Gold Bathroom Mastery: Round Shower Head, Ceiling Arm, Slider Rail Kit, Wall Basin Mixer Tap, 3-Outlet Thermostatic Valve.

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Tapron brings you a range of brushed brass bathroom fittings manufactured with the most promising materials and completed with a stunning gold shade. Each piece is marked with durability and combines to grant rust-proof and scratch-resistant usability, making them ideal for daily usage in spaces with constant moisture exposure, like your bath space.

The sets are offered to make the task of picking each product piece by piece, making building your space from scratch less challenging. It ranges from high to low-pressure adornments to ensure you are met with enough choices while building your dream space. Installation of these fittings is no extra hassle as it has a user-friendly manual and ensures you are met with no complications in the long run.

Round Gold Shower Head

Reward yourself with a daily relaxing shower routine by installing the round shower head and incorporating it into your space for the perfect rainfall-effect shower. It has easy-cleaning nozzles that power the functionality and can be paired with a shower arm. A versatile structure gives it a universal appeal and harmonises with the rest of your fittings without standing out too much.

Gold Round Ceiling Shower Arm

An ideal adornment that can be paired with the gold shower head is the ceiling shower arm from the same collection. It features a circular base plate and is to be mounted from the ceiling for complete utility. Marked with an exquisite round structure, it effectively breezes in an embellished sense of style and persona.

Gold Slider Shower Rail Kit Round Shower Handset and Hose

Designed to meet the needs of all users with maximum adjustability granted, the gold shower riser rail slider kit provides maximum accessibility with the round handset with hose and outlet it is completed with. Mounting this detail on the wall is a convenient task, and the single round handle enables the adjustments to keep it at a height as per requirements.

The adjustable shower riser rail kit requires a minimum operating system of 0.5 bar and has manually controlled settings for maximum comfort in use. It can be paired with a valve for a complete shower venture and adapts well to the plumbing systems of all homes.

Gold Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Tap with Spout

Blended with the right elements of a gold hue and brass craftsmanship, the gold basin mixer spout is characterised by a sleek round structure and is to be mounted on the wall. The design features an elegant curve and serves as a statement wherever it is installed. A minimum water pressure of 0.5 bar is required for its full functionality, ensuring no glitches ruin the overall usability.

Gold 3 Outlets Thermostatic Concealed Shower Valve

To keep all shower fittings connected without the risk of too many products crowding your room, the gold 3 Outlet thermostatic concealed shower valve is an ideal choice. With a horizontal orientation, the shower mixer valve has three handles that provide the proper water flow and temperature. It has safety features to automatically shut down in cases of system failures, making this a family-friendly detail.

With its concealed fixings, the thermostatic shower valve effectively hides unwanted pipeworks away from view behind the walls, creating a clutter-free space. It can be matched with the rest of the products with its minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar. Served for sophistication and utility, a ceramic disc cartridge provides for a leak-proof and drip-free operation and makes it a must-have embellishment.

Balanced with the best of the two worlds of comfort that meets style, the product bundles enliven your bathroom envisions to the maximum and ensure you are met with permanent home solutions. The best part is the trusted guarantee each product is certified with, making the entire venture more worthwhile!

Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy brass construction with a brushed brass finish
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Quick fixation and easy installation
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of 15 years

Round Gold Shower Head

  • Width: 200mm
  • Minimal round structure
  • Ideal for the perfect rainfall effect shower

Gold Round Ceiling Shower Arm

  • Versatile round structure
  • Ceiling Mounted straight design
  • Height: 150mm
  • Width: 65mm
  • Projection: 150mm

Gold Slider Shower Rail Kit

  • Kit includes adjustable slide rail and handset with flexible hose
  • Includes a built-in wall outlet elbow
  • Provides maximum adjustability
  • Minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar (MP)
  • Height: 900mm
  • Projection: 80mm

Gold Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Spout

  • Wall Mounted curved, fixed spout
  • Minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar (MP)
  • Projection: 200mm
  • Height: 96mm

Thermostatic Concealed 3 Outlet Shower Valve

  • Concealed horizontal rectangular backplate
  • Concealed fixings
  • Backplate size (mm): 120H x 275W
  • Triple round handles with thermostatic temperature controls
  • Wall mounted structure with 3 outlets
  • Minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar (MP)


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