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With homes getting more compact, having storage space has become nothing less than a luxury. One of the best solutions to have more storage space is coupling the vanity unit with basin. From the most compact wall hung cloakroom vanity units to double basin units, the collection of Basin Vanity...

With homes getting more compact, having storage space has become nothing less than a luxury. One of the best solutions to have more storage space is coupling the vanity unit with basin. From the most compact wall hung cloakroom vanity units to double basin units, the collection of Basin Vanity Units is suited best for all bathrooms, irrespective of the size.

The great thing about the basin vanity unit is that it takes up as little space as your everyday pedestal and basin with additional storage. Yet, it gives enough space to store your toiletries. Our bathroom vanity units are a perfect, stylish and practical options for any space and are available in various designs and finishes to suit even the most particular tastes. Many of these products come with extended guarantees.

The Basin cabinets provide a clean storage solution for the most luxurious bathrooms and everything in between. The bathroom furniture's smart design keeps the drawers spacious and protected from water, although paired with Basins. Being mounted on the wall, it makes cleaning a breeze. There are endless options to choose from the vanity units, be it modern and Victorian. The bathroom basin cabinet comes with a shorter top drawer for creams and razors and a deep bottom one for towels and blow-dryers.

Designed to amplify any bathroom's utility and appeal, the range of sink units is an essential buy to make your bathing space functional and durable. Store your toiletries safely and away from the wet bath conditions. Crafted from high-grade material, these long-lasting, durable utility units help organize your bath area smartly.


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A modern basin cabinet is a versatile and practical piece of furniture that combines a sink with a storage cabinet, offering both functionality and style in bathrooms and cloakrooms. These units come in a variety of designs and sizes, from two-door to drawers that provide ample space for storage. One of the key features is its space-saving design which helps to maximise the use of available space in smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms. This is particularly useful in modern homes where space is often at a premium.

Our assortment of wash hand basin with vanity unit stands out with the rich shades of anthracite, glossy white and grey (ash and oak). Made with the best quality egger board and combined with an equally durable ceramic basin on top, this two-in-one storage solution boasts long lasting usability, withstanding the test of time even with extensive moisture and vapour exposure. The installation can be done either in wall mounting or freestanding, depending on the product and design.

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Vanity Units with Basins

When choosing a modern wash basin with cabinet, there are several factors to consider, including the size of the unit which should be appropriate for the space available, taking into account the dimensions of the room and the location of existing plumbing connections.

Vanity Units With Basin: The modern vanity unit with basin offers a sink unit that is already incorporated with the structure without the need for separate pieces for installation. The designs range from sleek silhouettes while another selection has basin designs that protrude slightly from the main body. These structures are typically fully assembled and can be effortlessly paired with a basin tap.

Cabinets Without Basin: The selection also offers basins for vanity units that are designed to be paired with countertops. These cabinets are specifically designed to accommodate a basin or sink on top,.In terms of installation, bathroom basin cabinets are relatively easy to install and can be fitted by DIY enthusiasts or a professional plumber. All units offered at Tapron come with detailed instructions and all the necessary fittings and fixtures for installation with specifications under each listing that make shopping more manageable. It is important to ensure that the unit is properly secured to the wall and that the plumbing connections are correctly installed to prevent leaks and other issues.

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Soft-Close Doors or Drawers

Soft-close doors and drawers are a feature commonly found in modern vanity units. This mechanism allows the doors and drawers to close slowly and quietly, preventing them from slamming shut. The soft-close mechanism works using a hydraulic system or springs that control the closing speed of the door or drawer. When the door or drawer is pushed to close, the mechanism slows down the movement just before it fully closes, ensuring a gentle and controlled shut.

The functionality not only reduces noise but also helps to prolong the life of the unit by preventing wear and tear caused by slamming. In addition to their practical benefits, soft-close doors and drawers also add a touch of luxury to the wash basin cabinet, giving it a premium feel. 

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Perfect Placement: How Your Vanity Unit Basin Should Sit

Ensuring your vanity unit basin is correctly placed involves considering height, depth, overhang, faucet alignment, counter space, plumbing, and aesthetics. A well-positioned basin enhances both the functionality and design of your bathroom, creating a harmonious and practical space.


Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Toilet and Sink Vanity Units

Choosing the right toilet and sink vanity unit involves considering design, size, material quality, storage needs, plumbing, and installation. These units offer a stylish, space-saving solution for any bathroom, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.


Choosing the Perfect Vanity Unit for Bathroom

Uncover the secrets to choosing the perfect vanity unit for your Tapron UK. From understanding the importance of size and style to exploring options for various bathroom types, this guide ensures you make an informed decision that enhances your bathroom's allure.