Wet Room Shower Screen - 2000mm Height

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A house can only be called a home when all its corners have something true to your personality. While you can dream up a home, Tapron UK is here to make the execution of your vision easier. Our wide range of glass shower screens is built with the modern sensibility in mind - it is long-lasting and created to be practical yet leave a lasting impact on you. 

There has been much focus on the practical aspect of the wet room shower screen. It is 2000mm tall and has 8mm clear tempered glass screen panels. There is also a 20mm adjustment space provided for easy installation. 

Depending on your bathroom size, you can purchase the wet room enclosure in dimensions such as 900x2000mm, 1000x2000mm, 1200x2000mm and beyond. The current model is the 1400 wet room screen that can be installed either in a corner or against a wall. This stands true for the other versions of the wet room screen as well. 

The metal is made of water-resistant and durable materials, and these properties are amplified by silver paint coating on top. It gives it extra protection along with a sleek modern look that can fit in any aesthetic or interior. 

You can build your entire shower with things from our catalogue. Browse through the T joints, wet room return panel, shower kits and shower trays available on Tapron UK for sale separately.

Features and Benefits: 

  • 2000mm height
  • 8mm clear tempered glass
  • Nano easy clean technology
  • 20mm adjustment space
  • Metal finish
  • Modern design and build
  • Accessible
  • 1200x2000


UK Mainland

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