Gold Bathroom Radiators

Tapron UK is known for its new age technologies and designs in the world of bathware. When it comes to living in style but with comfort as the main priority as well, our gold towel radiators and gold towel heaters are testament to that philosophy. When we came up with...

Tapron UK is known for its new age technologies and designs in the world of bathware. When it comes to living in style but with comfort as the main priority as well, our gold towel radiators and gold towel heaters are testament to that philosophy.

When we came up with this brushed gold brass collection, our aim was to find a combination of high grade materials, practicality and beauty, all rolled into beautiful gold towel rails and gold towel heaters. 

The gold brush brass series was constructed in order to bring more for the people. The gold finish is the definition of luxury, and the brass makes sure the product will last a long time. Apart from that, the manufacturer's guarantee is available on our entire range of brushed gold towel radiators. The sleek gold finish on top is not just a mere icing on the cake, it makes the gold towel rail resistant to moisture, corrosion and rust as well. The finish too comes with a 2 years worth of guarantee. 

If we speak about the ease of use, it begins as soon as you bring home your gold electric towel rail. It is easy to install, and can fit in compact spaces as well. No matter what the size of your bathroom or the area where you want to install it, it can fit in easily. It is also built with the aim of accessibility in mind, so it can be used by all kinds of people, and even children, without the danger of getting hurt. 

The construction of the gold heated towel rail is sturdy and made to last. It can withstand all kinds of temperatures and environments. The brushed brass polish on top ensures that it stays shiny and sleek for a long time. It can be used for a variety of towels and fabrics. Step out of your shower and step immediately into comfort. You can use it for towels, robes and even other light fabrics that you use on a daily basis. Winter isn't going to be cold anymore, and warmth is now literally at your doorstep. 

The brass gold radiator is built with durability in mind. Tapron UK aims at bringing the best quality of products packaged in a modern look that will suit the sensibilities and preferences of the new age people. It can be used for multiple purposes such as for your bedroom, living room, official spaces and even lobbies. 

As mentioned earlier, the brushed gold bathroom radiator is made for everyone. Whether you live alone or have a family, the radiator will fit your needs. In fact, Tapron also has a small gold towel radiator that is suitable for bachelors, students and people who have a nuclear living arrangement. 

We would also like to specifically draw your attention to the gold finish for it's aesthetic value. Not only does the gold finish give a look of fine luxury, it also has a lot of potential. You can reinvent your bathroom with gold finish brass tapware and create a look that people will remember and talk about. 

The gold finish can also go well with other colours, hence it is a safe bet no matter what your personal taste is. You can play it down by turning it into a minimalist design or have a colourful approach and incorporate other colours in your house's interior. The gold bathroom radiator is built not just to serve, but to also be a statement piece that can stand out. It can be paired with Tapron UK’s gold heated towel rail for convenience and style.

Our heated towel rail in brushed gold comes with different numbers of rails, and can be used for multiple pieces of towels at once. You can install it right next to your shower and grab a soft comforting towel as soon as you are out of the bathroom. The brushed gold finish allows for it to be resistant to water and moisture, so the lustre won’t be lost for a long time. The durability of the materials is guaranteed as each product in this series comes with manufacturer's guarantee and guarantee wherever applicable. All the products are easy to install and built for long-term use, so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking down anytime soon. Once you install it, you and your family can enjoy the gold towel radiators for a long time. They are safe to install in children’s bathrooms and spaces as well. 

Our fast paced lifestyles don’t allow for us to rest and revel in moments as much as we’d like to. In order to cope with the speed and routine, it is extremely important that self-care becomes accessible and as instantaneous as possible so that one can relax, unwind and take care of oneself without having to struggle through the process. With our brushed brass collection, not only are you getting easy to use products, they also come in a classy colour that is the peak of modernity and beauty. 

 Tapron UK provides free shipping all across Mainland UK on the purchase of the heated towel rail and the gold bathroom radiator. Shipping to other countries may vary according to the distance and rules of the country. However, whatever the case may be, it is very evident that you can access warmth and comfort right at your doorstep, all in a matter of a few clicks. 

The brushed gold brass collection also extends to bathware, tapware and other similar items which can be viewed and purchased from our website separately, so you can take a look. If you are looking to reinvent your house, or yourself, even the smallest step matters. Tapron UK is here to help you with it, and provide you with the best options.

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