Chrome Towel Rail Radiators

Modern home renovation blueprints are not only about a minimal and sophisticated interior design but improved functionality as well. With the coming of new home improvements plans, the bathroom scene has drastically improved with many practical details, designed to make your space look pleasing and at the same time, serve...

Modern home renovation blueprints are not only about a minimal and sophisticated interior design but improved functionality as well. With the coming of new home improvements plans, the bathroom scene has drastically improved with many practical details, designed to make your space look pleasing and at the same time, serve with upgraded sophistication. 

One such detail is the towel rail radiators. No one likes dealing with damp towels, especially in the cold weather. What if we told you there is a way to keep your towels warm and cosy within minutes with an alternative that comes at great prices? This luxury is offered by our range of towel radiators designed for the perfect balance of luxury and comfort. 

Chrome is a classy finish to many luxury items. Our extensive chrome range includes a fantastic selection of designs, from minimalist lines to gorgeous modern styles. So if you are wondering if a chrome towel radiator is a right choice for you, it probably is. 

At Tapron, chrome bathroom radiators are available in a vast selection of sizes. Whether you are decorating a small cloakroom or a large family bathroom, you will find what you need with us. These radiators are also seen as versatile to any décor or interior owing to their minimal design that blends well with your bathroom without standing out too much but serves purposes with maximum convenience.

These towel radiators are designed with brilliance, keeping in mind your space requirements. This means that you have a wide range of finishes to choose from and sizes according to the compatibility with your space! Be it a matt black design or polished chrome; we have the right assortment of products ready for you. 

Towel rail radiators are wonderful additions that pose no harmful ill-effects and are safe. Being designed to keep turned on all the time, these radiators run with no safety issues and make your space feel warm and snug. The electricity that passes through the radiator ensures that the liquid in the rails are heated up to dry your towels, and accidents that can result from overheating are avoided, particularly when you choose to pick from trusted and assured products like the ones we offer! 

When you finally settle on the perfect chrome towel radiator for your space, you can pair them with our assorted arrangement of towel radiator valves for maximum efficiency and quality performance. These chrome heated towel rails and valves are crafted to resist corrosion owing to their high-end brass construction. With easy operation and an equally simple installation process, the valves add glamour to your space's overall feel and ambience.

Check out our range of attractive chrome bathroom radiators below and impress your guests with their serviceability and beauty in your bathroom. Apart from the Chrome vertical radiators, Tapron has a superb collection of Gold and Black Radiators from the very best designers. If someone prefers a traditional design, we also have traditional towel radiators for them.

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Chrome radiators are a stylish and functional addition to any bathroom and are designed to not only heat your space but also to provide a convenient place to hang and warm towels, adding a touch of luxury to your daily routine. Tapron brings a rich allure of chrome, gold and black towel rails to complement all modern and traditional interiors in a selection of styles and sizes.

One of the key features of a chrome radiator is its aesthetic appeal. The shiny chrome finish adds a modern and sophisticated look to any room, complementing a wide range of interior styles. These fixtures are also highly efficient at heating your towels and the room. The rich finish is not only visually appealing but also serves as a highly effective heat conductor, ensuring that your towels are warm and toasty whenever you need them.

Additionally, the chrome traditional towel rail is available in a variety of sizes and heat outputs, making it easy to find one that suits your specific heating requirements. The available sizes range from 1600 X 500mm, 1400 X 550mm, 1200 X 600mm, 1200 X 500mm, 1200 X 400mm, 1080 X 550mm, 800 X 600mm, 800 X 500mm and more, catering to the space demands and preferences of all homes. The 550mm chrome towel radiator suits the requirements of smaller rooms and is an ideal choice, offered in regular, flat panel and ladder structures.

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Features of Chrome Towel Rail

One of the standout features of chrome bathroom radiators we offer is their dual fuel capability. This means that the product can be connected to both your central heating system and electric through an electric heating element. It gives users the flexibility to use the radiator even when the central heating is turned off, perfect for keeping your towels warm in the summer months or when the central heating system is not in use. This functionality extends to both the traditional and modern ranges.           

Installation is relatively straightforward, especially in cases of replacing an existing radiator. The brushed chrome radiator can be installed on most types of walls, including stud walls, and can be plumbed into the existing central heating system. The practicality of the dual fuel radiator requires installing an electric heating element, which is a relatively simple process.

The heating element and output (BTU) vary from product to product, where a higher output is required for a bigger space and vice versa. The number of bars also determines the size and dimensions of the product, providing homeowners ample space to hang towels for snug and cosy usability. The durability is assured by the solid stainless steel or brass construction that makes each product suitable for daily use in bathroom environments without risking damage, rusting or corrosion.

Design Ranges

Traditional Range: The traditional brushed chrome towel radiator offers a certain number of overhanging rails and takes up more space compared to modern designs. It is connected from the floor to the walls with the use of valves, base plates and flanges.

Modern Selection: The round bar chrome towel radiator features cylindrical tubes, offering a sleek, modern look and provides good heat output and efficiency, ideal for most rooms. The space-saving design, especially when installed vertically, makes these great for rooms with limited wall space.

Flat Panel Design: The chrome flat panel towel radiator has a flat, slim profile, giving a more traditional look, and offering a high heat output which makes it suitable for larger rooms. It is efficient at distributing heat, quick to warm up, and versatile in installation, fitting well under windows or in tight spaces.

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Addition Fittings

Electric Heating Element (200W, 400W, 600W): Electric heating elements are essential components of the brushed chrome towel rail, providing heat when the central heating system is not in use. The wattage options (200W, 400W, 600W) determine the heat output, allowing users to choose based on the size of the room or the desired level of warmth. Lower wattages like 200W are suitable for small spaces or for maintaining gentle heat, while higher wattages like 600W are better for larger rooms or for quickly warming up the area.

Radiator Valves (Angular, Straight, Curved): Chrome towel rail valves are crucial for controlling the flow of hot water into the radiator, allowing users to adjust the temperature in the room. Angular valves are designed to fit in tight spaces or when the pipework comes from the floor. Straight valves are more common and fit when the pipework comes from the wall while curved structures offer a stylish design element, curving away from the radiator for easier access and adjustment.

Radiator Pipe Cover/Flanges: Chrome radiator pipe collars are decorative elements that conceal the connecting point between the radiator and the pipes, creating a neat and finished look. Also offered in the gold and black range, these fittings help protect the pipes from dust and damage.

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How to Clean Chrome Radiators

The polished and brushed radiators require minimal maintenance efforts. While homeowners are constantly faced with the question of how to clean chrome bathroom radiators, this is tackled easily with Tapron’s ready-made resources and guides!

With daily use, dust, moisture, and fingerprints can tarnish the shiny surface of the towel radiator. Regular cleaning not only preserves its shine but also prevents corrosion, extending the lifespan of your radiator. Knowing how to clean a chrome towel rail can be vital as a clean product is more efficient at heating up, ensuring your towels are always warm and dry.

The answer to how to clean chrome radiator includes an effort as simple as using a soft cloth and mild soapy water to wipe down the surface. Avoiding abrasive cleaners or pads can prevent scratches on the polished and brushed chrome finish. For stubborn stains, a vinegar and water solution can be effective. Learn more and troubleshoot issues from the comfort of your home with our blog: HOW TO CLEAN A CHROME RADIATOR: A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE


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