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Guide to Choose a Black Towel Radiator

by Globo 14 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Black Heated Towel Rail

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Towel rails have become essential for bathroom needs because they make wet towels dry with ease even during the cold season and add an effortlessly sophisticated touch to your bathroom. Towel rails also add a luxurious essence to any bathroom space with maximum functionality, and at the same time, they're very cost-efficient. At Tapron, we offer premium towel rails ranging from matt black to chrome and gold brushed towel radiators. These towel radiators come with the best heating operation and carry out their functions smoothly, ensuring you the best experience you can have.

The black towel radiators range is classy and stylish and adds a minimalist touch to a modern bathroom. Here is a carefully selected list that can help you choose a towel radiator that meets your needs!

 Heat output: BTU of the towel radiator

Heat output is one essential thing that you should keep in mind when choosing a black towel radiator. The heat output determines the effectiveness of the towel rail, where the BTU (British Thermal Unit) indicates the level of heat generated and emitted by the radiator. You must keep in mind the size and dimensions of your space because a larger area significantly requires a higher BTU feature. Though looking for the design and size is also important, the BTU more or less determines the overall functionality of the towel rail. Tapron has a curated collection of black heated towel rails with a heat output that will keep your bath space warm and cosy with its powerful functions and prevent the clamminess of your bath space throughout the year.

The Tapron HIX Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail Radiator comes with a 2954 BTU that ensures that your bath space remains moistured and dewy throughout any climate. The compact design also adds a minimalistic touch that makes your space look elevated and innovative. Our black heated towel rails collection also comes with the 2562 BTU powered VOS Stainless Steel Designer Ladder Heated Towel Rail Radiator. Its stainless steel construction makes it durable and adds a vogue twist to your bathroom.

Space specifications

Towel radiator rails come in various sizes and designs, and you must decide on the size accordingly to your style specifications. The placement of the towel radiator is essential as making it the centre of attention in your bathroom will not leave an appealing impact. It is also vital that you keep in mind the number of people who use the bathroom daily because having too little space will make your bathroom experience less comfortable.

At Tapron, black heated towel rails are designed to meet the best necessities of your bath space, where the designs are easily available in several sizes. The VOS Designer Ladder Heated Towel Rail, with its high heat output of 1304 BTU, comes with a black vertical contemporary design ranging from sizes 800x500 to 1600x500. Its matt black finish enriches the overall design of the towel radiator. Another black towel radiator is the HIX Stainless Steel Vertical Black Heated Towel Rail Radiator,  designed to adapt to your bathroom prerequisites with its alluring details. Check out the various size ranges in our collection of VOS Towel Radiators and HIX Towel Radiators  Matt Black Radiators and choose your preferred size to fit into your bathroom space today!

Design and aesthetic

While looking for any bathroom necessity and accessories, it is undoubtedly that a large part of our choice is influenced by the overall design and aesthetic of the product. However, one thing you should pay heed to before ordering your towel rail anywhere is to keep in mind how much the elegant design is balanced with the functions like the BTU and the durability that comes with it.

The HIX Stainless Steel Heated Towel Rail Radiator comes in a unique and fresh design that is curated to fit into your bathroom needs. The matt black radiator is beautifully furnished with a stylish design that gives a pioneering and revolutionary look and will fit into any bathroom interior and make it look awe-inspiring for everyone who sees your bathroom!

Picking the right radiator valve

A radiator valve may end up like a detail you can pass by so long as you have found the radiator that serves all purposes, including the functionality, the design, and the heat output. However, as simple as it may seem, radiator valves play an essential role, and this is why we have created this list. One of the most basic functions of a radiator valve is to manage the heat that passes through your towel radiator and ensuring that the right temperature is maintained for maximum comfort. It also controls the amount of water that passes through the radiator and controls overheating of your radiator. If your radiator valve is of neutral quality, you should be ready to accept that the experience won't be as worthwhile as you would like it to be.

Our radiator valves are easy to install and come with maximal durability, finished with a polished black burnish. Some of our black radiator valves you can pick from are: the Corner Radiator Valves - Matt Black and the Dual Fuel Radiator Valve. The black angled radiator valves ensure that your towel rail radiator functions smoothly and creates a neat and precise finish.

With this guide, we hope you now have an idea to go on about the steps and things you should consider before purchasing a towel radiator for your bathroom. We also offer our towel radiators in the gold and chrome brushed series available to order at today. 

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