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Bring Metallic Gold Glamour to Your Home with Brushed Brass Accessories

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For a long time, metallic fixtures and fittings installed in kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom areas have played prime roles to enhance the beauty of the property and give it a stunning look. Metallic gold glamour has become the trend of the modern century based on its wide applications in varieties of plumbing fixtures and fittings to install in homes and industrial complexes. In fact, when experts give brush finish to the brass, with stunning golden colour, it gives an awesome look to the fittings which in turn makes the place look absolutely stunning, elegant and sophisticated.

Overview of Brushed Brass with Gold Color Polish

Today, construction experts use various tools and machinery items to create a specific pattern of horizontal or vertical fine lines and thereby, give a brushed appearance to the brass. Most of the brass products thus come as sealed by using a protective coating to avoid any type of wear and tear problem. Moreover, a large number of designers today provide golden brushed finish on the brass with an aim to provide aesthetic value to the components and create sophisticated pieces.

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Reasons that make Brass with Metallic Gold or Black Coated Fittings a hit among people
The last year witnessed an increase in the number of purchases of metallic gold and black coated fittings and this trend is expected to rule in the year 2019 as well. Let’s take a look at few of the reasons which make it a hit:

  • Comes with High Malleability

Whether its black bathroom taps or metallic golden coloured bathroom taps, brass gives the highest possible malleability in case of fittings and fixtures, which require shaping or bending procedure. Hence, with brass coatings, you expect to achieve easy alteration. Even the brass moulds in a better way as compared to other materials. Moreover, malleability possessed by brass is helpful in reducing the overall labour costs, as it allows ease to work.


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  • Highly Resistant to Corrosion

Rust and corrosion may result in severe wear and tear problems on different types of metallic fittings. Because of this, people go with corrosion-free metals. Especially, the areas possessing corrosive water properties are able to avail pool of benefits with the usage of coated brass fittings, like for instance golden or black wall mounted taps, as they never corrode or rust in low pH condition of the water.

  • Features Outstanding Durability

Whenever any plumbing system requires a durable or a long service brass made taps or any other similar products form excellent options are selected, as they stay in proper working condition for many years without any disintegration or cracks. Besides this, brushed brass provides outstanding performance in the hot supply of water lines.

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  • Offers a Wide Versatility

One of the reasons to use brass, especially with brushed polish in the plumbing system is that it offers you a wide versatility. As brass is useful in different purposes, you will expect to get fittings as per your specific requirements and even in varieties of sizes, shapes, and widths. Besides this, with gold or black coloured coated brass you will expect to get fittings to alter the pipe size.

  • Tolerance to High-Temperature Ranges

Brass is the best option associated with fitting material or fixture for various hot water distribution lines. This is because it offers exceptional temperature conductivity and brings improvement in the overall efficiency of the respective water distribution system. Along with this, coated brass is a ductile metal to work in high temperature and is able to withstand extremely high-temperature ranges as compared to its counterparts.

Considering the benefits of brass coated fittings and the latest trend in the options available, metallic gold plated brushed brass accessories have become the favourite of every person.

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