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Guide to Buying Toilets

by Bystrov 16 Dec 2022 0 Comments
Bathroom Toilets Brush Holder

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A toilet is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment to have in the house, but not any ordinary toilet. If your toilet has been showing signs of malfunction lately or you are tired of making numerous minor repairs, it might be time to replace your fixture. You might need a modern toilet that truly functions well and adds to the charm of your bathroom. 

Many individuals are unaware of how to purchase a toilet because the majority of homes are constructed and sold with toilets already installed. They are unsure of what to search for, how to organise the bathroom's design, or even how to take measurements to make sure the toilet will fit.

This blog shall help you learn everything you need to know before buying a new toilet that meets your needs, complements the style of your bathroom and fits in the available space. Learn more about the vast variety of the best toilets available in the market which includes wall hung toilets, close coupled toilets, back to wall toilets, etc so you can make the best choice for yourself that you can be completely satisfied with!

Types of Toilets

The range of available toilet alternatives has grown over time. The ideal toilet varies on the design, size, and most significantly, your personal preferences for the bathroom. They are now available in a variety of designs, forms, and sizes. We've divided them into three categories to make things easier.

A. Closed Coupled Toilets

The most common form of toilets is close coupled toilets. These units, which are common in bathrooms, are clean, comfy, and simple to make a part of your bathroom. They are made up of the following parts:

  • A floor mounted toilet pan
  • A separate cistern for storing water to flush
  • Fill and flush valves for the flushing system
  • A hinged toilet seat attached to the toilet bowl

Tapron closed coupled toilet with soft close seat cover

                             Close Coupled Toilet with Soft Close Seat Cover

In particular for do-it-yourself installations and fitting a toilet into small areas, these conventional types' separate tanks and bowls make handling simpler. The tank's water inlet hole and the screws that secure it to the bowl are both sealed, and rubber gaskets seal the seam where the two parts meet. 

These gaskets do have a tendency to go down, leading to leaks even though they can last for years of use. The bolts and nuts frequently corrode and freeze, necessitating cutting, making replacing the gaskets a headache. These come in various sizes, short-projection close coupled toilets being the most ideal for compact bathrooms.


  • Installation of these toilets is quick and easy
  • The flush control for the toilet is located on the rear of the cistern, making it simple to use
  • They don't require plumbing modifications, which reduces installation time and costs


  • Compared to some other kinds, close linked toilets might seem a little basic
  • The areas connecting the rear and base are particularly prone to dirt accumulation and are hard to clean

B. Back To Wall Toilets

With this look, the seam between the tank and bowl gets eliminated. As a result, the back to wall toilet has no nooks or crannies for dirt to hide. Models with a one piece design are often more costly than those with a two piece design

Wall Toilets

                                            Back To Wall Toilet Pan

When a back to wall toilet is constructed, all of the plumbing and waste pipes can run directly into the supporting wall, hiding it behind the wall. For greater aesthetics and space savings, the cistern can be camouflaged by a back to wall unit or within the wall itself. Excellent for those seeking a bathroom with an appealing aesthetic.


  • They are really quiet and simple to clean
  • Since they include a s trap mechanism, they can be used in place of the majority of traditional toilets


The only drawback of back to wall toilets is that the internal system might be difficult to reach, making repairs more difficult and expensive.

C. Wall Hung Toilets

All of the plumbing and waste pipes can be routed straight into the supporting wall when a wall hung toilet is built, concealing them behind the wall.

Wall Hung Toilets

                                                 Wall Mounted Rimless Toilet

These floating toilets come with cisterns that are concealed within the wall itself for improved aesthetics and space savings. Perfect for anyone looking for a bathroom with a nice style


  • The ability to sit at any necessary height is one of the main benefits of wall hung toilets. For those who might struggle with movement or getting up and down, this is helpful.
  • Furthermore, it is simpler to clean beneath the toilet bowl since it floats.
  • Even on a full flush, the cistern in the wall makes a negligible amount of noise thus making the process a quiet one.
  • The wall mounted toilets are a great space-saving choice, making them ideal for bathrooms with limited space.


  • Comparatively speaking, wall hanging toilets are a little more expensive.
  • They also demand extra design effort, planning, and installation labour because the cistern must be installed inside a wall.

What is A Rimless Toilet

A rimless toilet or rim-free toilet is one that excludes the rim from which water would typically flow in a regular toilet.

The hygienic rimless toilets have a flushing system that shoots water towards the edge and all the way around the toilet bowl, ensuring that no places are missed.

wall hung toilet with rimless technology tapron


                            Wall Hung Toilet with Rimless Technology


  • Every time a rimmed toilet is flushed, the entire pan is cleaned with water which prevents the fast bacterial growth that occurs in locations where water never gets, which is a problem with most conventional models
  • It is simpler to clean the rimless design. That's because a pan without a rim is smooth and seamless, making it easy to scrub or clean
  • There is less water usage because of the rimless models' unique design and circular water-flushing mechanism. This water usage cutback benefits the environment while also possibly lowering your long-term water cost
  • They get effortlessly installed in the bathroom
  • These toilets come in a huge variety of designs to choose from


  • Some rimless toilets have a bigger problem of a splash since there isn't a protective rim. Nevertheless, this shouldn't normally be a problem with proper installation
  • In certain cases, the rimless toilet type may cost more when priced directly against conventional ones

Toilet Pan Shapes

Tapron Different Toilet Pan Shapes

1. Round Toilets

Such toilets come with rounded toilet seats that give the image of a true circle, as the name suggests. They are cylindrical and feature a 16.5-inch long bowl. It has equal proportions all around rather than angular edges or corners. 

They make a great alternative for restrooms that are small and limited in area, such as those found in commercial buildings like offices.

Due to its popularity and resonance with more traditional designs, circular toilet seats are likely to be seen in older homes or rental apartments.

They probably wouldn't take up much room, particularly if the toilet is also offered in a single piece instead of a two-piece toilet.

They have a similar aesthetic appeal but tend to be more classic or old-fashioned. Given that they are less expensive than the elongated variety, there isn't much of a difference in terms of money. This means that the rounded toilet seat is the greatest option for small areas, casual designs, and a cost-effective option.

2. D Shaped Toilets

D Shaped Toilets are typically associated with modern toilets and can be a space saving item in any bathroom. They have more compact designs.

These toilets, which come in both open and closed back designs as well as back to wall and wall hanging, may help you make the most of your bathroom. 

The D shaped form is a typical design that works well for toilet seats as well. Modern versions typically include fast release hinges and soft closing seats, which make them simple to repair and ideal for cleaning in tight spaces.

3. Square Toilets

Looking for something unique for your upcoming remodelled bathroom? You might only require a square toilet to bring life into your antiquated bathroom. 

This unusual form increases the value of homes for homeowners while assisting interior designers in achieving their stylistic objectives. 

Square toilets either have entirely squared-off edges or have a contemporary squircle shape with rounded or blunt corners.

The square toilet seat is frequently seen as more comfortable than conventional designs, despite the fact that the majority of us are accustomed to circular versions. This is due to the fact that, while seated, a square toilet seat frequently provides additional support beneath the thighs—similar to a chair.

Things To Consider Before Buying A New Toilet

1. Style of Your Bathroom

The décor of your bathroom and the style it has been done up in shall determine if a traditional style bathroom or a contemporary style bathroom shall adorn the ensuite more.

traditional style bathroom toilet

In case you wish to retain the old world charm your bathroom has, you must browse the close coupled toilets that Tapron has to offer. But if you plan to add some pzazz to your bathroom and transform it into one that’s up-to-date with the latest fixtures, then the contemporary toilets by Tapron shall put your search to an end today!

2. Bathroom Space

Next comes the size of your bathroom and the space available for the toilet to be installed.

Well planned bathrooms always shine out and having said that, planning the arrangement is important since toilets in tiny bathrooms may take up a lot of space making the whole room look cramped. 

Installing the new toilet in the same location as the old one is one of the simplest solutions. There is at least enough room for a regular toilet and the floor has already been cut with drainage pipes in place.

Hence, plan ahead carefully about the room's dimensions and whether there are any obstacles, restrictions, or other items that you need to be concerned about, such as a shower, bath, or sink. Select a location that is accessible, open, and far from the cluttered area so you won't feel confined when using the toilet.

confined when using the toilet.
You needn't make the effort to blend classic toilets with modern basins and tubs in case of large bathrooms; instead, keep your design concept consistent throughout.

Even though most toilets can fit into any area, this question might be challenging to answer if your bathroom is compact. The answer will ultimately rely on the layout of your bathroom and the fixtures that are already there.

The most common types of toilets that fit well in tiny bathrooms include wall hung toilets, toilet and basin combos, short projection toilets, and corner toilets.

3. Size and Shape of the Toilet

The size of the toilet should also be considered while you examine the room's arrangement. To pick a toilet that will fit comfortably in the area, you don't have to choose one that is exactly the same size as the one that is currently installed, but you must measure the existing toilet to obtain an accurate picture of its present dimensions. Next, find the distance between the centre of the bolts at the foundation of the toilet and the wall behind it.

Another important factor to take into account is the height of your toilet, particularly if you are taller than normal or have limited mobility. Another excellent choice is a wall hung toilet, which can be set up at a height that works for you. Determine the ideal toilet height for you.

4. Flush Features

The designers of modern toilets have created a variety of flushing options, which include single flush, dual flush, and touchless sensor toilets
which include single flush, dual flush, and touchless sensor toilets.
Single flush toilets: These toilets are prevalent in most houses. Once flushed, they completely empty the tank to flush the contents present in the toilet bowl down the drain. Due to their widespread use, these toilets are available in a variety of styles, forms, and hues.
Dual flush toilets: These toilets are created with the sole intent of reducing water consumption. A two-option lever or button mechanism is used to attain effective results. This is accomplished with a dual flush valve, which gives you the option of using a full flush or a half flush, often measuring 6 litres and 3 litres, respectively.
Touchless Sensor Toilets: The touchless toilets somewhat belong to the single-flush categorization but the fact that they are operated with a battery-powered electronic sensor, makes all the difference. These toilets are designed with the top notch latest technology with the aim to reduce the transmission of germs by allowing you to flush the toilet by just placing your palm over the sensor.

5. Budget

Determining how much your dream toilet will cost is a common tale that you might associate with the size of your pocket. Since money is scarce, you cannot afford to overlook this crucial fixture of the house.

When purchasing toilets, definitely consider your budget but be prepared to spend a little over and above your financial estimates if necessary to get essential features like water efficiency or greater flushing power.

Just bear in mind that if you lack the knowledge, expertise, or abilities necessary to upgrade a toilet, you will need to hire a professional to accomplish that, which will raise the expense of this modification overall.

The conventional ones are composed of a tank and a bowl. The two-piece toilets offer more alternatives and are more reasonably priced. The price will also vary by brand and style.

Are you aware of the fact that a cutting-edge toilet will cost more than a standard one? Some toilets don't come equipped with a seat as standard. It indicates that you will buy the seat separately. Purchase a toilet with a seat to keep prices down if you're on a tight budget.

How To Measure Your Toilet Correctly

To get a proper idea of your toilet’s size and measure it properly, you shall need a measuring tape, a pen, and a paper to note the digits on.

Tapron How to measure your toilet
Measuring the Tank Height of your Toilet: The height of a toilet tank is determined by measuring it from the bottom to the top. Measure the distance at the upper edge of the tank lid with the tape measure's end on the ground.
Measuring the Depth of your Toilet: Measure from the front edge of the toilet bowl to the rear of the tank to determine the depth of your present toilet. Choose a new toilet with a comparable depth if you are content with the depth of your present one. Select a shallower replacement if you think you might need a bit of extra room in front of the toilet.
Measuring the Height of your Toilet Seat: In a similar manner, measure the height of your toilet seat from the bottom to the top
Determining the Rough-In Measurements: The distance between the wall behind the toilet and the centre of the waste pipe is referred to as the rough-in measurement of a toilet. Measure the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the centre of the bolt caps that fix the toilet to the surface to determine the rough-in size for your toilet. Measure the hind pair of bolt caps if they are four in total.
Measuring the Width of your Toilet: You must measure either the broadest area of the toilet bowl or the tank to determine the width of your toilet.
Once you have these measurements in hand, you’re good to go to get the toilet of the ideal size for your ensuite.

Shop Toilets at Tapron

If you’ve been searching for the ideal toilet that shall suit your budget and is put together with top notch material, you must scroll through the extensive collection of toilets that Tapron has to offer. We have toilets for all types of bathroom decors and styles ranging from classic toilets to toilets with the newest designs.

Not only this, we also offer discounts on the best of toilets on our website! Browse our modern toilet range and grab the best deals right away with one day delivery.*

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