Modernise your bathroom with one of our bidets, they can be installed as a separate unit in the bathroom besides the toilet or shower.

Modernise your bathroom with one of our bidets, they can be installed as a separate unit in the bathroom besides the toilet or shower.

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A bathroom bidet is a plumbing fixture designed to enhance personal hygiene by providing a stream of water for cleaning after using the toilet. While traditionally a separate fixture from the toilet, modern designs have been integrated into toilet designs, offering convenience and improved hygiene in a single unit.

Traditional bidets come in various designs, including standalone units, bidet attachments, and integrated bidet toilets. Each type offers unique benefits and caters to different bathroom configurations and user preferences. Whether used for daily hygiene, medical reasons, or simply for a more refreshing bathroom experience, Tapron’s assortment represents a significant advancement in personal care and cleanliness.

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Toilets with Built-in Bidets

Toilets with built-in bidets, also known as wall hung bidet toilets, combine the functionality of a toilet and a bidet into a single, cohesive unit. These innovative fixtures offer the ultimate in convenience and hygiene, eliminating the need for separate installations and making the experience more accessible and streamlined.

Built-in bidet toilet wall hung designs come equipped with various features designed to enhance comfort, cleanliness, and user experience. Each is made with high-quality ceramic adorning a classic porcelain tone that increases durability by resisting premature wear and tear including stains and scratches. The modern features such as adjustable water temperature and pressure allow for a more blissful daily routine.

Wall Hung Bidet

Wall mounted bidets are a stylish and practical addition to modern bathrooms, where unlike traditional floor-mounted designs, wall hung models are mounted directly onto the bathroom wall, creating a sleek, floating appearance that enhances the overall design of the space. This range is particularly popular in contemporary bathroom designs where clean lines and minimalist aesthetics are desired.

A wall hung rimless bidet toilet saves valuable floor space, making it ideal for smaller bathrooms or those looking to maximise their layout. The absence of visible plumbing and the clean, uncluttered appearance make these a popular choice for high-end bathroom designs. With no base or pedestal, these units are easier to clean around and underneath, which not only improves hygiene but also simplifies maintenance, as there are fewer crevices where dirt and grime can accumulate.

Modern bidets in wall mounting offer adjustable height options, allowing for customisation to suit the user’s preference and comfort. Read more about your Tapron purchase with our blog: HOW TO SAFELY CLEAN A BIDET TOILET SEAT: COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE

Bidet Taps

A bidet toilet tap provides a hygienic method of cleansing, using water instead of toilet paper. This method is gentler on the skin and more effective in removing bacteria and residue, promoting better personal hygiene and reducing the risk of irritation. The ability to adjust water flow and temperature is a key benefit of these taps, which allows users to customise the water pressure and temperature to their preference.


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