Bath Wastes & Plugs

Bath Plugs & Wastes

Bath Plugs & Wastes

VOS Slim Shower Waste - Brushed Brass [23509BBR]Gold Shower Waste with Brushed Brass Finish -Tapron
Save $18.00
Stainless Steel Click Clack Bath Waste 80cmStainless Steel Click Clack Bath Waste-Tapron
Click-Clack Bath Waste and Overflow- Stainless Steel
Sale price$358.00 Regular price$376.00
Save $11.00
Slimeline  Exofil Bath  FillerSlimeline Exofil Bath  Filler
Slimeline Exofil Bath Filler
Sale price$210.00 Regular price$221.00
Bath Waste - TapronBath Waste - Tapron
Save $17.00
Bath Filler with Clicker Waste and Overflow - Brushed brass-tapronGold Bath Filler with Click Clack Waste and Overflow - Tapron
Slim Shower Waste with Brushed BrassGold Slim Shower Waste with Brushed Brass Finish-Tapron
Bath Pop-up WasteChrome Pop Up Bath Waste
Chrome Pop Up Bath Waste
Sale price$72.00
Extended Bath Click Clack Waste overflow cover with corrosion-resistant polished chrome finishChrome Click Clack Bath Waste-Tapron
Save $7.00
Slim bath waste with click clack and exofil and shinny chrome finishSlim Click Clack Waste with Exofil-Tapron
Slim Click Clack Waste with Exofil LP 0.2
Sale priceFrom $130.00 Regular price$137.00
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Save $12.00
Slimline Exofil with Pop-up Waste, Extended 105cm, LP 0.2Slimline Exofil with Pop-up Waste, Extended 105cm, LP 0.2 [809A7EX]
Save $16.00
Slimline Click Clack Exofil 60cmSlimline Click Clack Exofil, 60cm [809A7CC]
Slimline Click Clack Exofil, 60cm [809A7CC]
Sale price$204.00 Regular price$220.00
Save $10.00
Freeflow Bath Filler With Pop-up Waste System , 60cm, HP 1 - TapronFreeflow Bath Filler With Pop-up Waste System ,60cm [809A5]
Freeflow Bath Filler With Pop-up Waste System ,60cm [809A5]
Sale price$191.00 Regular price$201.00
Save $7.00
Click Clack Bath Waste with overflowClick Clack Bath Waste
Click Clack Bath Waste - Matt Black
Sale price$135.00 Regular price$142.00
Save $83.00
Bath Tap with Shower Kit, Bath Waste, Heated Towel Radiator, Valve and Basin Mixer Tap
Save $7.00
freestanding bath waste-tapronGold Click Clack Bath Waste - Tapron
Gold Click Clack Bath Waste - Brushed Brass
Sale price$135.00 Regular price$142.00
Save $44.00
bathroom Accessories gold - tapronbath overflow filler
Save $111.00
Gold bath shower mixer taps, slotted Basin Waste, single lever basin mixer taps, gold click clack waste, brass bottle trapsingle lever basin mixer taps
Save $111.00
Bath & Basin Combo: Mixer Tap, Waste, and Bottle Trapbasin waste trap- tapron
Brushed Brass Bath & Basin Combo: Mixer Tap, Waste, and Bottle Trap
Sale price$2,102.00 Regular price$2,213.00
Save $90.00
Gold mixer tap, single lever basin, heated rail, click clack wasteheated towel rail radiator
Save $114.00
bath click clack waste, slotted basin waste, brass bottle  trap, shower mixer tap, gold sink tapslotted basin waste
Save $75.00
bath tap with shower attachmenttall basin mixer tap

Bath Plugs & Wastes

Keeping your bathroom clean is essential. Along with taps and bathtubs, bath wastes play a crucial role in keeping your bathtubs clog-free for waste water to flow out freely without creating a mess.

With our range of bath plug and waste, with everything from classic plug and chain wastes to ultra-modern square bath click-clacker and waste and overflows, we have bath wastes in every style. Whether you have a period-style bath or a contemporary freestanding bath, we have a range of bathroom wastes to suit everybody's taste. These wastes look fantastic and complement the style and décor of your bathhouse with maximum effect.  

When water is not drained effectively, it creates a pool of dirty water as you bath, which tends to lead to leaks and other forms of damage in and around the bathroom.

In your bathroom, bath wastes help with their services tirelessly, to ensure that waste water is drained away quickly, unobtrusively, and easily. And for this, you need excellent quality products. With these things taken into consideration, you are ensured of a smooth experience.

Tapron offers different styles of bathroom plugsbath waste and overflow to suit all types of bathrooms. You can be assured of the durability of these wastes as they are backed with long-term guarantees by the manufacturers.

Bath and Plug Wastes Collection Video

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