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How To Install A Shower Head Holder And Enjoy A Perfectly Positioned Shower Every Time

by E Cavendish 09 Mar 2024 0 Comments
How To Install A Shower Head Holder And Enjoy A Perfectly Positioned Shower Every Time

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Transforming your shower experience doesn't always require extensive renovations or costly upgrades. Sometimes, a simple addition like a new shower head holder can make all the difference, allowing for adjustable heights and angles for a perfectly positioned shower every time.

At Tapron UK, we offer a variety of shower head holders that cater to different styles and needs, ensuring that every shower can be a tailored experience. Follow this easy guide to install your new shower head holder and elevate your daily shower routine.

Step 1: Choose Your Shower Head Holder

Before beginning the installation process, select a shower head holder that suits your bathroom’s design and your functional needs. Tapron UK’s collection includes a range of holders, from sleek and modern designs to more traditional looks, with various adjustment mechanisms to suit any preference.

Step 2: Gather Your Tools

Typically, installing a shower head holder requires minimal tools. Depending on the type of holder and your shower wall, you might need:

  • A drill and drill bits (for tile or plaster walls)
  • Wall plugs and screws (usually provided with the holder)
  • A pencil for marking drill holes
  • A level to ensure the holder is straight
  • A measuring tape
Wall-Mounted Showerhead Holder- Stainless Steel

Step 3: Determine the Ideal Height and Position

Before drilling any holes, decide on the best position for your shower head holder. Consider the heights of all potential users to find a versatile placement. Use the measuring tape to find the right height, and the level to ensure the holder will be straight. Mark the wall lightly with a pencil where the screws or mounting bracket will go.

Step 4: Prepare the Wall

If your shower wall is tiled, you’ll need to drill holes for the mounting screws. Use a drill bit suitable for tile – starting with a smaller bit can help prevent the tile from cracking. If you’re mounting the holder onto a plaster wall, the process is similar, but be sure to use appropriate wall plugs to secure the holder firmly.

Step 5: Install the Holder

Once the holes are drilled, insert the wall plugs. Then, align the shower head holder or its mounting bracket with the holes and screw it into place. Ensure it's securely attached to the wall by gently pulling on it to test its stability.

Wall-Mounted Showerhead Holder- Stainless Steel

Step 6: Attach the Shower Head

Now that your holder is installed, attach the shower head to the hose, if it isn’t already. Then, clip the shower head into the holder. Adjust the angle and height as needed to suit your preferences.

Step 7: Test Your Setup

Turn on the shower to ensure the holder is securely in place and that the shower head is positioned correctly. Make any final adjustments to the holder or the shower head angle to ensure the best possible showering experience.


Installing a new shower head holder is a simple yet impactful way to enhance your shower experience. By following these steps, you can ensure your shower is always perfectly positioned for maximum comfort and efficiency. Explore Tapron UK’s selection of shower head holders to find the ideal match for your shower and enjoy a perfectly tailored shower every time.

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