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Our premium kitchen sink wastes, not only provide effective waste management but also enhance the visual appeal of your sink area, complementing both modern and traditional kitchen designs. The core functionality of these waste systems is to ensure smooth drainage while preventing the accumulation of debris and odors, making them...

Our premium kitchen sink wastes, not only provide effective waste management but also enhance the visual appeal of your sink area, complementing both modern and traditional kitchen designs. The core functionality of these waste systems is to ensure smooth drainage while preventing the accumulation of debris and odors, making them an essential component of any kitchen.

Our range includes high-quality sink strainer wastes that are adept at catching food particles and other debris, acting as effective food catchers to prevent them from washing down the plughole and causing blockages. This means you can go about your kitchen chores without interruption, assured that your sink is protected against potential clogging.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with any kitchen style, our sink basket strainers come in a variety of finishes, including gold, black, stainless steel, chrome, and copper. For kitchens equipped with 90mm outlets, our brass kitchen sink wastes include attached overflow protection, offering peace of mind and added functionality. Whether you prefer a brushed, matt, or polished finish, our collection has the perfect shine to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic.

The durability of these products is guaranteed by the use of sturdy brass in their construction, ensuring that your sink waste system remains rust-free and maintains its luster over time, even with constant exposure to water and moisture. This resilience makes brass an ideal material for kitchen fittings, providing both longevity and style.

At Tapron, our brass sink wastes are designed to complement a wide range of kitchen taps. Whether your setup includes a gold kitchen tap, a brushed model, or a chic black tap, our kitchen wastes are crafted to match perfectly, bringing a cohesive and sophisticated look to your kitchen.

These kitchen sink wastes are not only minimalistic and compact but also incredibly easy to install, offering a modern solution to your kitchen needs. Enhance your kitchen’s functionality and style by pairing your sink waste with the perfect tap from our extensive collection of kitchen taps. Browse today and transform your kitchen into a space that is as efficient as it is elegant.

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Tapron is renowned for the exceptional durability and refined designs we offer in bathroom and kitchen tapware, alongside other bathroom and toilet accessories. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our products boast a combination of robust materials and elegant finishes that ensure an equal balance of longevity and aesthetic appeal. From sleek outlines of a modern look to intricate and ornate embellishments of a traditional look, we offer a vast catalogue of options in varying shades and finishes, defined with an exceptional quality build and structure.

A kitchen sink waste kit becomes an essential part of any kitchen space to boost functionality with an integrated drainage system. Aiding in quick disposal of wastewater without clogging or damaging the pipes, these fixtures are necessities in any modern space. Whether you want a separate basket waste strainer or a complete combination, our curation attends to all your needs.

Optimising Kitchen Sink Wastes: A Comprehensive Guide

Investing in sink waste fittings works excellently in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and utility in your kitchen space due to a number of factors including wastewater disposal. Your sink area often faces the problem of having food waste accumulating in the pipes which is unsanitary and damages your pipes over time by creating clogs. This frequently faced issue can be effortlessly removed by integrating a sink waste system. Standing water can attract bacteria, mould, and unpleasant odours, which can be mitigated with proper drainage.

Installation is a convenient task with a detailed instruction manual that makes the process a much more hassle-free task! The kitchen sink waste trap kit comprises the basket strainer that catches the debris and solid particles, preventing it from entering the drain. It is installed at the opening of the drain hole or outlet and protects the plumbing system without risking frequent repairs. These strainers are easy to clean with a removable design that allows users to easily get rid of the collected waste, eliminating the risk of buildups.

The second part of the kitchen sink waste trap kit features the trap or overflow pipe which has a U-shaped outline that is connected beneath the sink. It serves practicality by serving as a seal that prevents unwanted drain odour and gases from seeping into your space. The curved shape of the trap retains a small amount of water, which acts as a barrier to this functionality and provides sanitation. A square or round overflow allows excess water to pass through it, preventing overspilling and flooding of your basins.

Also available without the under sink waste pipe, the basket strainers can be bought separately in a diversified range of colours and finishes. Typically with a 90mm design dimension, these products are defined by a circular structure and the removable strainer with a sturdy brass and plastic construction that combine to provide unmatched durability. With a suitable depth for standard sinks, it effortlessly captures debris without impeding water flow.

Make the quest for installing a kitchen sink waste a more manageable task by following our step-by-step DIY guide: MASTERING KITCHEN SINK WASTE & TRAP INSTALLATION: YOUR DIY GUIDE TO PLUMBING SUCCESS

Built to Last: Durability and Longevity

The 90mm sink waste is defined by a solid ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic and brass combination to provide durability and toughness. The plastic build is known for impact resistance which makes it a suitable material for sink wastes as it withstands impacts without cracking or breaking. It has a high-temperature resistance property ranging from -20°C to 80°C (-4°F to 176°F) without risking significant deformation or degradation. This ensures that it remains intact even with contact with hot or cold water drained down the sink outlet. With low moisture absorption, ABS plastic is known for its robust build that prevents unwanted damage.  

With a brass build body, the sink strainer waste is known for its resistance to corrosion with tolerance to exposure to moisture, water and chemicals which makes it ideal for sink wastes. It remains with a pristine charm even with years of use, projecting strength and toughness, ensuring zero deformation or damage. This robust build also prevents stains and scratches from being retained on the surface and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap/ detergent to restore its shine and lustre.

Colours and Finishes to Complement Your Space

Understanding which colour best compliments your sink area can be a crucial point in determining the overall aesthetics. Get an insight on which kitchen sink waste is for you with Tapron! A gold tone offers a luxurious touch of warmth in any space with a lasting opulence which is a shared feature of copper that adds a rustic charm to any kitchen sink area with a reddish-brown hue. Stainless steel and chrome has a silver-tone finish that breezes an industrial look and is less prone to scratches and a black sink waste creates a bold contrast to neutral tones.

The second option in choosing the right shade of sink waste kit depends on the finish. A brushed finish features fine parallel lines on the surface that create a subtle texture, diffusing light and reducing the risk of fingerprints and water spots being visible. Matt finishes are defined by their non-reflective surface that offers a soft and warm touch without a reflective surface. Imparting a high-end appearance, polished finishes create a mirror-like effect with a higher reflective value than the other two. Whether you prefer the sleekness of brushed metal, the warmth of matte surfaces, or the opulence of polished finishes, we bring you a careful selection to meet your preferences and tastes! 

Endless Possibilities: Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Taps

After you select the best kitchen sink waste fittings, investing in a well-structured kitchen tap that best complements the prerequisites of your space is essential. Our assortment ranges from single to dual-handle taps, both designed to allow the perfect blend and regulation of water and temperature. Boosting kitchen convenience, the selection also includes pullout taps with a spray wand that offers flexibility and extended reach to make your everyday chores more convenient. A one-touch sensor tap promotes hygiene with its motion detection feature and gives a modern innovation to any space. Another popular buy is the instant-boiling taps that readily provide boiling water and filter water, making it safe for consumption. This extensive range is designed to suit all commercial and residential kitchens which makes them ideal!

Learn how to select the perfect kitchen taps to function with your kitchen sink waste kit with our guide: HOW TO SELECT A KITCHEN TAP?

Tapron’s sink waste is not limited merely to the kitchen space but extends to other areas of your home like the bathroom and shower. Bath wastes are offered in the click-clack waste design with a round/square overflow and pipe for blissful use by allowing quick draining after a rejuvenating shower experience. It is available in the same colour ranges as our kitchen waste designs to ensure a matching aesthetic that feels nothing short of a spa-like relaxation. Basin wastes range in slotted and unslotted designs depending on the presence or absence of an overflow in your basin system. It can be integrated with our vast assortment of countertop basins and is diversified in varieties of a clicker, fliptop and freeflow structures.

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Tapron: Your Ultimate Destination for Home Renovations and Upgrades

Our flexible sink wastes are offered with a 1-year guarantee as assurance against any manufacturing defects. With a focus on quality and innovation, Tapron ensures that every luxury product is built to last, combining durability with timeless design.


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