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The mirror cabinets are the most extensive part of any bathroom. It provides you with a comfortable grooming experience along with a clutter-free space and a more organized bathroom. Even the most simple bathroom cabinets create a far more organized space. Our bathroom mirror cabinets come in various styles including illuminated...

The mirror cabinets are the most extensive part of any bathroom. It provides you with a comfortable grooming experience along with a clutter-free space and a more organized bathroom.

Even the most simple bathroom cabinets create a far more organized space. Our bathroom mirror cabinets come in various styles including illuminated bathroom cabinets, demister bathroom mirrors, built-in shaver sockets and/or touch-free illumination.

These bathroom mirrors with storage help keep your bathroom clearer from your makeup or other stuff becoming a perfect addition for compact spaces with several high utility features which are sure to be a striking and practical addition to any home. With our large assortment of bathroom mirror cabinets with lights, it is exactly what you are looking for, offered in various elegant styles. 

Our LED bathroom mirror cabinets combine timeless style with all the essential features you expect from a mirror cabinet. With a discreet shaver socket, infra-red sensor and magnification, the shaver LED mirror cabinet boasts substance and style. We have Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors combined with demisting properties, in-built shaver sockets and Bluetooth attachments to enjoy relaxing music while you are in your bathroom.

The bathroom mirror cabinets we offer consist of everything, from one button to touch-free illumination. There are also mirrors in the collection that gives you the freedom to adjust LED temperature settings ranging from warm to white light according to your needs.

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Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets are an essential component of modern bathroom design, offering a combination of functionality and style. These cabinets provide valuable storage space for toiletries and other essentials while also serving as a mirror. With a range of features and designs available. Our ranges vary from single and twin door designs to integrated and overhead LED lighting and stunning square and rectangular profiles.

These bathroom mirrored cabinets with lights expand the functionality that is offered by mirror units and are suitable for bathrooms of all sizes. Made with the best quality materials, the tempered glass and egger board construction withstands moisture and vapour exposure, eliminating risks of mould and mildew forming. It has spacious compartments that allow users to keep daily toiletries at arm’s reach, increasing accessibility for a blissful daily routine.  

With a variety of size options available, including 830x700mm, 800x700mm, 800x600mm, 600x700mm, 500x700mm and 460x700mm, Tapron offers the best bathroom mirror cabinets, structured for wall mounting, to meet the tastes and demands of all spaces and preferences. Browse our related categories: Bathroom Mirrors | LED Mirrors

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Design Options

Bathroom mirror cabinets come in a variety of designs to suit different needs and preferences. Single-door cabinets are compact and functional bathroom storage solutions and typically feature a single mirrored door that opens to reveal a storage compartment, offering space for toiletries, medicines, and other bathroom essentials. These cabinets are ideal for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms where space is limited.

Dual-door bathroom mirror cabinets with lights are another popular selection that offers twice the storage space and are suitable for larger bathrooms or for those who require more storage. These are more spacious and versatile, featuring two mirrored doors that open to reveal multiple storage compartments. These cabinets are ideal for larger bathrooms or shared bathrooms where additional storage is needed.

Transform your Bathroom with LED Mirror Cabinet Lighting

The lit bathroom mirror cabinets are devised with either overhead or integrated lighting. This lighting provides bright illumination for grooming tasks and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Overhead lighting is especially useful for providing additional light in the bathroom, while integrated lighting adds a stylish touch to the cabinet.

LED lights in illuminated bathroom cabinets offer both functionality and style and are energy-efficient, designed to provide even light distribution that reduces shadows, making it easier for daily tasks. This feature comes in various colours and can be dimmable, allowing you to create the perfect ambience, ranging from warmer to cooler tones.

Additional Features In Bathroom Cabinet Mirrors

Defogger: One of the key features of the modern illuminated bathroom cabinet is the built-in defogger. This feature prevents the mirror from misting during showers or baths, ensuring a clear reflection at all times.. The defogger gently heats the mirror surface, preventing condensation from forming and maintaining visibility even in steamy bathroom conditions. It reduces the need for constant maintenance and cleaning, increasing functionality.

Dimmable Feature: The dimmable feature in the bathroom mirror cabinet with light enables users to set the right mood and ambience before a relaxing shower or for a desired bathroom setting and environment. It also helps reduce the glare in mirrors, making usability more convenient.

Built-In Shaving Socket And Charger: Another convenient feature found in the selection, including the white bathroom mirror cabinet, is a built-in shaving socket and charger. This socket provides a convenient power source for electric shavers or toothbrushes, eliminating the need for separate electrical outlets and keeping your bathroom space organised and clutter-free. It also keeps electrical toiletries away from contact with water, ensuring a safe and friendly bathroom utility.

IR Sensor: Equipped with IR/infrared sensors, the mirrored bathroom cabinets allow for hands-free operation, allowing users to activate various features with a simple wave or motion, including turning the lights on/off and adjusting the brightness. This adds convenience and hygiene to your bathroom experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Some heated bathroom mirror cabinets are equipped with Bluetooth technology, allowing users to connect smartphones or other devices to the mirror's built-in speakers. This feature adds a touch of convenience and entertainment to your grooming routine, allowing the luxury to stream music, take calls and more while getting ready in the bathroom without interrupting a relaxing daily venture.

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