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Countertop Basin - A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

by Globo 15 Dec 2022 0 Comments
Countertop Basin - A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

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Do you intend to refurbish your bathroom? The opulent hotel atmosphere is quite simple to create. You may enjoy lengthy, luxurious baths and showers and get ready at your leisure every day by adding a few chic finishing touches to your area, making it one you'll be delighted to show off to your guests.

A striking countertop basin is one of the greatest accessories for giving your bathroom that much-needed update. They are a quick and simple installation option that is quickly gaining popularity in bathrooms, both classic and modern. They offer a sleek, minimalistic aesthetic. Their attraction lies in their simplicity of appearance.

Here's the ultimate guide to help you pick the best countertop basin for your dream bathroom!

What is a Countertop Basin?

An elegant sink design that rests on top of a vanity unit is referred to as a countertop basin, sometimes also known as a table top basin. The sink and pipes are integrated into the vanity unit rather than being affixed to the wall, giving your bathroom a seamless appearance. The many types of countertop sinks and their advantages will be discussed in this article.

Tapron Brushed Black Countertop Basin

A countertop bathroom sink is both functional and attractive since the height of the basin lowers the quantity of water that spills out. You may choose between a double vanity unit, a single vanity unit, or a wall hung vanity since countertop basins are ideal for every type of vanity unit.

Due to their simple, functional, and adaptable design, countertop basins are growing in popularity. 

They complement any bathroom's décor because they are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Countertop basins are often the simplest to install and may be matched with any vanity or basin tap type.

So, What should you know before purchasing a countertop basin for your bathroom? It's understandable why you would desire one. Everything will be explained in this guide. Let's begin with the fundamentals.

Why Should You Consider Countertop Sink?

High Practicality

Countertop sinks, in contrast to other contemporary basin designs, are quite useful. Sinks on pedestals and in walls no doubt give bathrooms a distinctive look, but they aren't really as practical though. Traditional vanity sinks, on the other hand, are highly useful but frequently lack originality and aren't the ideal option if you want a modern design bathroom.

With a countertop basin, you can combine the greatest features of both worlds. Compared to a classic vanity, counter top wash basins are more contemporary and provide you access to more storage space than a pedestal or wall mounted sinks. They frequently feature additional storage below the counters on which they are put. In contrast to other types, they are often put at a convenient height because they are on top of a counter.

Tapron basins, countertop sinks

Furthermore, compared to other basins, countertop sinks also generally have higher sidewalls. The additional height makes it less likely that extra water will overflow the sink and run onto the counter. Compared to other types of sinks, countertop sinks are also roomier and have a variety of uses.

An effortless installation process

One of the simpler types of basins to install is a countertop basin. Counter top sinks are not required to be affixed to a wall or have their pipes concealed behind sheetrock. Additionally, there is no need to stress whether the vanity cabinets are the proper size for the sink. All you need is a table or other item with a top hole big enough to fit a drain.

Since there are many alternatives for the countertop you want your basin to rest on, you only need a little hole for the drain. You have the option of selecting a typical bathroom countertop or something more compact, like a nightstand. You have a variety of countertop options, just like there are several options for the basin type. If the surface has a tiny hole at the top and is sturdy enough to sustain the weight of your sink basin, you may use practically any surface.

An extensive Range to choose from

There are several different countertop sink alternatives. You may pick a countertop sink that resembles an antique washbowl if you want to give your bathroom a vintage vibe. It appears as though a washbowl is just perched on top of the bathroom counter. 

It is simple to select a sink basin that is mounted on top of a modern-style table or counter if you want to get a modern look. Countertop sinks are particularly adaptable due to the variety of styles that are offered. There is a countertop sink that will look great in any bathroom, depending on the design you are going for.

Owning a countertop sink also has the advantage of being made of any material. They may be created from practically any material if it has completed edges and come in a variety of sizes and forms. Glass, copper, marble, tin, and other materials can be used to make your sink. It may also be round, square, triangular, etc. When deciding on the style of countertop sink you desire, your selections are practically unlimited.

Different Materials of Countertop Basins?


A ceramic countertop basin is a timeless option that, on the contrary, has shown to be perfectly adaptable to contemporary trends as well!

When entering a bathroom, one of the first things that catches your attention is the washbasin. So it becomes important that this bathroom piece must be carefully picked, taking into account the aesthetic and comfort standards that will ensure the space is consistent and pleasing as the room was not only built for the occupant's health and personal care.

Gold Countertop Basin Tapron

 One of the most adaptable washbasins is the countertop ceramic basin, which readily integrates with any other sanitary fixture. Due to the comfort and beauty of the mix with both modern and traditional furnishings, it is often among the most popular.

You want to make sure that when you design your bathroom, the quality of your furnishings will endure for the duration of the space.

Ceramic is non-porous, thus bacteria cannot be absorbed, making it hygienic. You can keep your sink clean by simply wiping off dirt and dust with a soft, dry cloth, making cleaning easy and giving you peace of mind.

Stainless Steel

When it comes to stainless steel countertop basins, there are many things to be proud of. The best quality of stainless steel is that it is incredibly strong and robust to virtually anything (hence stainless).

Stainless stell Countertop Sink

Water, heat, stains, and other factors fall within this category but are not restricted to them. Due to its non-porous surface, this product is widely selected over options since nothing can actually permeate via stainless steel thereby making cleaning effortless.


Glass bathroom sinks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and coatings. Included are Clear or Frosted, White, Black, and every other colour imaginable. The toughness of the glass should be your first concern when selecting a glass basin for your bathroom. 

The basin should ideally be at least 10 to 12mm thick. Glass countertop basins are resilient and unbreakable in the presence of mild temperature variations. A glass sink should not be filled with scorching hot water since the sudden temperature fluctuations might result in thermal shock. 

This may result in the basin breaking or cracking. Glass countertop sinks have to be manufactured using safety glass, which is resistant to fracture from minor accidents. There shouldn't be a problem if a plastic bottle or brush falls into the basin. Though, a hefty object has a huge tendency to break a glass sink.

What to take into account while setting up a glass bathroom glass basin ring. You should always hire a qualified plumber to install these sinks. Installation errors or improper installation are the most frequent reasons for breakdown.


Natural stone granite is exceptionally resilient and distinctive for its distinctive speckled look. It comes in a variety of patterns and colours, including blue, green, red, green, and others, in a pre-polished state. Installing a granite countertop basin has several benefits, but its greatest benefit is that it is extremely resilient to stains and scratches. Granite, however, needs to be regularly sealed and can chip when hit hard.


Concrete is a trendy countertop material that is a terrific way to give the bathroom design an industrial feel. Concrete may be customised into any shape, colour, and texture and is exceptionally hard, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant. It is also cast in place. A concrete countertop has the disadvantage of being prone to hairline fractures and needing regular sealing.


Tapron Marble countertop basin

The silky texture and delicate vein patterns of marble make it a particularly attractive natural stone material. Unpolished marble slabs are available and can only be polished after the final installation. Because marble is a porous stone, it occasionally needs to be sealed to prevent stains. It's crucial to clean up all liquid spills from the countertop right away.

Different Shapes of Countertop Basins

Different shaped of countertop basin Tapron

Rectangular Countertop Basins

A rectangular countertop sink pairs perfectly with the majority of bathroom accessories. The minimalist style is quite straightforward but absolutely flawless. You can count on this bathroom sink to provide your bathroom both elegance and functionality. Rectangular countertop basins, which are available in various sizes, will enhance the elegance of your vanity unit and go well with both modern and classic bathroom designs.

Square Countertop Basins

The classic form of the square countertop basin is completely in style, and any size bathroom or vanity unit looks great with it. The symmetrical design is perfect for a modern bathroom since it gives the area a classic, clean aesthetic. The square countertop bathroom sink is worth a look. It's a lovely sit-on sink that would make a stunning centrepiece.

Round/Oval Countertop Basins:

A round countertop basin gently curving form adds a distinctive element to your bathroom. You can find round countertop sinks and oval countertop basins in a variety of sizes and depths, which are quite trendy and contemporary. Take a look at our brushed brass round countertop basin and add a glamorous touch to your bathroom.

Countertop Basin Vanity Units

Whether you're looking for something stylish and modern or elegant and conventional, we're certain to have a countertop vanity unit that properly fits your bathroom and lifestyle. You will be spoiled for choice with the variety of basin types available, as well as the numerous sizes and vanity unit finishes

The basins are all discretely mounted to the top of the vanity units

The basins are all discretely mounted to the top of the vanity units and come with either a single tap hole for a typical basin mixer tap or the option of not having a tap hole at all to accommodate a stunningly distinctive high rise basin mixer tap. In contrast to classic units, which come in ivory or grey, modern countertop basin vanity units can be finished in white gloss, grey gloss, or charcoal grey.

How Easy Is It to Install Countertop Basins?

A countertop basin needs to be at the top of your list if you're planning a bathroom makeover or just want to replace your bathroom's basin.

Their particular aesthetic may rapidly improve a room's appearance as a whole. Countertop basins act as sparkling focal points when they are displayed with pride on the countertop or vanity unit in your bathroom. Countertop sinks, a favourite for designer bathrooms, also provide unparalleled simplicity, making them the go-to basin for people wanting a minimalist appearance.

These counter top basins have a tremendous ability to adapt to any bathroom be it in terms of style or size and to make that sure, we have a variety of shapes and sizes in our selection. Browse impressive basins made to stand out in bigger settings as well as space-saving choices for even the tiniest cloakrooms. Counter top wash basins are available in both contemporary and conventional styles while some come along with beautiful taps!

Best Taps for Bathroom Countertop Sinks?

Any style, form, or design you can think of (or match to your bathroom) will work with your countertop basin because you don't require any certain sort of tap or specialised fitting to go with it.

The tap on and off handles are the only things to be aware of. The tap should preferably have handles on the top rather than the bottom if it is going to the rear of the basin. Turning the tap on and off will be challenging and tough to reach if they are near the bottom.

While some basins have a tap hole where you may install your preferred mixer tap, others must be installed via your vanity unit and positioned appropriately. Taller taps will, of course, function better in these situations. Thinking creatively, installing a wall tap above the sink will free up room and look fantastic. 

Here are a few of the best basin taps for your countertop sinks which will maximise the functionality and improve the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.

Tall Basin Mixer Taps

Tall Basin Mixer Taps

A countertop basin style that has gained favour recently is the tall basin mixer tap. In a countertop basin design, the tap is affixed to the counter that the basin is placed on rather than the basin itself. Your basin appears less crowded than normal since the tall basin tap is mounted on the counter. All high rise basin taps are often available in contemporary styles that meet the requirements of any bathroom.

Wall Mounted Basin Taps

Wall mounted basin taps really go well with countertop basins since such basins are higher as compared to the rest since they are places on top of the surface, thus it can be difficult at times to come across taps of the perfect size that match the height of the basin, thus why not go in for a hassle-free option such as wall mounted taps instead?

Tapron wall mounted basin mixer taps

Tapron wall mounted basin mixer taps will provide fashionable looks and comfort to the basin area regardless of whether you select a countertop sink made of the newest composite material or a straightforward glass vessel basin.

A basin wall mounted taps is an ideal complement to the contemporary basin designs for a modern designer bathroom.

Basin Wastes for Countertop Basins

It's imperative to pick the right waste for one of these basins. Here are a few types to go through and think about in this blog:

You'll need an unslotted basin waste in case your basin lacks an integrated overflow.

                     Unslotted Click Clack Basin Waste - Matt Black

Slotted waste: The slotted basin waste is necessary if your countertop basin has an overflow integrated into the design of the basin.

Unslotted waste: You'll need an unslotted basin waste in case your basin lacks an integrated overflow.
Push button waste: Due to its ease of use and compatibility with the sleek, contemporary style, push button waste is perhaps the sort of waste that is most frequently encountered for these basin types. Before making a purchase, always make sure the push button waste is suitable for the type of basin you have.

 Tapron Top 5 Stylish Bathroom Countertop Sinks

1. Gold Rectangular Countertop Basin

This rectangular countertop basin

This rectangular countertop basin is an item that is not only durable but also has an eye-catching and attractive appearance owing to its brilliant brass composition. The stylish brushed brass finish looks out of the world while being impervious to scratches at the same time! 

Tapron countertop basins also come with a 15-year product guarantee along with a fabulous 2-year guarantee for its rocking finish making it a bathroom sink worth considering!

2). Matt Black Round Countertop Sink

Matt Black Round Countertop Sink Tapron

Composed of top-notch brass, this round countertop basin at Tapron comes with a matte black finish that gives it the ultimate touch of panache. The colour black has always been a hit and shall always continue to be on, thus, if you have a bathroom colour scheme that this countertop basin shall complement, you can confidently go in for this basin as this item shall never go out of style!

3). Brushed Black Rectangular Countertop Basin

Brushed Black Rectangular Countertop Basin
If you have more space available to install a basin, you can definitely go in for our rectangular countertop basin. This basin being made of pure brass is highly durable and corrosion-free plus comes with a brushed black finish that blends in brilliantly with most bathroom decors.

4). Ceramic Square Countertop Basin

Ceramic Square Countertop Basin
This compact ceramic basin is ideal for places that aren't left with much space for a basin. Despite being small in size it very well manages to add elegance to the area and gives the entire set a well-planned and immaculate vibe! Having been composed of ace-quality ceramic, it is there to last you for years to come while the exquisite porcelain overlay makes it all the more stylish!

5) Ceramic Countertop Basin with Tap Hole

Tapron Ceramic Countertop Basin with Tap Hole

Let the breeze of splendour transform your bathroom into a trendsetter with the ceramic basin. The material ceramic has always been a classic and shall retain its importance and charm always. You can alway opt for this countertop ceramic basin if shades of whites shall blend in well with your bathroom theme.

Like any other fixture, countertop basins should be taken into consideration while designing your bathroom. And it is logical, right? Your bathroom's design must flow seamlessly from one element to the next, otherwise, your dream bathroom shan’t ever turn into a reality which is why we at Tapron provide you with numerous countertop basins to choose from! 

We offer high-quality countertop basins composed of various materials having exquisite designs that shall transform your bathroom with utmost grace and splendour! With the help of this advice, we hope that selecting a perfect countertop basin shall be simpler for you!

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