"Brushed Brass Soap Dispenser, Towel Rail, and Douche Shower Kit

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"Brushed Brass Soap Dispenser, Towel Rail, and Douche Shower Kit


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Enjoy a spa-like feel in a clutter-free space every day in the luxury of your home by investing in this range of stunning brushed brass bathroom and toilet accessories. The array of products blends durability and a heightened aesthetic appeal built to serve with permanence without retaining unwanted stains or abrasions.

Manufactured with a solid brass construction and completed with a lustrous brushed brass finish, the range of products serves as permanent home solutions and projects excellent tolerance to rusting and corrosion. This is complemented by the brushed finish that adheres to a heightened degree of a golden hue and adds a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

With minimally crafted outlines and refined appeal, these brass bathroom accessories are detailed to provide extra accessibility and make your daily routine hassle-free. Installation and fixation are made convenient as the products are all user-friendly and are marked as must-haves for any modern or traditional interior.

Gold Deck Mounted Soap Dispenser 

Investing in this gold soap dispenser eliminates the bother of having soap residue ruin the overall appeal of your space. This freestanding adornment keeps your space clutter-free and offers a 220ml capacity, providing a comfortable space to store your amenities.

The brass soap dispenser has a heavy-duty pump mechanism tested professionally for daily usage and remains a posh element with a timeless appeal. The detailing is minimal, with a round structure, and it sits snugly on any deck surface without taking up too much space.

Wall Mounted Gold Towel Rail

Another innovative way to enhance the practicality of your space is with this straight towel bar. Its modish structure blends perfectly with any modern bathroom's interior and provides ample space to keep your home neat and comfortable.

The best part of getting this gold towel rail is how it conveniently keeps your towels dry and snug in a compact manner while also ensuring it blends perfectly with the other details and fittings.

Gold Douche Shower Kit with Temperature Control 

Granting the same luxury and comfort to your toilet area is as vital as the rest of your bathroom. Installing this gold toilet douche spray can drastically enhance the overall quality in which your space functions. It works flawlessly with a minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar and adapts well to the plumbing systems of all homes effortlessly.

Ease of operation is provided by the trigger spray feature, with temperature manually controlled by the round lever handle. The douche spray kit offers a flexible hose and a wall outlet that ensures the space looks neat by providing an organised way to store it when not in use.

Gold Toilet Paper Holder 

A gold toilet roll holder also contributes to making a brushed look and serves without making any limitations in usability. This adornment lets you store the commodities in style, remarkably standing out with its angular, curved design. A simple yet classy way to elevate the space more is by investing in the right toilet brush holder that provides quick access for usage.

Wall Mounted Gold Toilet Brush Holder with Brush

The brass toilet brush set has a precise design with a round base that breathes in an air of urbanity. It can be mounted on any wall surface, with the circular base plate complementing the overall look and completing it with a dash of chicness. Made for permanence, the brass holder keeps the soft bristles of the brush protected, enabling blissful utility in every possible way! 

With each of these products served with a trusted guarantee of 15 years from the manufacturer, you invite a voguish bathroom look that serves without compromises, even with details as minor as these brushed gold bathroom accessories.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy brass construction with a brushed brass finish
  • High resistance to rusting and corrosion 
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Quick fixation and easy installation
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of 15 years

Gold Deck Mounted Soap Dispenser

  • Heavy-duty pump mechanism
  • Modern round, deck mounted design
  • Capacity: 220ml
  • Width: 68mm
  • Height:175mm
  • Depth: 92mm

Wall Mounted Gold Towel Rail

  • Straight, single bar design
  • Concealed wall fixings
  • Width: 643mm
  • Depth: 72mm

Gold Douche Shower Kit

  • Douche spray with trigger function
  • Flexible hose allows maximum accessibility in usage
  • Manual cold and hot operation
  • Single round lever handle
  • Minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar (MP)

Gold Toilet Paper Holder

  • Versatile angular structure
  • Width: 142mm
  • Height: 107mm
  • Projection: 50mm

Gold Toilet Brush Holder with Brush

  • Modern round design, ideal for keeping your space compact
  • Width: 96mm
  • Height: 370mm
  • Depth: 145mm

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