Brass Sliding Shower Rail Kit with Inbuilt Water Outlet

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This shower riser rail eliminates the need for you to pick your shower details piece by piece, bringing a complete combination set to meet the demands of all modern bathrooms. The kit includes a sleek pencil shower handset that is ideal for a relaxing shower and allows the perfect rainfall effect. This is paired with a flexible hose that makes your amenities much more accessible.

Made with highly rust-tolerant brass, the shower rail kit invites prolonged usability and remains posh with lasting opulence even with constant moisture exposure. It has a minimal round structure that blends perfectly with all interiors and leaves enough room for other additions you can incorporate for a full-fledged experience.

Keeping this rigid riser shower kit clean is hassle-free as it retains its shine effortlessly with a simple wipe. It strongly resists stains and smudges, giving you a wholesome experience without needing frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Increased mobility is offered by the sliding shower handle that ensures the shower slider rail fits perfectly with all the requirements of whoever accesses your bath space. It has circular base plates that make the mounting process convenient and ensures no room is left for compromise.

The shower riser rail slider is offered with an inbuilt water outlet for regulating water flow smoothly and cancels the risk of any glitches that can degrade the overall usability. With assurance by the manufacturer against any defects and quick handling, you are granted a professional air and ambience with this adornment!

Features and Benefits:  

  • Featuring a highly anti-corrosive manufacturing
  • Sturdy brass construction
  • Offered with an inbuilt water outlet
  • Includes a pencil handset with a flexible hose
  • Wall mounted round design
  • Adjustment feature increases mobility
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Quick fixation and installation
  • Convenient operation


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