfaces are sure to offer a cool, smooth, and elegant touch that is resilient enough for most situations. However, you might be required to wipe it more regularly because grime and stains are noticeably more obvious, thus it's a good idea to have additional storage space close to the basin vanity. 

Marble vanity units look well in both large and small bathrooms and are more modern than traditional ones. The correct vanity unit might be difficult to choose, but marble gives off a modern, sophisticated appearance.

Bathroom Vanity Unit Size Options

There is no set standard for how large or small a vanity unit should be; sizes will vary from one to the next. There are a few exceptions, but in general, wall mounted vanity units consume less space than floor standing ones. 

Freestanding units are a great storage option since they may be up to a metre high and broad and have space for several cupboards. Of course, larger spaces are better suited for these basin vanity units.

In contrast, freestanding bathroom vanity can also be quite compact, consisting only of a sink and less storage. In order to guarantee that everyone, including youngsters, can use the basin, most freestanding basin units are one metre tall or somewhat less. As a result, the smaller freestanding vanity units can be as little as 400mm broad yet are typically equally as tall as the bigger ones.

standard for how large or small a vanity unit

On the other hand, wall mounted vanity units don't need to be a certain height because you may attach them to the wall at the precise height you want for the basin. These often come into one of two categories: either long and slender with a basin and a closet, or short and square with a basin and a drawer.

Vanity units may conveniently combine storage and a basin in one small unit, providing you space to store your bathroom necessities. There are always sink vanity units available in the market that will fit perfectly in your bathroom suite and style, whether it is freestanding or wall mounted, vintage or modern, and will help you maintain everything's neat, tidy, and fashionable appearance.

Are vanity units easy to install?

The majority of vanity units are delivered to you pre-assembled, reducing the hassle of assembling it yourself. Floor standing vanity units are easier to install as they do not require any mounting. You can put the unit under the sink or at any place you prefer.

However, wall hung vanity units require a little effort and time to install as they need to be hung on the wall using particular types of screws. If things get too complicated, you can always consult a plumber to do the work for you quickly.

Shop Bathroom Vanity unit at Tapron

Whichever bathroom vanity units you decide are appropriate for your renovations will be of the highest quality and affordably priced when you shop at Tapron!

There are tons of basin vanity units to pick from, in a wide range of styles and finishes, having long manufacturer guarantees. With so much variety, you'll find the ideal match for your home with ease in our vanity collection, whether you're remodelling the master suite or looking for your cloakroom. 

You will undoubtedly discover a bathroom sink vanity unit that will enable you to improve the appearance of your bathroom.

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