Shower Mixer Set with Shower Head and Digital Temperature Display - Brushed Black

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Embalm your space with a posh-looking shower set offering multifunctionality without risking unwanted compromise. It has a piano-design structure that ensures the ideal balance of temperature and flow is kept consistently at the desired level. The kit includes a shower bar valve combination and a hand shower with overhead shower, serving with excellent space-saving properties.

Manufactured with a solid brass craftsmanship, the exposed shower set is durable and does not lose its brilliant black finish even with vigorous use and extensive moisture tolerance. Cleaning the product is a convenient task as it has a smooth texture that is easy to clean and demands deficient effort for maintenance. It has a polished finish that grants it a smooth texture and remains with a lasting charm even with years of changing trends.

An advanced ceramic disc cartridge powers the shower kit to function without risking leaks and unwanted drips, drastically reducing water wasted daily. It also controls the flow for a refreshing and cascading usability that is delightful to use and look at! Installation is a user-friendly task with circular base plates that enable the fitting to remain compactly on the installed wall surface without risking constant renovations.

The polished black shower mixer has a piano design offering compactly designed square buttons to regulate the preferred flow effect while enhancing practicality. A comfortable utility is powered by thermostatic controls that ensure sudden bursts and fluctuations are eliminated to the maximum without causing bathroom accidents or hazards. Allow a pleasing, waterfall effect water flow that has a bubbly and soft texture with this modishly assembled piece! 

With a digital display, you can build a smart shower space effortlessly with this fitting. It has an LED powered feature that displays the temperature that invites an element of urbanity while adding a luxurious feel in your bath and shower space. An extended storage design ensures you are granted ample space to comfortably place your go-to toiletries in place without risking a cluttered area and makes your shower venture twice as refreshing! 

The square keys eliminate the risk of having to manually adjust flow, allowing a one-click practicality to effortlessly switch between the type of flow. A microphone handset provides accessibility and extended reach for a blissful daily shower venture. It offers four spray patterns for usability as per requirements, including the rain, soft, pause and jet effects. It is delivered with all fittings for quick assembly, ensuring total bliss and satisfaction. 

Another way for delightful use is provided by the square shower handset adorning a versatile design and a flexible metal hose with lightweight properties. It has an in-built bracket to store the fitting compactly whenever idle and has a single spray function. Create a luxurious feel and usability with this selection, further enhanced by the rainfall shower head in a refined rectangular structure.

The sliding rail is adjustable, enabling users to keep it at a height that best meets their interests and requirements. A single lever handle enables a user-friendly manual for operation and offers two relaxing ways for functionality, including the rain and jet patterns. Offering practicality that parallels the distinguished set's unique persona, this adornment fulfills and garners all your interests while serving excellent aesthetics, making it a must-have for all modern homes!

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured from solid rust-proof brass material
  • Exquisite polished gunmetal finish for a lasting charm
  • Modern wall mounted design
  • Square piano keys enable quick one-button switch for flow 
  • Ceramic disc cartridge prevents unwanted leaks
  • Quick fixation and easy installation
  • Low maintenance product
  • Smart temperature digital display 
  • Structured with an extended deck surface for added storage 

Shower Mixer Set:

  • Modish piano-design with a sleek rectangular structure
  • Pencil design handset for a relaxing daily routine
  • Spray pattern: Rain, Soft, Pause, Jet
  • Shower Head

Handheld Shower Kit:

  • Accessibility offered by the square shower handle with a flexible hose
  • Featuring a sleek, rectangular overhead shower
  • Single function handset
  • Spray pattern: Rain, Jet
  • Diameter: 35mm 


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