Monobloc Bath Taps

Elevate your bathroom with Tapron's luxurious collection of monobloc bath taps, designed to merge sophistication with practical functionality. Our UK selection showcases an array of finishes including classic brass, sleek stainless steel, opulent brushed brass, elegant matte black, timeless bronze, lavish gold, regal antique gold, sophisticated nickel, and rose gold,...

Elevate your bathroom with Tapron's luxurious collection of monobloc bath taps, designed to merge sophistication with practical functionality. Our UK selection showcases an array of finishes including classic brass, sleek stainless steel, opulent brushed brass, elegant matte black, timeless bronze, lavish gold, regal antique gold, sophisticated nickel, and rose gold, ensuring a perfect match for both contemporary and traditional decors.

Our monobloc taps feature innovative thermostatic technology for precise temperature control, enhancing safety with anti-scald functionality. The versatile designs come equipped with practical shower attachments, making them ideal for both stand-alone and over-bath configurations. Whether you opt for a deck-mounted or a floor-standing model, these taps integrate seamlessly into any bathroom setup.

The elegance of our monobloc mixers is matched by their functionality, offering easy installation and user-friendly operation. Available in both single and dual-lever formats, these taps allow for effortless control over water flow and temperature. The range includes options with stylish waterfall effects, providing a sensory bathing experience.

From the bold, modern look of our black and gunmetal mixers to the vintage charm of Victorian-style taps, every piece in our collection is engineered for durability and style. The Tapron line includes filler and shower mixer sets, designed to meet diverse bathroom needs and preferences.

Discover exceptional quality and craftsmanship in our collection, where luxury meets reliability. Shop now and transform your bathroom with Tapron’s elegant and high-end monobloc bath taps, available at competitive prices for the discerning homeowner.

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Monobloc bath taps, also known as single-hole bath taps, are popular fixtures in modern bathrooms with their sleek design, ease of use, and space-saving features. Tapron is home to a diverse assortment of bathroom and kitchen tapware, each embellished with durability and excellent aesthetics. Each buy is associated with a trusted manufacturer’s guarantee that grants every buyer the assures of a quality product worth investing in.

A mono bath mixer tap is a fixture that combines both the hot and cold water controls into a single unit and strays away from traditional two-handle taps, which require separate holes for hot and cold water. Requiring only a single hole for mounting the entire tap structure, this range is ideal in modern bathrooms as it saves space excellently with the deck, wall and freestanding configurations. Each fixture boasts a brass manufacturing that grants it a solid, sturdy structure and makes the product long-lasting by making it less prone to corrosion, oxidation and damage from extensive use in the bathroom environment.

Installation and Configuration of a Monobloc Bath Tap

With suitability for all standard plumbing systems, this selection also offers options for systems ranging from high to low-pressure systems. Durable ceramic discs that power the taps enable smooth functioning with leakproof usability while prolonging the span of the taps. Our selection of a bath mono mixer tap offers a versatile fixture that saves space with its mono tap structure, creating a cleaner and more streamlined look. 

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Monobloc Bath Tap With Shower Attachment

A mono bath tap with shower attachment offers versatility and functionality in one sleek fixture where this tap combines the convenience of a bath filler with the flexibility of a handheld showerhead, allowing users to easily switch between filling the bath and rinsing off. The integrated shower attachment typically features a handheld showerhead with a flexible hose, providing ease of use and precise control over water direction and flow.

Installation of a mono bath shower mixer with a shower attachment is straightforward,with its modern design, space-saving features, and versatile functionality, a monobloc bath tap with a shower attachment is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to enhance their bathroom space with style and convenience.

Design Options in Monobloc Bath Mixer Taps

Tapron’s bath monobloc tap curation comes in a variety of designs, materials, and finishes to suit different bathroom styles and preferences. These are broadly diversified into the following:

Contemporary: The modern bath monobloc tap has a round handle with straight or slightly curved spouts. The structure is either cylindrical or square which adds to the overall charm and aura of the piece. The selection also caters to complete combination kits that offer up to two outlets for a relaxing daily routine.

Classic: A traditional mono bath filler features more ornate details, such as cross handles or lever handles, to evoke a sense of classic elegance. Swan neck and arched, curved profiles are characteristic of this range.

Colours: Gold mono bath taps add a touch of luxury with a warm and lustrous finish while chrome is popular for being classic, versatile, and timeless. Black taps make a bold and dramatic statement in the bathroom and create a striking contrast against light-coloured tiles or countertops, making them a focal point in the bathroom space. With its durability and versatility, these taps remain a popular choice for homeowners looking to add style and functionality to their bathrooms. The extensive range also extends to options of nickel, rose gold, stainless steel and more!

Finishes: The mono bath filler mixer tap is available in three finishes- brushed, polished and matt. Brushed finishes provide a subtle touch and have a soft, matte appearance with fine lines or grooves running in one direction. A polished finish gives a glossy surface, creating a bright and luminous effect in the bathroom space while matt finishes offer a modern and understated alternative to traditional glossy finishes with a more subdued and relaxed look.

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