Demisted Bathroom Mirror Tapron

Demisted Bathroom Mirrors

Demisted Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminated Round Bathroom Mirror with Demister Pads - 600mmLED Touch Sensitive Defog Mirror
Save $29.00
Mirror with touch switch and demister pad-TapronTechnical Drawing-Tapron
LED Bathroom Mirror with Touch Switch and Demister Pad
Sale price$555.00 Regular price$584.00
Save $22.00
Illuminated Mirror with Demister and Touch Switch -TapronTechnical Drawing-Tapron
Illuminated Mirror with Demister and Touch Switch - 800x600mm
Sale price$432.00 Regular price$454.00
Save $21.00
Bathroom Mirror with Led Light-TapronMirror with Heated Pad Touch Switch-Tapron
Mirror with Heated Pad Touch Switch [GL500]
Sale price$407.00 Regular price$428.00
Save $21.00
Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Demister Pads and Touch Switch-TapronMirror Bathroom Cabinet with Light-Tapron
Save $19.00
Illuminated Mirror with Heated Pads and Touch Switch-TapronLed Bathroom Mirrors-Tapron
Save $48.00
Mirror Cabinet with Shaving Socket and Heated Pads-tapronMakeup Mirror-Tapron
Save $22.00
Mirror with Heated Pad and Touch Switch IM800Bathroom Mirror with Heated Pad and Touch Switch Landscape 800mm Length with Aluminium Frame installed on a bathroom wall with a basin tap and a vanity unit underneath the bathroom mirror
Save $21.00
Bathroom Mirror-Tapronvanity Mirror-Tapron
Save $20.00
Illuminated Mirror with Demister Pad and Touch Switch-TapronSpeaker Mirror with Led-Tapron
Round Backlit LED Bathroom MirrorGold HIX basin mixer with matching gold soap dispenser and gold matching basin waste
Save $20.00
Mirror in The Bathroom-TapronBathroom Mirrors Uk-Tapron
Save $20.00
Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Demister and Touch Switch-TapronIlluminated Bathroom Mirror with Demister and Touch Switch - 600x800mm
Save $45.00
led bathroom mirror-Tapronbathroom furniture - TAPRON
Save $38.00
Mirror Cabinet with Heated Pad, Sensor Switch and Shaving Socket - taprontechnical drawing bathroom wall cabinets - tapron

Demisted Bathroom Mirrors

When you take a hot shower in a closed bathroom, the mirror is likely to "fog" up as the hot water from the shower evaporates. When the water vapour contacts cooler surfaces, such as the mirror, it cools and loses energy depositing on the mirror's surface.

This might not seem to be a problem as you can clean the mirror, but there is a better mirror solution that comes with the range of demister bathroom mirrors or heated bathroom mirrors. Utilising heated pads, our demister mirrors clear away mist in an efficient, effective and clean manner that ensures your mirror looks as good as the day you bought it! They overcome the condensation problem by gently warming the mirror to just above room temperature, keeping it free from fog and steam.

You can now easily use your mirrors to the maximum with the demisting pads whether it is for shaving or doing makeup or any other kind of grooming.

Many of our demister bathroom mirrors are also coupled with other top features, such as LED lights, infra-red sensors, and integrated shaver sockets for better functionality.

Explore our premium collection of demister bathroom mirrors and keep your mirror fog and mist free in just one click!

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