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Everyone likes a warm and steamy bath in the chilly weather and a cool shower in the humid summers. What’s best is how much a stylish and luxurious bathroom look can make that experience twice as good, and for this, we offer our diverse collection of bath mixer taps where...

Everyone likes a warm and steamy bath in the chilly weather and a cool shower in the humid summers. What’s best is how much a stylish and luxurious bathroom look can make that experience twice as good, and for this, we offer our diverse collection of bath mixer taps where luxury meets comfort!

Our designs serve the functionality of both traditional and modern interiors and are offered in various ranges like gold bathroom taps, bidet taps and black bath taps. We aim to harmonies and coordinate your bathroom prerequisites while ensuring that our products deliver maximum practicality and functionality.

From monobloc to thermostatic bath mixer taps and bath shower mixer taps, we have them carefully curated for you! We seek to explore the needs of our customers in finding their basic bathroom requirements and combining them with products that mark our identity with the promise of assured quality.

Browse through our collection of bath taps , including our stunning assortment of black and gold bath taps, to give your bathroom a touch of grandeur and pushiness and see your dream bathroom materialize with us today!

Modern Bath Taps

Modern bath mixer taps are ideal if you want neat and compact interiors with a detail that does not stand out too much but serves just the right amount of appeal. These products feature monobloc structures with futuristic detail and are blended with equally high-quality features.

We offer our contemporary bath taps in all mounting types and a diverse range of finishes and shades, ensuring you make no negotiations with what you are looking for. Advanced features include a thermostatic temperature control that allows for the smooth flow of water and temperature and is complemented by ceramic disc technology for minimizing and eliminating leaks and drips.

The designer taps stand out with products ranging from the mounting type, the number of outlets, tap holes, and spout design, giving each adornment its unique persona.

Traditional Bath Taps

Victorian style bath taps are a favourable choice if you want to blend a modish tap into a conventional interior. These traditional bath mixer taps are intricately crafted with a close eye on details and feature all qualities like that of a modern fitting.

Like the current range, the Victorian style tap features a solidly built brass structure which gives them the endurance to rust and corrosion even with vigorous usage in the bath space. Suited best for use in spaces with constant moisture and vapour exposure, these details should not be missed if you want a long-lasting solution for your home.

The range of traditional bath taps stands out as each of these details blends two shades to give a design bound to serve as a centerpiece in any space it is installed in. Look through our array of designs and get the best one at equally amazing discounts and prices today!

Bath Fillers

We also bring you a colourful selection of bath filler taps to give your home an air of professionalism at cost-effective prices. If you are looking for a way to heighten the interior with a design that stands out perfectly to catch the eye of anyone who visits your home, a chrome bath filler adorning crosshead, lever or unique round handles go a long way.

These bathroom fillers range greatly from low-pressure adornments to higher-pressure products, giving you enough choices to pick from without running out of options. You can also select from deck mounted, or wall mounted bath fillers with the desired number of tap holes per your space demands.

Bath Shower Mixer

Bringing together all the pieces for a complete experience can often be a hefty task; this is why we bring you our range of bath shower mixer sets. Available in various shades and finishes, these kits are paired with handsets and hoses, while a selection also features exquisite cradle holders. In every way possible, the bath mixer taps with shower have been designed to take as minimal space as possible and serve as multifunctional items.

These mixer bath taps with shower provide maximum accessibility for all your amenities and complete your daily routine in a jiff! To serve as an ideal combination, pairing a black thermostatic bath shower mixer tap with our range of equally stunning Trending Black Accessories creates a uniform look marked with sophistication. The gold bath and shower mixer tap is also a popular pick owing to its ability to balance vintage elements with a modern feel.

Freestanding Bath Taps

Running low on space is never a problem when you shop with us. The freestanding bath taps are fashioned to save as much space as possible and leave enough room for your other fittings and accessories.

The floor mounted bath taps are preferable because they can be moved and stored away when not in use. It fulfils all features of any other shower mixer tap and gives you the most of the entire venture effortlessly.

If you want a way to create an achromatic look, a black freestanding bath tap is perfect for adding an aura of formality and elegance. The gold freestanding bath tap serves effortlessly if you desire a more extravagant and royal shade. Be it a brushed, matt or polished finish; we have just the right products in store for you!

Deck Mounted Bath Taps

A deck mounted bath mixer tap can be fitted directly to your basin or bathtub, providing comfortable usability. With this addition, you do not have to worry about spillage and splashes from ruining the wall surface in and around, and it comes with minimal fittings required.

The quick fixation and easy installation are some of the perks you get with the surface mounted taps. However, before getting yourself a splendidly crafted deck mounted bath shower mixer, you must consider the number of tap holes required by your area. The correct configuration can drastically help you eliminate unwanted hassle and problems of fitting with additional plumbing.

Wall Mounted Bath Taps

Designed to save space and minimize cluttering, the wall mounted bath taps with shower are ideal. These designs are concealed, meaning that they can efficiently hide the pipeworts behind the walls and leave no fittings or pipes exposed.

The wall mounted bath shower mixers are defined by base plates that mount them neatly on the walls, ranging from circular, rectangular and square backplates. These add to the overall appeal and aid in making its fixation more convenient and save you much hassle.

A black wall mounted tap remains a timeless classic and a popular choice owing to the amount of class and grace it attributes to the overall colour scheme.

Bath Spouts

Bath filler spouts are simpler in design than the mixer taps and are both available in deck and wall mounting. The wall mounted bath spout fits nicely on any surface with the mounting plates and is refined with clean-cut lines that are minimal yet looks trendy in any space.

These bathtub spouts can be paired with shower valves for maximum usability and ensure water is regulated smoothly through the outlet. A deck mounted bath spout is also a fantastic pick if you want to minimize pipeworts.

Overflow Bath Filler

By pairing your overflow bath filler with a waste, you breeze comfort to a heightened degree as it allows for quick draining and makes your home much more hygienic. Getting a bath filler waste and overflow makes your home friendlier as it eliminates the risk of drainage odour and gases ruining the overall feel.

If you want a detail that does not stand out like a bath mixer tap but still wants the same features it offers, a bath overflow filler serves the purpose flawlessly. Though the appearance and design might make it minimal, it is crafted to serve the maximum of what your space can offer.

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Tapron’s designer bath taps are designed to control the flow and temperature of water into a bathtub, allowing users for a blissful bathing or showering venture. From timeless black, stunning chrome, and radiant gold to rustic nickel, we bring your durable fittings that are tested to withstand heavy traffic environments like your bathrooms. Known for its extensive tolerance to rusting and corrosion, each tapware has a solid brass construction that is adorned with brushed, polished and matt finishes to enable every homeowner to create their dream space!

Types of Bath Taps

Monobloc Bath Taps: Monobloc taps represent a modern and streamlined approach and are also known as single-lever or single-hole bath taps. Featuring a single handle for controlling both the flow and temperature of water, these are convenient and intuitive to use. It has a mono structure and requires only a single hole on the deck surface for installation. Unlike traditional bath taps with separate hot and cold handles, monobloc taps combine these functions into a single unit, offering a more streamlined and minimalist appearance.

Bath Fillers: Bath fillers combine both the tap and spout into a single unit, allowing users to control the flow and temperature of water with a single or dual controls. It offers a complete set with the handset, hose, tap and holder to ensure a complete bath combination for a luxurious routine. The bath mixer taps with pull out shower offer alternate ways for use with the two outlet design, providing water flow via the spout and the additional fixture, i.e., the hand shower.

Bath Spouts: Spouts are standalone fixtures that deliver water into the bathtub from a fixed location, typically mounted on the wall or deck. With a streamlined structure, it protrudes from the installed surface and has no handles but rather a sleek, cylindrical spout that can be paired with concealed or panel valves. See more with our guide: THE BENEFITS OF BATH SPOUTS FOR YOUR BATHROOM 

Thermostatic Bath Shower: Mixer taps, including the modern bath shower mixer taps with cradle,  combine hot and cold water to achieve the desired temperature through a single spout, offering convenience and efficiency. Drifting away from manual designs, these are devised to regulate flow and temperature with safety precautions that automatically shut down the supply in cases of system malfunctions. These valves are equipped with temperature sensors and internal mechanisms that automatically adjust the water flow to maintain a constant temperature

Overflow Bath Fillers: Offered in square and round structures and often paired with bath wastes and overflow pipes, this unique designer tap is an excellent space-saving fitting that combines the functionality of a filler with the overflow mechanism of the bathtub. Unlike traditional bath taps, overflow fillers are integrated into the overflow opening of the tub which allows water to flow directly into the bathtub through the overflow channel, eliminating the need for a separate handle or spout.

Exploring Modern vs. Traditional Bath Taps

The designer bathroom taps are offered in both traditional and modern structures. Modern designs typically feature sleek, minimalist designs with round, straight levers and square handles. Spouts vary from straight, L-shape and waterfall designs, offering the perfect cascade of water in any space without unwanted fluctuations. Ultimately, the choice between modern and traditional bath taps depends on your personal style preferences, as well as the overall design concept of your bathroom.

A traditional bath mixer tap is defined by classic, ornate designs inspired by historical periods like the Victorian or Edwardian eras. Crossheads, levers with white or black accents and pinch handles are popular vintage elements that adorn this range. A swan neck or gooseneck spout with a high arch and graceful curve is another characteristic feature of this range.

Learn more about bath mixer taps with our blog: COMMON BATH TAP STYLES AND THEIR BENEFITS

Features Of Tapron’s Designer Bathroom Taps

Advanced features that make the luxury bath taps distinct including factors like the ceramic disc technology, extensive range of water pressure requirements, aerators, easy installation and more!

Ceramic Disc Technology: This feature is known for its durability with high resistance to corrosion and tarnish and stands against the limitations of traditional rubber washers. They provide smooth and precise control over water flow and temperature, ensuring effortless operation and minimal maintenance. Setting the standard for all tapware, this feature prevents unwanted leaks while maintaining the desired balance without posing unwanted glitches and fluctuations.

Range of Water Pressure Requirements: Offering the bath mixers for sale, these taps are engineered to accommodate a wide range of water pressure requirements, from low to high. Advanced internal mechanisms, such as pressure-balancing valves and adjustable cartridges, ensure optimal performance across varying water pressure conditions, delivering a consistent and satisfying flow of water.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: The bath mixers are designed with convenience in mind, offering easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements. Many taps come with pre-assembled components and detailed instructions, making installation a straightforward process for DIY enthusiasts and professional plumbers alike.

Mounting Styles

Tapron’s selection of taps offers a variety of types and styles, each offering made with a solid brass structure and designed to serve with various mounting types, keeping in mind the preferences and requirements of all homeowners and their spaces.

Deck-Mounted Taps: These designer taps are installed directly onto the deck or rim of the bathtub, offering a classic and versatile option for filling the tub. The number of tap holes varies from design to design.

Wall-Mounted Taps: Wall-mounted designs are affixed to the wall above the bathtub, providing a customisable option to mount it at a preferred height as per the requirements and demands of your space.

Freestanding Taps: Freestanding taps stand independently on the floor next to the bathtub. The range has circular base plates that evenly distribute the weight of the tap, allowing stable support.

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