Sliding Shower Enclosure - 1950mm Height x 8mm Glass Panel

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In today’s fast-paced world, comfort can become a question of luxury. What if we told you that you could do both at once without having to compromise anything?

Our range of sliding shower doors 1500 is the perfect choice for you, whether you live alone or have a family. 1950 mm in height, along with 8 mm clear tempered glass all around, it has a sturdy build.

The glass panels of the sliding glass shower enclosure are carefully placed within the metal top and bottom rollers while having a 60 mm adjustment for easy and efficient installation. The adjustment space is equally divided on each side.

The single sliding door shower enclosure has white detailing on the metal of the top and double bottom rollers, along with a metallic handle. It is spacious and has strength, which means it will last you a long while, despite being in contact with water.

The sliding shower door enclosure is well equipped with all the features mentioned above, and apart from that, it has a modern and sleek look that will add the right amount of class to your bathroom. 

At Tapron, we firmly believe that one’s home reflects one’s style, so each space should cater to our needs and aesthetics. Suppose you also lean into adding a look of beautiful uniformity to your space. In that case, we highly recommend you check our catalogue and find matching shower trays, kits and bins that will look well together with your sliding door shower.

Features and Benefits:  

  • 1950 mm height
  • 8 mm tempered clear glass
  • 30 mm adjustment space for easy installation on each side - total 60 mm
  • 1500x1950 mm Sliding door
  • Metallic finish
  • White metallic detailing 
  • Metal handle 
  • Metal frames
  • Metal double top and double bottom rollers


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