Deck Mounted Bath Taps

Elevate your bathroom’s design and functionality with Tapron’s exquisite collection of deck-mounted bath taps. Whether you're seeking the classic charm of Victorian styles or the sleek appeal of modern design, our range offers the perfect solution for every aesthetic and need. Our deck-mounted bath taps come in a vast array...

Elevate your bathroom’s design and functionality with Tapron’s exquisite collection of deck-mounted bath taps. Whether you're seeking the classic charm of Victorian styles or the sleek appeal of modern design, our range offers the perfect solution for every aesthetic and need.

Our deck-mounted bath taps come in a vast array of finishes, including traditional brass, luxurious gold, contemporary matte black, antique bronze, and sleek chrome. Each finish is carefully chosen to enhance the style and durability of the fixtures. For a more modern look, consider our nickel, rose gold, or brushed brass options which are perfect for adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any bathroom.

These taps are not just about beauty; they are built with functionality at their core. Choose from single-handle mixers for ease of use or go for our thermostatic mixers which ensure water is at a safe and consistent temperature, preventing any risk of scalding. Our range includes both high and low-pressure taps, ensuring a perfect fit for any plumbing system, and the taps are available as filler taps or with integrated shower attachments, making them versatile for all your bathing needs.

For those who prefer a more dramatic look, we offer taps with waterfall effects, providing a serene flow that transforms your bath into a spa-like retreat. Additionally, our taps come in various configurations including 3-hole and 4-hole setups, catering to a diverse range of bathroom layouts and styles.

Each tap is designed for easy installation, whether you choose a wall-mounted or a deck-mounted model. The floor standing variants offer a grand statement piece for larger bathrooms, standing alone as both functional and decorative elements.

At Tapron, we understand that every detail in your bathroom counts, which is why our taps are crafted to the highest standards, ensuring they not only look great but also offer exceptional performance and durability. Whether it's the smooth operation of the lever handles or the efficient water flow of the mixers, our taps are designed to enhance your daily routine and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Browse our collection today to find the perfect deck-mounted bath tap that combines the practicality of modern engineering with the timeless beauty of traditional design, all available at competitive prices to offer you the best of luxury and value.

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Explore elegance with Tapron’s bathroom tapware curation where luxury meets comfort. A timeless classic in the world of bathroom renovations and ideas, deck mounted fixtures are functional pieces that balance aesthetics with practicality. Structured to be mounted onto the rim or deck of a bath, this selection offers versatility in design with the modern and traditional range with options diversified with the extensive range of colours in black, chrome, gold, nickel, rose gold, stainless steel and more! Durability is promised with the high-quality brass construction that is tested to withstand the rigours of everyday use in the bathroom.

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Understanding Deck Mounted Bath Taps

Traditional Range: Traditional deck mounted taps feature classic two-tone lever handles, cross handles, or knob handles with intricate detailing on the tap head that generally indicates hot and cold water flow. Kits offer a lever diverter to control water flow from the desired outlet and offer intricate handset designs like telephone hand showers and cradle holders.

Modern Range: Contemporary deck mounted bath taps with shower attachments embrace minimalist design principles, featuring sleek and streamlined profiles with clean lines and round handles. These structures with separate base plates allowing the spout, handles and handset to be mounted horizontally. Handles are generally two-function, offering independent water controls that are housed within the same structure as the spout.

Factors to Consider

Tap Hole Configuration: Dual hole configuration allows for separate hot and cold taps, each with its dedicated spout and handle. Users can adjust the temperature by operating both taps simultaneously. In triple-hole structures, there are independent handles for adjusting temperature and flow rate, along with a separately installed spout for directing water into the bath.

A four-hole and five-hole deck mounted bath mixer has two handles (a diverter in cases of five-hole designs), a central spout and a separate tap hole that houses the shower handle. The base plates that mount the structures invite stability while concealing gaps on the installed surface that can lead to malfunctions including leaks.

Installation and Structure: Proper spacing of the deck mounted bath tap, particularly for the range that is designed with separate base plates, is essential as a non-conformity to the instructional manual can lead to hindered flow and fluctuations in daily use.  Installing deck-mounted fixtures is also more convenient than wall-mounted or freestanding options, as they are easily accessible from within the bath. This accessibility makes it easier to control water flow and temperature during use.

Curated Deck Mounted Mixer Tap Selection 

The handpicked curation of the best-selling deck mounted mixer taps from the diverse assortment of modern and traditional fittings at Tapron are popular for the many benefits they offer. Our exquisite picks include:

1.  Deck Mounted Bath Filler Tap - Matt Black Finish: This tap adorns a sleek matt black finish and stands out with the two-tap hole structure. With a single water outlet, via the elegant curved spout, the structure boasts two round handles for water flow and regulation. An advanced ceramic disc cartridge prevents leaks and allows a smooth cascade. With manual controls, this piece stands out with the muted sheen of a black radiance and its suitability to most standard plumbing systems!

2.  Deck-Mounted Bath Filler Tap-Brushed Brass: Embracing a velvety appearance with the bold brushed gold finish, this traditional deck-mounted bath and shower mixer tap has embellished lettering on the tap’s cross handles that indicates hot and cold water flow controls. The wide spout stands out in any bathroom décor with its distinct profile which also makes everyday usability convenient by dispersing a pleasant flow when the handles are activated. It is ideal for any Victorian-design bathrooms or spaces looking for vintage elements without adhering to an obvious palette.

3.  Deck Mounted Bath Mixer Tap With Shower Kit - Brushed Brass: The luxurious brushed brass deck mounted bath set tap offers stunning cross handles and a curved spout with two tap-holes. It has another outlet to disperse water via the pencil-design handset. Coupled with the lightweight hose that increases mobility, the wall mounted bracket saves space while providing a comfortable spot to house the handset when idle. The luxurious gold stands out with a charm and opulence, creating a statement.

We Also Offer

Freestanding Bath Taps: Freestanding taps typically feature a tall spout and lever handles, creating a striking visual statement in the bathroom. These taps can be positioned anywhere near the bath, providing flexibility in placement and allowing homeowners to customise their bath layouts according to their preferences. They are particularly well-suited for freestanding baths with installation made relatively straightforward as they require minimal plumbing work and can be easily retrofitted into existing bath setups, reducing installation time and cost.

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Wall Mounted Bath Taps: With no taps mounted on the bath rim, cleaning around wall-mounted taps is more straightforward as there are no obstructions or tight spaces to navigate, allowing for easy maintenance and upkeep. These taps conserve space on the bath rim, creating a clean and streamlined look. Flexibility in design and placement allows homeowners to create customised bath setups tailored to suit various preferences.

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