Sliding Door Shower Enclosure - 1950mm height, 8mm glass panels

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The sliding door shower enclosure is 1950mm in height, and 8 mm of clear tempered glass surrounds it. The clear glass fits within a metallic structure consisting of double-top, double-bottom rollers and a metal handle. The structure’s metal portion is white in colour, which complements the glass portion perfectly. 

Get the most out of your sliding glass shower enclosure with Tapron’s top-notch products. If what you have been looking for can be defined with words such as modern, neat, and smart, we have the best collection of shower enclosure sliding doors to offer. 

Tapron is home to some of the best sliding door shower enclosures that you can get. Whatever your needs and requirements are, we are sure we will be able to match them with the perfect product. Happy browsing!

Your sliding shower door enclosure and the experience it provides can be amplified with our wide range of accompanying products, all in the same colours or contrasting ones, that will go well with the sliding door shower. Please browse our catalogue for shower trays, shower kits and other things that will make your shower experience nothing less than luxurious.

Features and Benefits:  

  • 1950 mm height
  • 8 mm tempered clear glass
  • 30 mm adjustment space for easy installation on each side - total 60 mm
  • 1700x1950 mm Sliding door
  • Metallic finish
  • White metallic detailing 
  • Metal handle 
  • Metal frames
  • Metal double top and double bottom rollers


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