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At Tapron, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse collection of premium basin taps that blend seamlessly with any decor, from traditional Victorian styles to sleek contemporary designs. Whether you're outfitting a small cloakroom or a large master bathroom, our wash basin taps enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of...

At Tapron, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse collection of premium basin taps that blend seamlessly with any decor, from traditional Victorian styles to sleek contemporary designs. Whether you're outfitting a small cloakroom or a large master bathroom, our wash basin taps enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

Our Extensive Range of Bathroom Taps

Contemporary Collection : Elevate your modern bathroom with our mono mixer taps, featuring minimalist design and high-rise options that are perfect for stylish washbasins and vanities. Our contemporary taps, available in finishes like brushed nickel and chrome, provide a clean, streamlined look, ideal for new or renovated bathrooms seeking a modern touch.

Traditional Elegance: For those who appreciate a touch of classic charm, our traditional taps, including the Victorian and Edwardian styles, offer both beauty and timeless quality. With options like the pillar tap and long spout faucets, these taps perfectly complement any washbasin or bathtub, enhancing the overall look of your bathroom with their ornate details.

High-End Functionalities:

- Lever and Hand Operation: Our taps are designed for ease of use, featuring single lever mechanisms that ensure smooth operation, ideal for any bathroom setup.

- Pop Up Waste: Selected models include a pop-up waste feature, allowing for convenient disposal and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

- Brushed and Modern Finishes: Choose from a variety of finishes, including the luxurious brushed nickel, which offers durability and a smudge-resistant surface, making it ideal for busy bathrooms.

Our bathroom taps cater to all needs:

- Sink and Basin Taps: From single to multiple hole configurations, our taps are suitable for every sink or washbasin, ensuring there is a perfect fit for both small and large spaces.

- Bath and Shower Mixers: Upgrade your bathtub with our high-quality mixers that come with integrated shower heads, providing versatility and a luxurious bath experience.

- Specialty Wash Hand : Enhance your washing and toilet areas with specialised taps that provide efficient water flow and reduce waste, ensuring every drop counts.

When you buy from Tapron, you are investing in quality that lasts. With the best prices and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our taps are a smart choice for anyone looking to enhance their bathroom. Explore our full range online to find the perfect tap set to match your bathroom's style and functional needs. Whether you're looking for a single tap for a small basin or a comprehensive set for a full bathroom renovation, Tapron provides the best solutions with a guarantee of durability and designer appeal. Start your journey to a more beautiful and functional bathroom today—shop Tapron for all your bathroom tapware needs.

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Transform your bathroom sink space by installing tapware that blends form and function seamlessly. Tapron’s products extend from the kitchen to your bathrooms and toilet spaces to ensure you get a fully integrated system that falls nothing short of perfection. From classic elegance to modern sophistication, basin taps come in a variety of styles, finishes, and features to suit every taste and preference. Bathroom sink taps play a crucial role in determining the overall functionality of your space which is why we provide an assortment of products divided into the two broad categories of modern and traditional types and subdivided into monobloc, sensor, spouts and pillar-type designs.

To grant our customers the maximum of their Tapron buy, we provide a trusted manufacturer’s guarantee ranging from 1 to 15 years depending on product type and usage. Each of our basin mixer taps is structured to last with durability and tested to withstand extensive usage in the bathroom and basin area. Additional features such as temperature control, water pressure adjustment, and integrated filtration systems provide added functionality and customization options for homeowners. With a detailed instruction manual, installing our tapware is a hassle-free task with DIY blogs (How to Fit a Basin Tap in just 4 simple steps) that make the installation process more convenient! With options for deck-mounted, wall-mounted, and freestanding configurations, our tapware accommodates different bathroom layouts and preferences.

Choose the right bathroom basin taps for your homes. Learn more: WHICH TAP GOES WITH WHICH WASH BASIN? A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE

Brass vs. Stainless Steel: Durability Comparison in Taps

Our bathroom sink mixer taps are constructed with an array of only the best quality materials that are tested to withstand the rigours of everyday usage without suffering deformations or deterioration even with factors like high temperature or moisture exposure. Brass and stainless steel taps possess antimicrobial properties and are non-porous and resistant to bacterial growth which makes these suitable for tapware products for your bathrooms and kitchens. Both materials are also known for their solid craftsmanship with a high tolerance to rusting and oxidation, remaining with a pristine charm even with years of use.

Brass wash basin taps are highly suited for humid bathroom environments which grants them a high resistance to rust and corrosion. While brass taps may require occasional polishing to maintain their shine, they are relatively low-maintenance and can last for many years with proper care. It is an eco-friendly choice as brass is a highly recyclable material. The second type of tap features a stainless steel construction known for its resilience to scratches, fingerprints and tarnishing. This is a 100% recyclable material that enables you to reduce your carbon footprint, allowing you to make a conscious effort towards sustainability. 

Modern and Traditional Basin Taps: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

Understanding the difference between modern and traditional basin taps lies largely in their aesthetic value. Both are embalmed with only the best quality functionality and serve as high-tech solutions for any home. A defining feature of the contemporary range is its sleek, minimal lines that move away from ornate detailing. Modern structures are defined by the straight, fixed or swivel spouts. While the straight design bends with a slight curve towards the spout’s base, the swivel style allows suitability for both single and double wash basin units. Handles range from single to dual controls with stunning round styles or levers that offer comfortable usability. A selection of these taps are adorned with water-saving technology powered by a sensor-motion property. The modern basin taps also incorporate water-saving features such as aerators or flow restrictors.

A traditional basin mixer tap has more ornate detailing like intricate crosshead and white/black lever handles that complements the equally embellished long-nose, knob, swan neck and arched designs. This design ranges from single to triple tap holes and offers utility with single or dual controls. These taps evoke a sense of nostalgia and old-world charm, adding character to any bathroom space. Installation is a convenient task with both selections with minimal maintenance requirements that make this ideal for your homes!

To further improve the functionality of your taps more efficiently, you can invest in our assortment of basin tap and waste combinations. A proper drainage system can drastically improve the practicality of your space by allowing smooth disposal of wastewater while also preventing unwanted drain odour and gases from ruining the ambience of your bathrooms. Our assortment is diversified in various shades and finishes to match your selection of basin and bath taps, making them ideal embellishments for your home. See the complete collection here: Bathroom Basin Wastes  

Variety of Colors and Finishes: Exploring Options for Basin Taps

Crafted with the best-quality brass and stainless materials, the bathroom sink tap selection is further improved in durability by the thick coating of finishes and a rich allure of colours. Offering a diverse palette for bathroom elegance, these taps are key design elements that contribute to the overall aesthetic of the space. Serving with timeless elegance, bronze taps have a warm, earthy tone and often feature antique finishes with subtle patinas and textured surfaces to create an authentic vintage look. Warm tones are also offered by the gold range that invites opulence and luxury. Rose gold has a rich rosy hue that gives the feel of romance and elegance, providing a subtle and soft touch to your space.

A black basin mixer tap creates a dramatic focal point and provides a bold contrast against light-coloured basins and tiles, adding depth and visual interest to the bathroom. Chrome taps are timeless and add a sense of freshness and cleanliness to the bathroom for a bright and inviting look. Tapron’s assortment of tapware is typically coated with a durable finish that is resistant to scratches, tarnishing, and corrosion. This makes them easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a gentle wipe with a damp cloth to restore their shine and lustre.

Marked with a durable coating, the bathroom basin mixer taps are offered in radiant brushed, matt and polished finishes. Brushed finishes feature a textured surface created by fine brushing or sanding, resulting in a soft, satin-like appearance. It is characterised by subtle striations and a muted sheen, offering a sophisticated and understated elegance. With a more glossy surface, polished finishes offer a more reflective surface for a bright and luxurious appearance while the matt finish is defined by a flat or non-reflective surface that absorbs light rather than reflecting it, creating a soft and velvety appearance. They add a sense of understated elegance to the bathroom, creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere.

Exploring Different Mounting Options for Basin Taps

Basin sink taps are offered in the two common mounting options of wall-mounted and deck-mounted designs. Deck structures are installed directly on the basin or countertop surface with a simpler installation manual as compared to wall designs. It requires users to drill the number of holes required without posing alterations to the wall’s plumbing. The structure ranges from Monobloc styles to up to 3-hole designs enabling homeowners to choose as per requirements. Best served paired with a counter top wash basin, you can easily navigate between your choice of colours and finishes from our diverse assortment.

With both categories available in sleek square and cylindrical outlines, an added benefit is the wall mounted basin tap height adjustability. Unlike deck designs, these taps can be installed at any height on the wall as required and space demands, catering to the needs of a vast expanse of users. It can be fixed directly onto the wall behind the sink and provide a neat look by concealing the pipework behind the walls. To make installation more convenient, these designs are structured with circular and rectangular base plates and offer diversity from single to three tap holes.

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Monobloc Basin Taps: Streamlined Elegance for Contemporary Bathrooms

A monobloc basin tap, also known as single-lever or single-hole taps, is a type of basin tap that integrates the mixing mechanism into a single unit. This design is characterised by a mono spout and handle to control flow and temperature with a simple turn. It makes installation easy as it requires only a single hole to be drilled on the wall or deck surface. The configurations for operation require moving the handle up/down which allows for easy and precise control of both flow rate and temperature. If you struggle with limited space, these taps are ideal with space-saving properties as they provide more counter space for other fixtures and accessories.

The tall mono basin mixer tap invites utility and comfort with its elongated spout and tall stature. Added benefits include increased clearance between the spout and the sink which makes it easier for cleaning and other daily chores without limiting the space. The extended reach of the spout allows added flexibility in directing the flow, making it suitable for single and double-basin configurations. This range is also ideal for vessel sinks as it ensures water flows directly into the basin without risking unwanted splashes that can damage the walls around the area.

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Touchless Convenience and Hygiene with Sensor Taps


A sensor basin tap mixer, also known as touchless taps, is inspired to deliver a modern solution for homes by incorporating motion-sensing technology to activate the flow of water. These taps with the touch-free operation, eliminate the need for physical contact with the tap to control water flow or to turn it on/off. This allows a hygienic solution for your home as it prevents the spread of germs and bacteria, eliminating cross-contamination which is a risk in high-traffic areas like your bathrooms. This design aims at water conservation as it has equipped sensors that disperse water only with detection motion and built-in timers that turn it off after a few minutes of inactivity.

This selection of a bathroom sink mixer tap has a user-friendly manual and proves to be an efficient addition, especially for users with limited mobility or dexterity. The taps are powered by batteries or mains and are built to serve as excellent energy-saving fittings. While the mains-powered taps require access to an electrical outlet, they offer continuous operation without needing battery replacements. The choice depends on every user and their preference for usability though both designs come with their own pros and benefits! Browse our exclusive collection of Sensor Taps for a revitalising experience every time!  

Pillar Basin Taps: Vintage-Inspired Charm with Dual Handles and Elegant Arches

Catering to both traditional and modern designs, a basin pillar tap is characterised by its two-hole structure with separate taps for regulating hot and cold water. It is typically completed with straight, slightly curved or long-nose spouts with a diverse range of crosshead, lever and pinch handle designs. With compatibility with sinks with two tap holes, these are versatile options that can be paired with a diverse assortment of basin types including a pedestal basin, vanity units, and countertop basins.

A selection of these taps offers a two-tone luxury with black or white lever handles that blend perfectly with its cylindrical build body. Overall, basin pillar taps offer a classic and practical solution for controlling water flow and temperature in bathrooms and kitchens. This selection offers the perfect combination of a traditional design that meets affordability and modern functionality, making them classic choices for homeowners for years! See our complete collection of Basin Pillar Taps and understand more with our blog to choose the most suitable tapware of your choice! See: MODERN BATH PILLAR TAPS: FEATURES THAT ELEVATE YOUR BATH.

Basin Spout: Sleek and Streamlined Curation for Effortless Water Flow

Long spout basin taps stand out with their streamlined design with a simple round or square straight structure and are available both in wall and deck installation. These taps are popular with their reach or height as the taller the spout, the larger sink configurations it demands. The single-hole design has a mono body without any handles on the tap head like regular designs while twin-hole structures feature a separate handle for controlling flow. These are mounted on square/round base plates that add a degree of sophistication. Proper installation is also crucial to ensure optimal performance and to prevent leaks or other issues.

A large selection of these taps for wash basin are powered with touchless technology, devised with infrared sensor detection that prevents frequent contact with the tap. Homeowners should also consider the shape and design of the spout as it affects the water flow and pattern. While some spouts are designed to produce a gentle, aerated flow, others may deliver a more powerful stream. This Battery Operated Water Saving Infrared Sensor Tap feature a stunning polished chrome finish with a built-in sensor and operates with a minimum water pressure requirement of 0.5 bar. The suitability to both mains and batteries makes this a convenient solution for all homes and is further powered with an aerator that creates a bubbling water flow effect.

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Three-Hole Basin Taps: Classic Elegance with Traditional Installation

As the name suggests, the 3 hole basin mixer tap is designed with three separate structures –two handles to navigate flow and temperature and a central spout that features a square or round structure. Each handle corresponds to a specific water supply line (hot or cold), allowing users to control the temperature and flow of water independently. Available in both modern and vintage elements, these taps are characterised by stunning handles and spout designs that make your basin space stand out with extravagance. The versatile compatibility to a three pre-drilled holes pedestal sink, vanity unit and countertop basin makes these flexible choices, though it is important to consider the spacing and sizing of these holes to match the product’s specification.  

The handles of the 3 tap hole basin mixer are usually mounted on either side, with the spout centred between them. Proper spacing and alignment of the holes are essential for a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation. Additional factors to consider while investing in this range of tapware include the depth of your basin and determining whether there is an ample amount of clearance needed for the handles to operate smoothly. Water pressure requirements vary from product to product, which is another essential factor to reconsider!


Mini Basin Mixer: Compact Design, Maximum Efficiency

Designed to attend to the needs of smaller basins or sinks, cloakroom basin taps feature a compact size compared to regular taps to ensure it is suitable for petite or very small cloakroom basin units. With a proportional fit and dimensions, these fittings prevent overcrowding of the basin area, ensuring maximum comfort by providing ample counter space. Offered in up to three tap-hole structures, these taps allow for more efficient use of available space while still providing convenient access to water.

Installation is versatile as it is compatible with all types of sink and vanity basin units. Homeowners do not need to limit their choices because of space shortage with us!  These taps function as well as any other regular modern tap and are incorporated with an equally high-tech functionality and durability that makes them ideal for everyday tasks. The aerator feature that powers a large selection of these taps ensures water-saving features while allowing a bubbling water flow that is pleasant to look at and use.

Maximise your space with Tapron's Mini Cloakroom Basin Mixer Taps


Additional Features in Basin Taps: Enhancing Functionality and Style

Each of our taps for bathroom sinks features an advanced ceramic disc technology that ensures enhanced performance, durability, and longevity compared to traditional rubber washer systems. This innovative technology provides two ceramic discs where one moves against a stationary one to provide a path for water to flow from within the tap. With a high resistance and durability to degradation, the discs provide for fewer leaks and drips, drastically minimising water wastage and maintenance requirements. Another key benefit of ceramic disc technology is its smooth and precise operation while eliminating risks of mineral buildup and corrosion, making these taps ideal for areas with hard water.

Tapron’s bath and basin taps are also powered with an aerator technology which is a key feature in enabling a soft and pleasant water flow. These aerators work by mixing air with water flow which results in a steady stream of water that feels softer and more gentle. However, this does not compromise water pressure but rather conserves water by maintaining sufficient pressure for everyday tasks and aids in preventing unwanted splashing around the sink area. Designed with a fine mesh screen, these tiny aerators trap particles and debris to remove impurities from water ensuring a cleaner, purer water.

Why do you need a basin waste? Getting unslotted or slotted basin waste depends on whether or not your sink has an overflow. Slotted designs are ideal for sinks with an overflow while in the absence of this, unslotted designs are required. These minor fittings are offered in a diverse range of colours and finishes marked with durability and range from designs like the click-clack, fliptop and free-flow structures. Basin wastes serve the primary function of allowing water to drain from the sink while preventing large debris, such as food scraps or hair, from entering the plumbing system. They consist of a plug or stopper mechanism that can be opened or closed to control the flow of water.

Delivery and Policies

At Tapron, we commit ourselves to delivering high-class products to furnish your bathrooms and kitchens by offering a diverse assortment of products to suit all corners of your home, from tapware to toilet and basin combination units to accessories. With a manufacturer’s guarantee with each buy, we offer 2-3 days quick delivery in the UK while it varies from country to country for international orders. 

Build your home with our exquisite modern and traditional bathroom taps, each designed with solid craftsmanship and a close eye on details. We are dedicated to making your dream homes into a reality. Add a personal touch to your home with our diverse collection today.

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