Single Sliding Door Shower Enclosure - 1950mm height

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Looking to have an experience that you will remember forever? We can provide that for you in the form of a walk-in shower enclosure that you can enter anytime and get lost in a world of comfort and luxury. Built with glass and metal framing, it is aimed at being a statement piece without adding anything out of place in your shower space. You can build on the aesthetic and develop a minimalistic modern look that will suit your sensibilities. 

Our walk-in shower side panel has 1950 mm height and 8 mm clear tempered glass all around it. The metal frames are sturdy and built to last you a long time. They have perfect black detailing on them, hence adding a modern, noir look to your bathroom.

The glass side panel has 30 mm adjustment space for easy installation and hassle-free fitting. The black panels act as a statement detail in your shower space. 

Shower trays, shower kits and wastes are sold separately from the shower side panel, and you can get a complete shower by shopping for matching kits. Browse through the catalogues and find numerous accessories and valuable things that will amplify your relaxing shower experience.

Features and Benefits:  

  • 1950 mm height
  • 8 mm tempered clear glass
  • 30 mm adjustment space for easy installation on each side - total 60 mm
  • 1800x1950 mm Sliding door
  • Metallic finish
  • White metallic detailing 
  • Metal handle 
  • Metal frames
  • Metal double top and double bottom rollers


UK Mainland

Estimated delivery time is 2-3 working days for UK Mainland.

International Delivery

International delivery time vary country to country.

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