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A trending bath shower never goes out of style. If you want to achieve that polished look in your bathroom, Tapron offers a broad collection of black shower accessories framed to mix and match and give your bath space that elegant black shower look. The basics of an ideal bathroom...

A trending bath shower never goes out of style. If you want to achieve that polished look in your bathroom, Tapron offers a broad collection of black shower accessories framed to mix and match and give your bath space that elegant black shower look.

The basics of an ideal bathroom fulfilled with all modern features and functions is met with a quality black thermostatic shower valve. We offer this adornment in both traditional and modern design to meet the demands of your space and interior. The designs range greatly from crosshead, square, round and lever handles, allowing you to blend your various fittings effortlessly to create a unique persona.

What makes the shower mixer valves a breathtaking fitting for a modern black shower is how it offers manual and thermostatic temperature controls to suit well with all that you expect from your bath space. Advanced features include ceramic disc technology for leakproof usability, and quick and easy fixation are some basic features of our wild assortment! The black concealed shower sets are available in landscape and portrait orientation and are here to best suit any bathroom space, whether large or small!

Pair the black shower valves with an equally exquisite black shower handset— be it a minimally designed one, a square structure or round detailing, we have the choicest picks for you! The hand showers offered in our extensive range enable complete usability for all your amenities with maximum accessibility. These products are designed to serve all purposes with multifunctionality while giving you a range of products ranging from low-water to medium and high-water pressure systems.

Our range of bath shower mixer taps range with a variety of finishes to suit the taste of any interior and gives your home a neat and uniform look, adorning a universal design. The trending black bathroom shower is never complete without tapware and helps create an embellished sense and aura at the luxury of your home. With the right amount of a black hue combined with matt, polished and brushed finishes, you get more than a handful of options with us!

With an option to choose from up to 3 outlets, the black shower system offered includes tapware with various mounting types. Be it with an intricately crafted vintage feel or a modish sense of aura, the black shower fixtures are here to stay with permanence with the robust brass build that gives the product durability. Be it a deck mounted, wall mounted, or freestanding design, the range of black shower sets grants you the bathroom of your dreams without any compromises.

A black shower head is another addition designed to fit well with the other fittings offered in our range of black shower accessories. Ideal for the perfect rejuvenating bath after a long day, these rainfall-effect shower heads form an essential part of the black shower set combination. Easy cleaning and minimal maintenance efforts top these sets as an essential element for every modern bathroom.

Our selection of black shower accessories and bath shower mixer will undoubtedly give an uncluttered look making your bath space appear and feel better than it ever was! Look through our products at Tapron and build the perfect trending modern black shower space today!

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The concept of a modern black shower has emerged as a unique trend, captivating the attention of individuals seeking unconventional experiences in personal hygiene. Unlike traditional showers that evoke images of refreshing water cascading in clear streams, our black showers offer an intriguing twist, both visually and experientially. At its essence, this shower setup involves the use of products that create a darkened ambience within the shower space. The collections range from shower valves and tapware to specialised lighting systems that cast a shadowy hue over the surroundings.

Tapron offers a diverse selection of products and collections to cater to the interests of all homeowners looking to build a matte black shower system from scratch. From significant fixtures that help characterise the aura of your space to more minor ones that enable effective functionality, these products are enhanced with durability by the brass, stainless steel and ABS construction. The brushed and matt finishes are characteristic of this selection, inviting a subdued and low-glossy sheen that serves as a statement in any modern home!

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Bath Shower Mixer Taps

A focal point while investing in modern black shower fixtures is bath shower mixer taps which provide dual functionality by combining a tap and a shower head into one unit. These taps offer convenience and flexibility, allowing users to easily switch between filling the bath and showering without the need for separate installations. Whether you prefer a wall-mounted, freestanding or deck-mounted option, the selection provides an efficient and stylish solution for bathing and showering needs. A range also offers the taps with a kit which brings a complete combination of handsets, hoses and holders that provide alternate outlets for use.

Concealed and Exposed Shower Valves

The concealed and exposed valves are an integral part of a matt black shower setup which offers minimal solutions to control the flow and temperature of the shower. Concealed structures are installed within the wall and are hidden from view, creating a clean and uncluttered interior. Typically featuring a rectangular base plate to be installed horizontally or vertically in brushed or matt finish, these valves offer controls in dual or triple functions with crossheads, levers, square and round knobs. Advanced features include thermostatic temperature functions and ceramic disc technology that regulates flow and balance.

A matte black exposed shower system has an external configuration unlike the concealed counterparts and is mounted on the surface of the wall, showcasing the design and allowing easier access for maintenance. It allows the balance of flow and temperature with the bar valve with buttons or knobs on either end and are typically offered in sets comprising a rigid riser, handset, hose and/or overhead showers which allow users to customise the setup, ensuring reliable performance.

Rigid Riser Shower Kits

While building a shower with black fixtures, investing in a rigid riser kit can be an excellent boon in enhancing flexibility and adjustability to suit the needs of all users. These kits provide a complete showering solution, combining a fixed overhead shower head with a vertical riser rail for adjustable height and a handheld shower head for added versatility. These are exposed designs that house the various shower fixtures on a wall mounted structure, supported by circular base plates.

The rigid riser shower kits offer a convenient and practical solution for enhancing your showering experience, combining the benefits of a fixed overhead shower head with the versatility of a handheld shower handset. With their easy installation and stylish design, rigid riser kits are an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their black showers into a space of comfort and luxury.

Black Shower Fixtures

The various fixtures of a matt black shower set also include various other components including shower heads, handsets, hoses and overflows which enable users to connect it with the various outlets offered by the valves and bath taps.

Fixed Shower Head: Shower heads are a popular choice for those seeking a simple and efficient showering solution and are a basic component in black bathroom shower fixtures.  These fixtures are mounted directly to the wall or ceiling, and available in round and square profiles, providing a steady stream of water for a refreshing shower experience. It caters to different preferences, from rainfall showers for a luxurious spa-like feel to compact designs for small bathrooms.

Compared to regular designs, rainfall shower heads have a slimmer and wider surface area with evenly spaced nozzles to allow the indulgence of a calm and relaxing daily routine. Body jets are another element of a black shower head set and are known for the minimal, space-saving structures that can be seamlessly installed on the walls of the showers for a massage-like spray.

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Shower Arms and Shower Handsets: In the black shower accessories selection, shower arms provide flexibility and functionality with straight or swan neck profiles. Shower head arms mount the shower head to the wall or ceiling, allowing for adjustable positioning to suit individual preferences. It features base plates in square/round structures to make installation easy while granting a compact look.

Shower handsets offer greater control over water direction and flow in black bathroom showers and are paired with the lightweight metal hose, generally offered with the wall outlet that houses the fixture when ideal. It is perfect for rinsing tasks and is offered in functionalities of single or multiple spray options, in modern pencil structures or traditional telephone designs.

Shower Kits: To make the task of picking each product piece by piece based on functionality and suitability more manageable, Tapron also offers the black shower set selection. These sets include all the necessary components for a complete showering experience, including a shower head, handset, bath wastes, overflows and more. Available in various configurations and styles, shower kits cater to different preferences and bathroom layouts, making it easy to find the perfect option for your needs.

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