Pinch Chrome Bathroom Taps

Tapron range of Chrome taps has been carefully designed to provide you with a quality product that will last a lifetime. Getting a traditional bathroom tap from our assortment is an excellent choice for your vintage bathroom setting. The range is made using an advanced manufacturing technique that allows you...

Tapron range of Chrome taps has been carefully designed to provide you with a quality product that will last a lifetime. Getting a traditional bathroom tap from our assortment is an excellent choice for your vintage bathroom setting. The range is made using an advanced manufacturing technique that allows you to create a quality modern bathroom that feels as good as it looks.

Bathroom Section:

Make an excellent choice for your traditional bathroom setting by shopping from our range of Victorian taps. The Chrome and Nickel taps are made with premium quality and are an outstanding option for an economical price and style!

These traditional taps are designed carefully and manufactured with a solid brass construction with a graded finish that is smooth, vibrant, and classic. It is an excellent choice for your traditional bathroom setup with easy-to-install and fix properties, making it a product worth having for a voguish bathroom.

A wall mounted bath shower mixer is an excellent choice to save deck surface for your other amenities. The pinch handles stand out with a unique appeal and fit well on any surface owing to the well-made backplates mounted horizontally. Another wall mounted adornment is the bath mixer tap with shower attachment, which includes a handset and hose and serves as a complete set.

A deck mounted thermostatic bath shower mixer ushers a vintage feel with the designer handles and allows a constancy in water flow and temperature. As a modish design, it prevents unwanted fluctuations and makes your everyday routine blissful. With all these products, including the floor standing bath filler tap, the in-built ceramic disc cartridge is an advanced property that leaves zero room for leaks and drips.

The 3 hole bath mixer tap is also a favourable choice, standing out distinctly with the neat spout and crosshead handles. The nickel and chrome taps breathe style and comfort in every way possible, making them worth having in your bath space.

Basin Section:

A traditional basin mixer tap marked distinctly in design with the spout and handle is bound to serve as a statement in any space it is installed in. With adaptability for all homes and ranging water pressure requirements from low to high systems, these basin mixer taps fulfil all the requirements of any modern bathroom.

A cloakroom basin tap is ideal if you want a space-saving adornment without compromising quality and utility. These small basin mixer taps project suitability with all basins and prevent spills and leaks and maximise the functionality of your home.

Mono basin taps blend modernity and Victorian elements and are alternatives if you want a detail that is neither too loud nor too bland. Be it a 2 hole or 3 hole basin tap, we have a comprehensive collection to suit well with your tastes. Served in a pair, the pillar taps boast a long nose spout design and are another option for a full-fledged bathroom experience.

Shower Section:

Concealed shower valves help effectively hide pipeworks behind the walls and aid in creating a clutter-free interior. The thermostatic shower valve is one fitting that balances water flow and temperature without any discrepancies.

Offering up to triple outlets, the Victorian shower valve can be paired with various fittings and fixtures, including a shower arm and shower head. The neat design that remains a timeless classic makes the traditional shower head stand out. It provides the perfect rainfall shower experience, perfect after a long day!

The single, dual and 3 outlet shower valves are met with modern features, including durability that withstands rusting and oxidation and anti-leak properties. With easy-to-install and fix qualities, it can be mounted both horizontally and vertically—a choice you get when you shop from our vast collection of thermostatic shower mixer valves.

Providing maximum accessibility for homes looking for a solution owing to problems of mobility, the adjustable shower riser rail offers this luxury without having you spend too much time or cost. It fits well on the wall surface and can be operated comfortably, granting you an enjoyable shower experience every time.

If you want to make the most of the available space in your shower area, a stainless steel shower niche does the job flawlessly. It provides enough room to store your daily bath products while also ensuring it does not look out of place in the bathroom.

Towel Rail Radiators:

Eliminate the problem of damp towels creating a cluttered look by installing a traditional towel rail. The dual fuel towel rail is available in various sizes, heat output requirements and designs, providing enough space for its purpose and a heightened degree of comfort. Being highly resistant to rusting, it retains no stains, even with daily exposure to moisture and vapour, making the chrome towel rail a must-have for all modern homes!

Installing the right pairs of towel rail valves can help determine the quality in which your Victorian towel rail works. Be it a straight, corner or angular design, these panel valves perform their task without negotiating.

Toilet Section:

Cancel flushing noises and create an ambience that feels and looks as serene as possible with a concealed toilet cistern. Offering features, including the dual flush property, it goes hand in hand with the toilet flush plates offered in our selection. This minimises water wastage and makes your home friendlier!

These concealed cisterns take up no space in your toilet area as it is installed behind the walls, leaving a neat and compact-looking interior on the surface. The thermostatic douche spray goes hand in hand with this combination and provides smooth water flow with the required pressure for a smooth-sailing experience.

Bathroom Vanity Units:

Made of top-notch egger board known for its moisture-resistance, the bathroom vanity units offer advanced features including long-lasting usability and soft-close doors that prevent loud bangs and creaks. Being highly tolerant to vapour, the products stored inside the vanity unit with basin remain safe and away from contact with water.

Available in wall-mounted and floor standing vanity units with basin designs, the countertop sink is made of quality ceramic and adds a timeless touch of elegance. The floating vanity unit makes cleaning a hassle-free task by providing accessibility in and around the surface, while a freestanding bathroom vanity unit stands firmly on the surface you choose to mount it on.

Bathroom mirror and cabinet:

Create the illusion of a bigger space with the right choice of a bathroom mirror cabinet. Prepped with all advanced features, including LED and demisting qualities, these wall mounted bathroom cabinets are here to make your everyday routine a more manageable task.

The illuminated bathroom cabinets can be adjusted accordingly to the lighting preference to set the right mood and tone. The products with motion detection allow a smooth-sailing experience with a sense of modernity that might otherwise seem unachievable.         

Bathroom cabinets with shaver sockets are safe choices for the bath space as it stores your electrical appliances safely and avoids water contact. Advanced features like Bluetooth speakers make shopping from our collection memorable and enthralling.

Bring only the best quality products served with no compromises by shopping with Tapron. With each product, you are assured a trusted manufacturer’s guarantee, allowing no room for discomfort and inconvenience.

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