Corner Entry Shower Enclosure - 1850mm Height

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Tapron UK is known for bringing comfort and luxury to your doorstep. The corner entry shower enclosure is new in our range of shower enclosures that make your shower space as stylish as possible while also being the most comfortable.

The 800x800 corner shower enclosure has 1850 mm height, and 6mm tempered clear glasses. The entire structure of these corner glass shower enclosures is easy to install and maintain. It also comes with 20mm adjustment space that will help you with the accurate installation of the corner enclosure shower.

The glass panels are encased within the metal double-top and double-bottom rollers and have a polished finish. The same detailing is applied to the 304 S/S metal handle, making the corner-opening shower enclosure easy to use. 

The 800mm corner entry shower enclosure is built to be installed in a corner. This allows you to revamp your remaining bathroom space practically, and it also gives the appearance that your bathroom is bigger than it seems. 

Tapron UK is also home to a wide range of shower trays, shower kits and other similar items that are perfect for your shower space and contribute to enriching your shower experience. You can browse through our catalogue, purchase these items separately, and create a modern, eclectic shower space that is undeniably yours. 

Features and Benefits:   

  • 6mm tempered glass
  •  Clear glass
  • 30mm adjustment space
  • 1850mm height
  • Metal double top and bottom rollers
  • 304 S/S handle
  • Corner installation


UK Mainland

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International Delivery

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