Gold Bathroom Accessories: Soap Dish, Tumbler Holder, Towel Rail, Toilet Roll & Brush Holder – Brushed Brass

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If you are constantly looking for ways to rid yourself of the problems of soap residue or scum ruining the feel of your place, or not having enough space to place your toilet brushes and toilet rolls, or about the quality of your bath space in general, we keep your concerns in mind! Tapron brings you the brushed brass bathroom accessory bundle, curated with the vision to realise your bath space's full potential with minimally crafted details.

Manufactured with an array of high-quality materials, including brass, and combined with a brushed brass finish, the range of gold bathroom products offers durability and comfort. It has a heightened tolerance to fingerprints and abrasions, making these adornments ideal for a modern space where there is a risk of your fittings getting ruined with excessive moisture exposure.

The wall mounted fittings offer circular base plates, which drastically aids in making the overall installation process more convenient and hassle-free. Cleaning requires no extra effort as the adornments restore their lustre with a simple wipe and remain as voguish elements even with years of use.

Gold Modern Wall Mounted Soap Dish with Holder 

An ideal solution to rid your space of the problems of soap residue ruining the look of your sink and basin area is with the addition of this wall mounted soap dish. It has a circular brass frame with a frosted glass dish that grants you the luxury of having your commodities stored neatly without unwanted disturbances, granting quick accessibility whenever necessary.

Gold Tumbler Holder

This wall mounted soap dish blends perfectly with the toothbrush tumbler holder that also requires a wall mounted installation. A modish frosted glass tumbler allows a comfortable space to store your go-to toiletries neatly and compactly in space and matches well with all interiors with its minimal round structure.

Wall Mounted Gold Towel Rail

Having the right corner to keep your towels dry while creating an overall snug ambience is as important as the other bathroom fittings you invest in. For this, the straight towel rail with a single bar has been structured with a minimal look and has concealed wall fixings that contribute to well-defined aesthetics. It allows ample space for all your amenities and is a go-to solution that does not take up much space or time for installation.

Gold Toilet Roll Holder

As essential as it is to prep your bathroom with all the necessary details, having the right fittings in your toilet area can enhance its overall functionality drastically. One such product is this brushed brass toilet roll holder, characterised by a curved design made to hang toilet rolls in an organised manner. The modern angular structure blends perfectly with all spaces and is a prerequisite for an effortless spa-like feel.

Wall Mounted Gold Toilet Brush Holder with Brush

To grant yourself the luxury of having all your daily amenities at your disposal with maximum accessibility, this wall mounted brass toilet brush and holder is an excellent solution. Its round structure complements all interiors and effortlessly adds a heightened degree of sophistication.

The wall mounted brushed gold combination is served to make your everyday routine a much more pleasant affair. With a quality worth the price it is offered, the array of products is further assured with a trusted guarantee of 15 years from the manufacturer, ensuring a smooth sailing venture in every way possible. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy brass manufacturing with a brushed brass finish
  • Quick and convenient installation properties
  • Low maintenance products
  • Manufacturer's guarantee of 15 years on each product

Gold Soap Dish

  • Frosted glass design with brass frame 
  • Stunning circular base plates allow quick fixation
  • Width: 110mm
  • Height: 53mm
  • Projection: 118mm

Gold Tumbler Holder

  • Minimally designed frosted glass structure
  • Height: 118mm
  • Projection: 96mm

Straight Towel bar

  • Single bar towel rail with a minimal structure
  • Stunning circular base plate
  • Width: 643mm
  • Depth: 72mm

Brushed Brass Toilet Roll Holder

  • Curved toilet roll holder to hang your toilet paper in style
  • Minimal, angular style 
  • Height: 106.5mm
  • Projection: 50mm

Gold Toilet Brush Holder

  • Round toilet brush and holder design
  • Solid brass holder keeps soft bristles of the brush protected
  • Width: 96mm
  • Height: 370mm
  • Depth: 145mm


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