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Understanding the Different Types of Towel Radiator Valves

by E Cavendish 11 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Understanding the Different Types of Towel Radiator Valves


Choosing the right towel radiator valve is crucial for the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom heating system. At Tapron UK, we understand the importance of matching the perfect valve to your towel radiator, enhancing both its functionality and design.

This detailed guide explores the various types of towel radiator valves available in our collection, helping you make an informed decision for your home. Explore our extensive range of towel radiator valves here.

Why Are Radiator Valves Important?

Radiator valves control the flow of hot water through your towel radiator, regulating the room's temperature and the warmth of your towels. The right valve not only ensures optimal performance but also complements the style of your radiator and bathroom decor.

straight radiator valves

Types of Towel Radiator Valves:

  1. Manual Valves:

  2. Manual valves function like a tap, allowing you to control the flow of water into the radiator by turning the valve. They are simple, cost-effective, and straightforward to use, making them a popular choice for many homeowners. However, they do not automatically adjust to changes in room temperature.

  3. Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs):

  4. TRVs give you the ability to set the desired temperature for your bathroom, and the valve automatically adjusts the flow of hot water to maintain it. These valves are ideal for energy-saving and maintaining consistent comfort levels. They often feature a numbered dial for temperature selection, offering precise control over the heating output.

  5. Lockshield Valves:

  6. Lockshield valves are used to balance the heating system, ensuring an even distribution of heat across all radiators in the home. They are typically covered with a plastic cap and require an adjustable spanner to adjust. While not directly involved in temperature control, they play a crucial role in the overall efficiency of your heating system.

  7. Angled Valves: Angled valves are used when the pipe work comes from the wall and the inlet is on the side of the radiator. They create a 90-degree angle between the radiator and the pipes, making them suitable for most towel radiators where the pipes cannot be adjusted to come up from the floor.

  8. Straight Valves: Straight valves connect the radiator to the pipes in a straight line, ideal when the pipes come up from the floor directly below the radiator's inlets. They offer a neat and unobtrusive look, perfect for minimalist bathroom designs.

  9. Corner Valves: Corner valves are a variation of angled valves, designed for situations where pipes come from the wall but a more seamless connection is desired with minimal visual impact. They allow the pipes to stay flush against the wall, leading into the radiator at a 90-degree angle without protruding into the room.

Corner Radiator Valves

Choosing the Right Valve for Your Towel Radiator:

When selecting a valve, consider the type of control you want (manual or thermostatic), the direction of your pipe work (determining whether you need straight, angled, or corner valves), and the style that best matches your radiator and bathroom aesthetics. Energy efficiency, ease of use, and installation requirements are also important factors to consider.


The right towel radiator valve not only ensures your bathroom remains at a comfortable temperature but also contributes to the overall look and feel of the space. At Tapron UK, we offer a wide variety of valves, from functional manual options to sophisticated thermostatic models, in finishes that complement any bathroom design. Whether you're updating your existing bathroom or undertaking a new project, choosing the correct valve is key to maximizing the efficiency and aesthetic appeal of your towel radiator.

For more information on our range of towel radiator valves and expert advice on selecting the right option for your home, visit Tapron UK. Let us help you find the perfect match for your towel radiator, ensuring your bathroom is both warm and stylish.

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