Sensor Taps

Sensor Taps

Sensor Taps

Sophisticated Matt Black Modern Basin Taps in Shape of a Wall Spout with Boujee Sensor Technology which is Easy to Install, Water Pressure 0.5 bar, Height 50mm x Projection 197mmbasin mixer tap [WRAS Approved Product]
Save £40.00
Gold Deck Mounted Sensor Tap with Motion Sensor [230149BBR]Gold Deck Mounted Sensor Tap
Save £52.00
Gold Wall-Mounted Sensor Tap [230513BBR]WRAS Approved Product

Gold Wall-Mounted Sensor Tap [230513BBR]

Sale price£468.00 Regular price£520.00View Details
Save £58.00
Sensor Water Tap Deck Mounted Stainless Steel [IX0149]infrared basin tap
Save £52.00
Black Deck Mounted Sensor Tap [280149MB]Black Deck Mounted Sensor Tap [280149MB]

Black Deck Mounted Sensor Tap [280149MB]

Sale price£468.00 Regular price£520.00View Details
Save £58.00
automatic_tapsWRAS Approved Product
Save £43.50
React Sensor wall spout mains/battery operated, MP 0.5WRAS Approved Product
Save £36.00
React Sensor curved mono basin mixer mains/battery operated, MP 0.5Touchless Tap with Infrared Technology Hand Free Chrome [20135]
Save £43.50
React Sensor deck spout mains or battery operated, MP 0.5Sensor Bathroom Tap Deck Mounted Chrome [20149]

Sensor Bathroom Tap Deck Mounted Chrome [20149]

Sale price£391.50 Regular price£435.00View Details
Save £40.20
React Sensor mono basin mixer mains/battery operated, MP 0.5Battery Sensor Tap with Infrared Hands-Free Chrome, MP 0.5 [20115]

Sensor Taps

Our Sensor taps offer a significant advantage over manually controlled taps as they use less water and only work when the user's hands are on the sensor. They are a great investment and an attractive feature in any bathroom. They are a good investment and a nice feature for any washroom.

They are also known as infrared taps or automatic taps or touchless taps. These motion sensor taps provide the best washroom hygiene due to their non-touch operation. They also save water compared to lever and twist turn alternatives. They are timed to ensure that they only run for the set amount of time.

These automated taps can be supplied with either mains or battery power. With Tapron, you can choose from various finishes, including gold, black sensor taps, chrome, or brushed stainless steel.

Traditional bathroom and washroom faucets are operated by a lever or push-button mechanism. All require that the user make physical contact with the basin fitting to activate the water flow. An electric tap activates the water flow by users placing their hands within the 23-26 cm range.

A sensor tap emits an invisible infrared LED light. The valve will shut off automatically to conserve water if the hand is moved away.

Non-touch control bathroom taps are designed to use without touching the surface. This reduces the risk of accidental contact with bacteria, germs or infections. You can set the temperature either by the operator or by the user. This will ensure that the water is always warm and comfortable for handwashing.

Automatic sensor taps are available in both mains - or battery-powered versions. They can be used in almost any bathroom, making them an excellent choice for healthcare and leisure applications that require good hand hygiene to prevent and control infection.

The sensor tap activates water flow automatically when a user puts their hands under or in front of it. If movement is not detected, the signal is sent to stop the water flow. 

These electric taps are typically more efficient than standard ones, meaning that you will use less water. A touchless tap can't be left on accidentally since it is only turned on when they sense motion or infrared lights. Electronic taps can save between 20-40% on water consumption.

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