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A classic touch to your bathroom would be the elements that are balanced with both functionality and appeal. Our shower rail kits are enhanced with long-lasting quality, and choosing our products helps you do away with the hassle of having costly bathroom renovations. At Tapron, we listen to all your...

A classic touch to your bathroom would be the elements that are balanced with both functionality and appeal. Our shower rail kits are enhanced with long-lasting quality, and choosing our products helps you do away with the hassle of having costly bathroom renovations.

At Tapron, we listen to all your bathroom needs and bring out the best of both these worlds. Our products come with no compromise in quality and are assured of the best performance!

The shower riser rail kit includes the combination of a hose, overhead shower handset and a rail paired to add uniformity in your bath space without standing out too much. The shower slider rail kit is also framed and furnished with well-crafted details and is suited best for any bathroom interior. They are marked with a hard-brassware material that makes them durable and poses great practicality as well.

With a remarkable and magnificent matt black design, brushed gold, polished chrome, and stainless steel finish, these shower rail kits are designed to suit best with our other products like the bath fillers and shower valves.  With our traditional range of shower riser rail kits, we leave room for developing a timeless Victorian-style bathroom, while the modern shower riser rail kit is embellished with a futuristic style.

Explore our handpicked collection of shower rail kits and make your bathroom comfortable and stylish!

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Elevate your shower experience with versatile shower fittings ,we offer the best shower riser rails for your home, they are designed to bring functionality and style. These kits typically consist of a sliding rail, handheld shower, hose, and adjustable brackets, providing users with the flexibility to personalise showering experiences. Each set is constructed from durable stainless steel or brass which drastically prolongs the usability and span of the product.

From targeted rinsing to convenient cleaning, shower riser rails, sliders & riser kits enhance comfort and convenience while complementing the overall design of the bathroom. Extending to diverse shades of gold, black and chrome in brushed, polished and matt finishes, these high-quality fittings are ideal for bathrooms and showers which are constantly frequented areas of your home. By considering factors such as size, material, features, and budget, you can select the perfect shower set to suit your needs and preferences.

Components of Riser Rail Kit

Sliding Rail: The sliding rail is the central component of shower slider rail kits, providing vertical adjustability for the hand shower. It allows users to adjust the height of the shower fixtures, including the handset or overhead fix shower head, according to various preferences and requirements, making no limitations in daily usability.

Handheld Shower: Paired with the shower slider rail is the hand shower which is a versatile component of the kit, offering flexibility and convenience in the showering experience. It can be easily detached from the rail for targeted rinsing or cleaning, providing users with precise control over the water flow. This increased accessibility and manoeuvrability makes cleaning and rising tasks easy, allowing a relaxing flow with evenly spaced nozzles.  

Hose: The lightweight metal hose connects the hand shower of the shower rail set to the water supply, allowing for flexibility and range of motion during showering. The lightweight nature makes these fittings easy to handle and move around, reducing strain during showering. This flexibility allows for effortless movement, providing users with greater control and precision in directing the water flow.

Shower Head Holder: The shower slider rail kit offers a holder that attaches the handset to the sliding rail, providing a convenient storage solution when not in use. The holder keeps the hand shower within easy reach and helps maintain a clutter-free shower space without creating obstructions that can hinder the daily routine.

Adjustable Brackets: Adjustable brackets secure the shower rail slider to the wall and provide stability and support. This allows users to balance the angle and orientation of the rail, ensuring optimal positioning for the hand shower.

Why You Need a Slide Rail Shower Kit

Customisation: Shower rail kits offer customisation options that allow users to tailor showering experiences to their preferences. The vertical adjustability of the shower riser rail kit and the flexibility of multiple outlets provide versatility in water flow and coverage, catering to individual needs and moods.

Accessibility: The adjustable height of the shower head rail slider enhances accessibility for users of all ages and abilities. It allows for easy reach, accommodating individuals with mobility limitations or specific bathing requirements. It is versatile and can be installed in various shower configurations, including walk-in showers, bathtub-shower combos, and corner enclosures.

Hand Shower Designs: From traditional to modern silhouettes, the slide rail kit offers a range of stunning handsets. While a selection offers square and round structures with pencil designs, another category caters to two-tone looks with telephone-style hand showers. 

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