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Enhance your bathroom with a premium exposed shower mixer where traditional elegance meets modern luxury. Our range features everything from classic Victorian styles to sleek, contemporary designs, ensuring a perfect match for any bathroom decor. Choose from a variety of materials including durable brass and sturdy stainless steel, our exposed...

Enhance your bathroom with a premium exposed shower mixer where traditional elegance meets modern luxury. Our range features everything from classic Victorian styles to sleek, contemporary designs, ensuring a perfect match for any bathroom decor.

Choose from a variety of materials including durable brass and sturdy stainless steel, our exposed valves are available in designs that feature single, double, and triple outlet options, accommodating any setup from a simple shower to a full multi-function system with a bar mixer for added control and convenience.

Our exposed thermostatic shower valves offer precise temperature control, enhancing safety by preventing scalding, making them ideal for families with young children or elderly members. These valves maintain consistent water temperature even when water pressure fluctuates, ensuring a comfortable and safe shower experience every time.

For those who appreciate intricate detailing, our valves come in options with dual controls, featuring both lever and twin lever mechanisms, allowing for easy adjustment of water flow and temperature. The traditional and old-fashioned designs bring a touch of classic charm, while the modern valves reflect sleek, minimalist aesthetics.

Our designer range of exposed shower mixer valves is not only about visual appeal but also about high functionality. They are available in both manual and thermostatic types, with options for a vertical or horizontal orientation to suit any space and a variety of finishes from brushed brass, gold, antique brass, black, nickel and stainless steel. Whether you're looking for a simple exposed valve or a more elaborate setup with a diverter, our collection has you covered.

Installation is straightforward, with options for both wall-mounted and bar-mounted systems, providing flexibility in design and placement. Each valve is crafted for superior performance and durability, featuring robust construction and a finish that resists wear and tarnishing. Explore our luxurious collection of exposed shower mixer valves today and find the perfect blend of style, functionality, and luxury for your bathroom.

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In the realm of bathroom fittings and fixtures, shower valves play a pivotal role in controlling water flow, temperature, and pressure. Among the various types available, modern exposed shower valves and concealed designs are popular choices, each with its own set of features and advantages. Each fixture has durability promised by the sturdy brass manufacturing with brushed, polished and matt finishes. Tested for extensive use in bathroom environments, these fittings are permanent home solutions, offered in diverse colour options to give every homeowner the luxury of quality fittings.

The exposed shower mixer is installed visibly on the surface of the shower wall and comprises a control lever or knob for regulating water flow and temperature. A selection also includes the diverter if the setup includes multiple outlets such as a handheld showerhead and an overhead shower. The primary characteristic of this range is their visibility. Installed on the surface, they offer easy access for operation and maintenance. Installation is easy as these designs do not require embedding within the wall like concealed structures.

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Exposed Shower Valve With Kit

With all components of the exposed thermostatic shower valve visible on the wall, these sets are more convenient for troubleshooting and require fewer plumbing modifications. Ranging from high-pressure to low-pressure fittings, these sets are compatible with a wide range of shower systems, including traditional setups with separate hot and cold water supplies, as well as thermostatic systems that ensure constant water temperature. The various components to regulate water flow, temperature, and direction include:

Bar Valve:  The central component of the set is the exposed shower valve that houses the mechanisms responsible for controlling water flow and temperature. It features separate handles or levers for hot and cold water, as well as a diverter if the shower system includes multiple outlets. The handles are mounted on either end of the valve in a horizontal orientation and are offered in round or square knobs that allow quick access and comfortable use. It is adorned with advanced ceramic disc cartridges that prevent leaks and regulate glitch-free flow.

Diverter: In setups with multiple shower outlets like the triple exposed thermostatic shower valve which offers multiple ways for use, such as a handheld showerhead and an overhead shower, a diverter is included to direct the water flow between these outlets. It can be operated independently or integrated into one of the control handles.

Shower Head: The shower head is the component that disperses water for bathing and is controlled by the buttons on the exposed shower valves. Depending on the design preference and configuration of the shower system, these overhead showers are either ceiling or wall mounted and designed in sleek square or round silhouettes, delivering a seamless rainfall experience with every use.

Handheld Shower: Complementing the usability of the exposed shower mixer valve, the handset brings added convenience by connecting to the diverter and is paired with a lightweight hose and a wall bracket. It can be removed from its holder for targeted rinsing or cleaning and invites added convenience. The wall outlet elbow connects the shower hose to the water supply coming from the wall and features a threaded connection for attaching the hose securely.

Riser Rail: A riser rail of the external shower mixer is a vertical bar attached to the wall, supporting the handheld shower and showerhead, providing adjustable height positioning. It allows users to customise the height of the fitting and has an angular structure that bends at a 90-degree angle to house the shower head for a pleasing daily routine.

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Tapron brings a diverse assortment of concealed and exposed shower mixers, each structured with suitability to most plumbing systems and balanced with an equal level of comfort that meets luxury. While both options have their advantages, catering to different preferences in style and functionality, the key difference in the two ranges can be understood simply as:

Concealed shower valves are installed within the wall cavity, hiding all plumbing connections for a minimalist aesthetic. They offer sleekness and design integration but may require professional installation and potential access issues for maintenance. Exposed designs, on the other hand, are mounted visibly on the surface of the wall, providing easy access for operation and maintenance. They offer flexibility in design and are generally more budget-friendly, making them a popular choice for many bathrooms.

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