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Why are your sensor taps not working?

by E Cavendish 06 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Why are your sensor taps not working

In the ever-evolving world of modern washroom design, sensor taps have emerged as a shining example of convenience and hygiene.

However, like any technological advancement, they come with their fair share of challenges. For those seeking to elevate their Bathroom in the UK, ensuring the reliability of sensor taps is paramount.

As the allure of sensor taps continues to grow, architects and contractors have occasionally encountered issues that have raised concerns about their effectiveness.

When sensor taps malfunction, the convenience and hygiene benefits can quickly dissipate, leading to questions about the viability of touch-free technology in the washroom.

At Tapron UK, we understand the importance of delivering dependable and user-friendly washroom products.

Our goal is to provide you with insights into common sensor tap problems and effective strategies to ensure a seamless and trouble-free experience in your luxurious  Bathroom.

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Reasons for Sensor Tap Problems:

Let's delve into the common reasons behind sensor tap issues and explore practical solutions to keep your Bathroom in perfect harmony:

  1. Battery or Power Failure:

One of the most apparent causes of sensor taps not working is power failure. In battery-powered sensor taps, drained or faulty batteries can result in power loss. This issue can arise if batteries are not replaced regularly or if low-quality batteries are used.

On the other hand, transformer-powered sensor taps can face power interruptions due to electrical supply problems or issues with poorly manufactured circuit boards. Tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses, or faulty electrical systems can all lead to sudden power cuts.

How to avoid this:

For an uninterrupted and sustainable experience in your Bathroom, consider transformer-operated sensor taps. These taps are connected to reliable circuit boards that ensure consistent performance without the need for frequent battery replacements. Transformers offer a continuous power supply, enhancing performance and longevity.

  1. Poor Quality Sensor Taps:

The market is flooded with inexpensive sensor taps that often compromise on quality, leading to sensor malfunctions. During cost-cutting phases, some may be tempted to opt for budget-friendly taps.

However, this choice can prove detrimental, as these taps are often constructed with subpar materials and are prone to breakdowns within a year or two.

How to avoid this:

When aiming for excellence in your Bathroom, prioritize quality over cost during the selection process. Invest in high-quality sensor taps known for their durability. Choose reputable manufacturers or suppliers recognized for producing reliable sensor taps.

Thoroughly assess the materials, wiring, and overall construction to ensure longevity. The benefits of high-quality sensor taps extend to reduced maintenance and operational costs, benefiting you and your Gold Bathroom in the long run.

  1. Slow Delay in Activation:

Picture this: you step into your  Bathroom, eager to experience the touch-free convenience of a sensor tap. As you place your hands under the tap, nothing happens. This frustrating scenario can occur due to slow response times in some sensor taps. Whether it's the tap's settings or a low-quality sensor, delays in activation can test your patience.

How to avoid this:

Choose sensor taps specifically designed to activate quickly, pulsating approximately 3 to 4 times per second. With these taps, you'll never have to wait for more than half a second to enjoy a steady flow of water. A simple hand motion triggers the tap, providing immediate access to water in your Bathroom.

Matt Black Wall-Mounted Black Sensor Tap -Tapron
  1. Activated Security Timer:

Sometimes, sensor taps fail to work due to objects obstructing the sensor. Sensor taps often include built-in security timeout features to prevent excessive water usage. These features can activate if the sensor detects abnormal behavior, such as continuous activation leading to a constant water flow.

How to avoid this:

Opt for sensor taps equipped with integrated SMART washroom technology. These taps can send immediate notifications to the Building Management System (BMS) when irregularities occur.

Once notified, cleaning teams can promptly address any obstructions, ensuring uninterrupted tap operation. After removal of the obstructing object, a quick reset allows the tap to efficiently resume normal operation.

  1. Inadequate Cleaning:

Insufficient cleaning can result in sensor taps malfunctioning. In areas with hard water, limescale can accumulate over time on the tap's surface and sensor. Soap residue from regular handwashing can further exacerbate the issue.

How to avoid this:

Facilities teams play a vital role in maintaining the functionality and longevity of sensor taps. They should receive training on proper cleaning procedures and the use of suitable cleaning products. Regular inspections should be conducted to identify and address cleaning requirements promptly.

gold sensor basin mixer tap
  1. Sensor Visibility:

User confusion can arise when the sensor's location is not clearly visible on touch-free taps. This confusion may lead users to assume that the tap is malfunctioning.

How to avoid this:

Consider sensor taps with visible sensors on the tap body to enhance user interaction. In busy environments, hidden sensors can deter tampering and reduce the risk of germ transmission. While users in your Bathroom may quickly adapt to sensor tap operation, visible sensors can provide clarity and ease of use.

In conclusion, sensor taps have transformed the washroom experience, offering convenience and enhanced hygiene. By addressing potential issues and adopting the right strategies, you can ensure the reliable performance of sensor taps in your Tapron UK. Explore the touch-free future of washrooms and enjoy the luxury of a trouble-free Gold Bathroom experience.

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