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Elevate your bathroom with Tapron's exquisite collection of pillar taps, blending timeless elegance with contemporary functionality. Our selection offers both old-style taps and modern designs, catering to all aesthetic preferences. Whether you seek the classic charm of antique brass, the sleek sophistication of brushed nickel, or the opulent touch of...

Elevate your bathroom with Tapron's exquisite collection of pillar taps, blending timeless elegance with contemporary functionality. Our selection offers both old-style taps and modern designs, catering to all aesthetic preferences. Whether you seek the classic charm of antique brass, the sleek sophistication of brushed nickel, or the opulent touch of gold, our vintage taps are crafted to enhance any bathroom decor.

Discover the beauty of vintage style with our basin pillar taps, perfect for those who appreciate the nostalgic allure of old-fashioned fixtures but require the performance of modern technology. Available in classic chrome, these basin pillar taps add a refined look to any sink, making them a standout feature in your bathroom.

Our wash basin pillar taps are not just about aesthetics; they embody practicality with easy-to-use hand levers that ensure precise control over water flow and temperature. The dual-hole setup of our bathroom sink pillar taps allows for easy installation on any basin surface, making them a versatile choice for both new builds and renovation projects.

Each tap in our collection is equipped with ceramic disc technology for a drip-free performance, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance. Whether mounted on the wall or deck of your sink, our taps are designed to complement both traditional and contemporary washroom setups.

Shop Tapron’s UK collection of basin pillar taps now and transform your bathroom with fixtures that blend the best of classic and contemporary styles.

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The stunning assortment of vintage bathroom taps feature a rich assortment of black, chrome, and gold hues which are structured to serve with modern functionality in any traditional space and décor. Manufactured with the best quality brass material, these taps are go-to solutions that last long while looking posh with a traditional charm. Brass pillar taps typically consist of separate hot and cold taps mounted on individual pillars or stands, allowing users to control the temperature and flow of water independently. While these taps serve a practical purpose, they also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, adding style and sophistication to the space. These independent controls make the taps user-friendly by providing easy accessibility and allowing the perfect balance of water temperature and flow. These are more embellished and intricate versions counterparts of monobloc taps which generally feature a single handle and spout.

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Understanding Basin Pillar Taps

Mounting and Controls: Bath and basin pillar taps are characterised by their vintage-inspired design, featuring separate hot and cold taps mounted on individual pillars. These taps typically have crosshead or lever handles adorned with decorative details, adding to their classic charm. Generally, the two-hole deck mounting configuration requires pre-drilled holes on the countertop, with each tap secured independently for optimal stability. These taps are known for their timeless elegance, precise temperature control, easy installation, and durability which makes them popular buys in modern and traditional bathroom spaces.

Handles and Spouts: The traditional and modern pillar taps are set apart by the handles and spouts. In more contemporary structures, the tap is adorned with knobs or round handles while traditional designs may feature crosshead, pinch, and lever handles with white or black accents. Spouts are straight and slightly curved towards the base which allows the perfect cascade of water while providing ample clearance for daily chores.

Vintage style basin taps with long nose spouts are designed to provide a longer reach and increased clearance in sink areas where standard designs may not suffice. The elongated spouts have a slender, curved profile and allow water to flow farther from the base of the tap. This extended reach of long nose spouts also helps minimise splashing by directing the water flow closer to the centre of the sink or basin, reducing mess and water wastage during use.

What Makes Tapron’s Vintage Taps Different From Regular Designs?

The wash basin pillar tap selection we offer embodies a fusion of heritage and innovation, offering fixtures that combine classic elegance with cutting-edge technology for superior performance and durability.

Ceramic Disc Technology for Smooth Operation: One of the key innovations in modern brass pillars is the integration of ceramic disc technology. Traditional taps often rely on rubber washers to control the flow of water, which can degrade over time and lead to drips and leaks. These discs, made from high-quality ceramic materials, provide a smooth and precise mechanism for regulating water flow, ensuring effortless operation by maintaining a smooth balance for glitch-free usability. 

Our selection of antique taps features ceramic disc technology as a standard feature which not only provides smooth and consistent operation but also reduces the risk of drips and leaks, promoting water conservation and reducing maintenance requirements. The assured guarantee from the manufacturer with each buy further brings the proof of a quality product! 

Water Efficiency Without Compromise: The pillar tap collection is designed to be highly water-efficient, incorporating features such as flow restrictors, aerators, and eco-friendly cartridges. These innovations help reduce water wastage without compromising performance, allowing users to enjoy a satisfying bathing experience while making sustainable choices. Water pressure requirements vary from design to design where our collection caters to high-pressure (1 bar-3 bars) to low-pressure (0.1 bar-0.5 bars) ranges.

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Additional Pairing for Wash Basin Pillar Taps

Pairing a pillar tap with countertop basins and basin wastes is a crucial aspect of creating a cohesive and functional bathroom design. The combination of these components not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also ensures practicality and efficiency in everyday use. This combination helps promote efficient water management by providing control over water flow and drainage. Choose basin pillar taps that reflect your style and preferences, and enjoy a beautifully coordinated bathroom space for years to come with our collection!


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