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If you are looking for a way to stay in trend with your bath space, we have the perfect solution for you! The range of bath pillar taps we offer at Tapron is designed and crafted for perfection. With a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, these bath taps are...

If you are looking for a way to stay in trend with your bath space, we have the perfect solution for you! The range of bath pillar taps we offer at Tapron is designed and crafted for perfection. With a perfect blend of comfort and luxury, these bath taps are here to boost the class and appeal of your space in a multitude of ways!

One of the best parts of shopping with us is the comprehensive arrangement of choices available to you. The selection you get includes classy and rich black, gold and chrome. We believe that details as simple as a beautiful gold pillar taps can transform your bathroom into a haven! Be it a glossy or lustrous effect that you wish to embrace your space with; we have all the choices ready for you!

A striking feature is that the handle designs of these bath pillar taps are structured to serve. As diverse as the colours and finish, the handle designs also comprise modern and traditional detailing. This is included in the Victorian style crosshead handle, the modern round and lever handle, all completed with either single or dual lever controls.

Maintaining your temperature at a constant level is made easy with our selection of bathroom taps. With ceramic disc technology, you are promised a quality product that leaves no room for unwanted leaks and drips that can often be a hassle in your day-to-day hustle of life. Advanced properties like the aerator functions that a range of our bath tap comes in ensures the smooth and even distribution of water with a bubbling effect for a high-end and posh experience!

The deck-mounted designs give a modern appeal and are known for their versatile features owing to their designs that blend in well with all interior designs. Not only do you give way for a modish look in your bath space, but you also guarantee a life-long solution and permanently do away with constant unwanted renovations. This is assured with our sturdy brass construction and high-quality materials that assemble these products, making them rust and tarnish resistant.

Make way for an entirely new bathroom experience with these taps, where each design is crafted to add a unique element wherever it is installed. These pillar taps are also designed to suit best all water pressure requirements with detailed specifications under each product and suitability to all plumbing systems. With excellent prices and fabulous discounts, Tapron seeks to bring alive all your bathroom dreams and turn them into a reality with each product assured with a manufacturer guarantee. Shop with us by browsing through our collection today! 

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View a range of classic and traditional fixtures that make no compromise with modern functionality, catering to the interests of all homeowners who are looking to create a striking statement in their homes. Bath pillar taps are popularly used in bathrooms for controlling the flow and temperature of water and feature a timeless design characterised by separate hot and cold taps mounted on individual pillars or columns.

The bath pillars are chosen for their durability, simplicity, and reliability, making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial settings. While bath pillar taps have a classic design, there are variations and styles available to suit different tastes and preferences. Users can choose from a variety of handle styles, including crosshead handles, lever handles, or knob handles, depending on their aesthetic preferences and ergonomic needs. These handles offer manual controls that ensure water flow is not interrupted while balancing temperature to the desired level.

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Design and Construction of Tapron’s Bath and Basin Pillar Taps

Tapron’s assortment of pillar taps extends to both the basin and bath tap selection, allowing users to create a uniform look without any extra hassle. The design typically consists of two separate taps, one for hot water and one for cold water. Often featuring classic crosshead or lever handles for easy operation, these bath mixer tap pillars are made from durable materials such as brass which offer durability and resistance to corrosion. It is tested for wet, humid or heavy-traffic areas ensuring it resists premature wear and tear even with extensive exposure to moisture, vapour or harsh cleaning agents. While a gold finish is characteristic of this range, we also offer much more with the polished chrome and stainless steel selection.

The pillar bath taps feature ceramic disc cartridges for smoother operation and increased longevity. These cartridges are designed to provide precise control over the flow and temperature of water, while also reducing the risk of leaks and drips. Water pressure requirements range from product to product where a minimum of 0.5 bar and below caters to low-pressure systems and 1 bar and above suits perfectly with high water pressure systems.

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Installation and Compatibility of Pillar Taps for Bathroom

The bath pillar tap is defined in design by the long nose or straight, slightly curved spouts with crosshead or lever handles. Two-tone styles are also popular for this range where, unlike modern Monobloc structures, these taps combine white/black accents on the lever or even intricate lettering on the tap heads to indicate which tap corresponds to which water flow.

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Functionality and Operation

Single pillar bath taps function by controlling the flow of hot and cold water independently with a user-friendly manual. Turning the hot tap clockwise opens the valve and allows hot water to flow, while turning the cold tap clockwise opens the valve and allows cold water to flow. Users can adjust the temperature of the water by turning both taps to achieve the desired blend of hot and cold water. This manual control allows for flexibility in temperature settings and ensures a comfortable bathing experience.

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