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A good shower experiences come with the quality of products that you choose to put into the framework of your bathroom design. Good quality products that are embellished with an eye-pleasing design are something you can never refuse! At Tapron, we offer our collection of shower handsets that are designed...

A good shower experiences come with the quality of products that you choose to put into the framework of your bathroom design. Good quality products that are embellished with an eye-pleasing design are something you can never refuse! At Tapron, we offer our collection of shower handsets that are designed elegantly for an equally refined experience.

A handheld shower is an essential product to add to your shower space because it helps keep it clean and offers comfort and flexibility. The hand shower is also family usage-friendly and can be used easily by anyone at home, be it your kids or yourself. Our melange of handheld showers is accessible in gold, black, stainless steel, and chrome designs.

To make your bathroom look even more sophisticated and detailed, we offer shower handset holders crafted to best suit your handheld showers. Whether in modern or traditional designs, our adjustable chrome wall mounted shower handset holders are designed to give your bathroom a polished and uncluttered look.

The best part of choosing your hand showers with us is that not only provide an assured manufacturer’s guarantee but are also adorned with strong rust-resistance qualities owing to the sturdy materials that go into crafting the products. They follow an easy installation process, where we aim to deliver an equally hassle-free experience. Our shower handsets are gilded with unique functions and a lasting impression that you can add to your bath space.

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Shop for the best hand showers designed to influence the overall shower experience in both functionality and appeal. From basic models to high-tech designs, these fixtures are available in wall mounted structures and pull out designs to suit well with the requirements and preferences of all homes. The durability of these products is determined by the solid brass, stainless steel and ABS plastic construction, all tested for wet bathroom environments and settings. The base metals are known for their extensive temperature tolerance, oxidation and rust resistance and do not retain stains and scratches even after considerable use.

When selecting a shower handset for your bathroom, considering personal preferences, budget, and specific requirements helps demystify your choices! These fixtures can be paired with shower hoses, offered at Tapron with lightweight properties to simplify the daily routine. From traditional round structures to modern silhouettes, a selection of these fittings are adorned with advanced features and properties including smart integration for temperature and water balance, LED lighting, thermostatic controls, and more!

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Types of Shower Handsets

Handheld showers are versatile bathroom fixtures that offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience in the showering experience. Unlike traditional fixed designs, these fixtures can be detached from their holder, allowing users to direct the water flow precisely where needed. The wide range of motion allows users to adjust the angle and height of the water flow according to their preference. Flexibility is enhanced by the ability to direct the water flow precisely, enabling efficient and thorough cleaning, and saving time and effort.

Pull Out Handles: A pullout hand held shower, also known as shower wands or hose extensions, are innovative bathroom accessories that add functionality and convenience to your showering experience. These retractable handles are designed to extend the reach of the showerhead, allowing users to target water flow precisely where needed. The structure is supported by a brass plate that enables quick mounting while also evenly distributing the weight of the structure.

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Wall Mounted Handheld Handset: The wall mounted hand held shower head is connected to a flexible shower hose and is offered in a combination set with a wall outlet or bracket that holds the fixture compactly whenever idle. This shower system provides the versatility of both fixed and handheld experience, allowing users to switch between modes according to their preferences. It can be easily detached from the holder for targeted rinsing or cleaning, offering convenience and flexibility in the showering experience.

The detachable shower head extends the reach of your showerhead, making it easier to access hard-to-reach areas of the body or shower enclosure and the ability to manoeuvre the handle allows for more efficient and thorough cleaning.

Single Function and Multiple Spray Function

When selecting a handshower, one of the primary decisions users face is whether to opt for a single-function or multiple-function model. Each type offers distinct advantages and considerations, catering to different preferences and needs.

Simplifying performance with single-function handsets: The single-function hand held showers are designed with a straightforward purpose: to deliver a consistent water flow and spray pattern without additional features or customisation options. This selection typically provides one primary spray pattern, such as a standard rainfall or concentrated massage spray, offering simplicity and reliability in operation.

With fewer moving parts and components, single function hand showers are often more durable and less prone to malfunctions compared to their multiple-function counterparts. This reliability ensures consistent performance over time.

Multiple function showers for versatile performance: Multi-function shower handsets offer a diverse range of spray patterns, intensities, and settings to personalise showering experiences. These shower heads typically feature adjustable dials, buttons, or switches that allow users to switch between various spray modes with ease. Allowing users to choose from a variety of spray patterns, such as rainfall, massage, mist, and pulsating jets, these are versatile fixtures that enhance comfort and satisfaction.

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Choosing the Right Option for Your Bathroom

Offered in stunning square and round profiles, the hand shower selection extends to the modern and traditional range with telephone design and pencil structures. Additional factors to consider while choosing the right one include water pressure requirements, where every product caters to a specific range from low to high-pressure systems. With increasing emphasis on water conservation, many shower fixtures are designed to minimise water consumption without compromising on performance. Tapron offers diverse models with eco-friendly features, such as aerated sprays or flow restrictors, to reduce water wastage and lower utility bills.


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