3 Reasons to Choose A Floor-Standing Bath Tap

3 Reasons to Choose A Floor-Standing Bath Tap

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When you are going to remodel your bathroom, the classic question is: how to choose the bathtub? What is ideal to have in a bathroom - shower or bathtub, how to combine both functions? A shower is the most used option in this life of fast foods, and quick solutions to be up-to-date in daily activities, but the bathtub is a part of the private space to get rid of daily stress with a good relaxing bath, without haste at the end of the day. Freestanding bathtubs seem to be very appealing, and at one point you realise you always wanted one without being sure why. Many reasons may lead you to chose a freestanding bathtub, and most of them are associated with functionality and style.

Free-standing Bath Tap

Freestanding baths are designed to be standalone in a bathroom, and they come in a variety of styles. From the classic model with legs that give a vintage touch to your space to smooth varieties, sculpted in the modern and minimalist style, each bath is perfect, depending on the air you want to give your bathroom.

Fee-Standing Bath Tap

Here are some reasons to choose a free-standing bath with taps                 

Luxury feeling: A freestanding bathtub with a floor-standing tap is undoubtedly the most outstanding elements of the bathroom. Being placed in bathrooms with enough space to accommodate them, they are usually a characteristic feature of large, luxurious bathrooms. Visually attractive they improve the bathroom experience. Paring them with a floor-standing bath tap, you can add that luxury look to your bathroom.

 Matt Black Free-Standing Bath Tap

Before choosing a floor-standing bath tap, check your water pressure and make sure it is placed so that the water flow fills the bathroom without splashing too much. Often, a separate bathroom faucet will complement the taps in your sink and shower.

Available in various styles: Do you prefer oval or rectangular tubs? The shape of your bathtub must match the style of your bathroom to create a harmonious atmosphere. They are presented in various styles, from modern forms to vintage designs. You can bet on a bolder and more powerful design than with the built-in models.

Whether on the edge of the bathtub, floor or wall-mounted these taps can change the look of a bathroom and influence your experience.

Easy installation and less aggressive: Freestanding bathtubs and taps can be placed on any floor, from marble or granite to wood.  

By having a floor-standing bath tap, there is no doubt that you will get one of the best companions for contemporary baths today. With the addition of this element, you will have an authentic and quite attractive space, being models of organic forms give you the fluidity and elegance that you have so much wanted to give your place of relaxation.

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