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If you are looking for a way to give your bath space a susceptible and uncluttered look, we are here to unburden you and materialise your dream bathroom needs through our assorted collection of bath fillers that come in an array of designs and models. Tapron’s handpicked collection of bath...

If you are looking for a way to give your bath space a susceptible and uncluttered look, we are here to unburden you and materialise your dream bathroom needs through our assorted collection of bath fillers that come in an array of designs and models.

Tapron’s handpicked collection of bath filler taps come in both the deck mounted and wall mounted bath filler designs, embellished with rich brushed, matt, and polished finishes to give your bathroom a luxurious air.

With remarkable versatility, you can easily maintain the control of water flow and temperature without any hassle. Our products are designed to adapt to the needs of both traditional and modern bathroom designs, be it with a lever handle, crosshead design handle, or round handles that come with up to triple control functions.

We offer a cluster of bathroom ideas for showers with bath filler through our kaleidoscope of neat overflow bath filler, or waterfall bath filler, and even thermostatic bath shower mixer. You want it; we got it for you!

The best part about our collection is how the thermostatic shower with bath filler comes with an easy operation that will ensure you a cosy and warm bath any day, anytime. If you are more on the traditional side, we also offer a wide variety of manually operated bath filler taps marked with a manufacturer guarantee ensuring durability and practicality.

Be it a waterfall bath filler or freeflow bath filler, We have every sophisticated contemporary and conventional range available in the market. We help you visualise the big picture by acing up the game with a mixed bag of bath filler you can choose from today!

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Bath fillers are essential fixtures in any bathroom, designed to provide a convenient and efficient way to fill the bathtub with water for bathing. This range of tapware combines a spout for filling the bathtub with a mechanism for controlling water flow and temperature. Unlike traditional taps, which may require separate tap bodies with hot and cold handles, these fillers offer a streamlined and space-saving solution by combining these functions into a single unit.

Tapron’s assortment, including the wall mounted bath filler taps, is available in a wide range of styles, from sleek and minimalist to ornate and traditional. Whether you prefer a contemporary freestanding filler, a wall-mounted spout, or a classic deck-mounted tap, each fixture is made with solid brass construction and completed with high-quality finishes of matt, polished and brushed that promise longevity with excellent tolerance against rusting and corrosion. Advanced features like suitability to most standard plumbing, ceramic disc technology for leakproof performance, and more adorn these taps, making these must-have modern home solutions!

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Overflow Filler vs Bath Filler Tap

Bath Filler Tap: From twin to triple tap hole structures, these taps offer manual temperature controls with two handles that vary from intricate crossheads and levers in traditional designs to round and square knobs in modern styles. Some bath fillers come with a handheld shower attachment, allowing users to switch between filling the bathtub and rinsing off with the shower wand. This provides added versatility and convenience, especially for those who prefer the option of a shower.

Each deck and wall mounted bath filler feature advanced ceramic disc technology, meaning the taps are engineered to provide superior performance and longevity compared to their rubber counterparts. The frictionless movement of ceramic discs when the tap handles are turned on ensures smooth and effortless operation, allowing for precise control over water flow and temperature, while granting leakproof utility.

Overflow Filler: The overflow bath filler with deck side valves offers smooth functionality with excellent space-saving properties. Installing the round/square overflow filler within the bathtub, rather than installing it directly on the deck, enables users to save valuable surface area. These fillers represent a smart and stylish solution for filling your bathtub with water while also preventing flooding or spills. It serves a dual purpose by acting as both an overflow outlet and a water filler.


Understanding The Types Of Bath Fillers

Deck-Mounted Fillers: A deck mounted bath filler is installed directly onto the deck or rim of the bathtub, offering a versatile and space-saving solution for filling the tub. These fillers provide easy access to water control, as the handles are typically located directly on the deck of the bathtub. This makes it convenient for users to adjust water temperature and flow without having to reach awkwardly or strain to operate the filler.

Wall-Mounted Fillers: Wall mounted bath fillers are ideal for modern bathrooms with a focus on clean lines and open spaces, and they can be installed at any height, above/near the bathtub to suit individual preferences. Without protruding fixtures on the tub deck, the visual lines remain clean and uninterrupted, creating a modern and streamlined look.

Freestanding Fillers: The freestanding bath filler stands out with the tall height and can be mounted independently on the floor next to the bathtub. It has two stands that stabilise the whole tap body and provide a base that houses the whole structure and is defined by round or square silhouettes.

Drainage Solutions

Allow effortless draining by pairing the wall and deck bath filler selection with bath wastes. The easy draining functionality eliminates this hassle by providing efficient water drainage systems that effortlessly remove water from your bathtub or shower enclosure. It prevents the problems of standing water in your bathtubs or shower areas after a rejuvenating routine while also blocking debris including hair and debris, eliminating the risks of clogs and blocks. Another advantage is how easy draining functionality minimises the risk of water seeping into walls, floors, and fixtures, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs and mould growth.

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