Luxurious Hugo Chrome Bathroom Taps

Ranging ideas in the world of bathroom details are explicitly centred around the various designs of modern taps fashioned for multifunctionality. The vast arrangement of styles ensures that your bathroom is finished to perfection. Tapron offers a comprehensive collection of stylish taps with bath wastes (sold together or separately) to...

Ranging ideas in the world of bathroom details are explicitly centred around the various designs of modern taps fashioned for multifunctionality. The vast arrangement of styles ensures that your bathroom is finished to perfection. Tapron offers a comprehensive collection of stylish taps with bath wastes (sold together or separately) to meet your home’s requirements.

Bathroom Section: 

The contemporary tap designs are detailed to stand out and range from various shades to finish. With each product that serves with permanence, the overall quality of these bath shower mixer taps is marked by the sturdy brass manufacturing that makes the product suitable for usage in the bathroom while withstanding rusting and oxidation.

Marked with efficiency, the Chrome bath shower mixers have led the way in modern tap technology. The range is designed with contemporary square geometrical edges and refined angular designs to give your bathroom a modern feel.

Completing the functionality of your bath space is made easier with us. The array of click clack bath wastes and pop up bath wastes is fashioned to perform its function and add an overall uniformity to the interior without compromises.

Shower Section: 

These bathroom fittings are among the best and are balanced with quality and durability. Add an air of style and class with a thermostatic shower mixer tap that maintains constancy in the water flow and temperature. Each of these taps is operated with an easy-to-use manual and guarantees user satisfaction in every way possible.

Another efficient space-saving choice is the freestanding shower mixer tap, offered in a myriad of designs in our collection. As a modish adornment, you save space while allowing your other fittings to coexist and function with maximum accessibility.

To give your bath space a voguish twist, we bring you the best-quality shower valves, meeting the needs of all modern and conventional design interiors. With handle designs ranging from round, lever and square structures, these additions are bound to stand out!

Whether a single, dual or 3 Outlet shower valve, it fulfils its purpose flawlessly. The base plate that these products are adorned with allows quick and easy mounting, leaving your space looking clutter-free and neat. To give your space a complete makeover, you can pair your 2 Outlet shower valve selection with a shower mixing kit or a shower handset.

The waterfall shower head is ideal for a rejuvenating bath after a long day, perfect for a spa-like experience regardless of the weather and temperature outside! Whether you are looking for a low-pressure or high pressure shower head, we have many products sculpted for all homes at equally fantastic prices.

Guaranteeing maximum adjustability for everyone at home to make it friendly and accessible, the shower riser rail kit is a sleek addition with a minimal design. This helps you do away with unwanted cluttering or clashing of details and rests snugly on any wall surface it is installed on.

The final twist to enhance your shower area is the addition of a douche shower spray kit, featuring comfortable usability and easy-to-clean properties. Handsets can also be bought separately and paired with the handshower holder, all available at friendly prices and exquisite designs just a click away!

Basin Section: 

What makes our range of basin mixer taps and other tapware distinct is the advanced property each of these products is adorned with. This includes a ceramic disc cartridge that not only helps to regulate smooth water flow but also prevents the problems of frequent leaks and drips that can ruin the overall experience.

If you want a minimal yet chic addition, the single lever basin tap is an ideal choice. Complemented by the straight or curved spout designs, these come in both deck mounted, and wall mounted basin mixer tap structures. Our vast assortment ensures you make no compromises with the choices you get to make and pick from when designing the bath space of your dreams!

Starting from single to 3 Hole basin mixer taps, you can easily pair your product with a countertop basin or wall mounted basin as per your preference. Distinguish the persona of your home with a unique feel with an element as simple as this. The deck mounted basin mixer is also a favourable choice for anyone looking to prevent drilling on the wall surface, though it is assured that our products will pose no damage on any surface you choose to mount it on!

After picking the tap of your choice, you can elevate the practicality by adding a click clack basin waste or any other design—available without compromises in our store. This feature aids in quick and easy draining while also bringing hygiene in your home, and can further be improved with a bottle trap.

Be it a basin waste or a basin bottle trap, the product may seem minimal but brings improved functions and ensures no negotiations in quality and appeal.

Toilet Section:

Toilet area is as vital as any other part of your bathroom, and adding a concealed toilet cistern is an apt thing to do if you want luxury and comfort. These concealed cisterns prevent pipeworks from ruining the interior and fit well behind any wall while ensuring maximum utility.

With advanced features like dual flush, the product can be paired with a flush plate, and helps in drastically minimising water wastage. The designs adorn a futuristic element with neat and refined lines, which give you a look that is perfected from every angle. It also helps reduce flushing noises and adds the final touches for a full-fledged toilet area.

Pair your toilet unit with a thermostatic douche spray, promised as a safe and sanitary alternative to toilet paper. The designs and colours range diversely in our douche spray kit section, making your shopping experience more enthralling!

Towel Radiators:

Dealing with wet towels can be an unpleasant experience and can often degrade the overall feel and ambience. If you want to add a heated towel rail without making it stand out too much, a touch of chrome can go a long way.

What makes our range of chrome towel radiators a safe choice is its accessibility, which enables you to hang your damp towels dry while blending in with a universal appeal. Chrome towel rails are offered at different prices, each designed to meet the interest of your budget. The availability of various sizes also ensures you make no compromises with what you decide to pick from.

Pair your choice of product with an angled radiator valve to leave no room for fluctuations in temperature. Whether it be an angled, straight or curved valve design, we have everything in store for you!

Kitchen Taps:

A modish kitchen solution for you is a Monobloc kitchen tap, structured to stand out with its sleek design and comfortable usability. Kitchen taps are an essential factor determining a home’s overall functionality, and with our broad assortment, you will always find the right pick!

A kitchen pillar tap is a vintage element blended with modern features and can stand the test of time with its timeless appeal. Be it a pull-out spray kitchen sink tap, traditional or modern, the availability in diverse shades and colours while being enhanced with all the modern functions makes the experience more worthwhile.

Vanity and Basin Units:

Vanity units make or break the look and aura of your home, so if you are shopping for one, picking the right one can greatly affect the overall workability. As a two-in-one product, vanity units with basins are perfect for saving space and performing their functions without glitches.

Be it a drawer or door design, the basin vanity units offer enough storage room and keep your products safe with their moisture-resistant egger board construction. Advanced properties like soft-close doors add to the overall charm of our collection of bathroom vanity units.

Ranging from wall mounted to freestanding bathroom vanity units, this element helps solidify the overall look of your interior. Each of these products is further assured in quality for long-lasting usability with a trusted guarantee from the manufacturer, giving you the most by shopping with us!

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