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Elevate your bathroom with our collection of shower valves, meticulously engineered to blend cutting-edge functionality with aesthetic elegance. Our extensive selection caters to every style preference, from the understated sophistication of modern bathrooms to the ornate detailing of traditional spaces. Discover the perfect blend of luxury, performance, and style with...

Elevate your bathroom with our collection of shower valves, meticulously engineered to blend cutting-edge functionality with aesthetic elegance. Our extensive selection caters to every style preference, from the understated sophistication of modern bathrooms to the ornate detailing of traditional spaces. Discover the perfect blend of luxury, performance, and style with our diverse range of shower valves.

Exquisite Range of Shower Valves:
Our collection features an extensive variety of shower valves, including thermostatic mixers, manual mixers, bar mixers, and diverter valves. Each type is designed to offer precise control, ensuring a safe and comfortable showering experience. From sleek single-lever designs to luxurious triple control options, Tapron provides solutions that meet both the functional and stylistic needs of your bathroom.

Thermostatic Shower Valves:
For those who prioritise safety and convenience, our thermostatic shower valves are a must-have. These valves maintain your desired water temperature precisely, regardless of fluctuations in water flow or pressure, preventing scalding and ensuring a consistently enjoyable experience. Available in exposed and concealed configurations, and options like 1 outlet, 2 outlets and 3 outlets, they integrate seamlessly into any bathroom design, offering both surface and recessed installation options.

Manual and Mixer Shower Valves:
Our manual shower valves offer simplicity and reliability, with options ranging from modern minimalist to old-fashioned Victorian styles. The mixer valves, available in twin and triple configurations, allow for easy adjustment of water flow and temperature, combining hot and cold water supplies for a perfect shower every time.

Design and Material Excellence:
Crafted from the highest quality materials such as solid brass, stainless steel, and robust bronze, our shower valves are built to last. Finish options include polished chrome, brushed brass, antique gold, matte black, and rose gold, providing a wealth of choices to complement any bathroom décor.

Luxury Shower Valves:
For those seeking a touch of luxury, the designer shower valves feature intricate details and advanced features. From round to square designs, each valve is a statement piece that enhances the visual appeal of your bathroom. The luxury valves not only look impressive but also offer multi-functionality with dual and triple outlet options.

Bar and Diverter Shower Valves:
Bar shower valves are perfect for modern bathrooms, offering a stylish yet functional solution with easy-to-use controls. Diverter valves allow you to switch between different shower functions, such as a fixed showerhead and a hand-held sprayer, making them ideal for bathrooms with multiple showering options.

High and Low Pressure Systems:
All our shower valves are suitable for both high and low-pressure systems, ensuring optimal performance in any home. Whether you need a 2 bar or 3 bar system, our valves are designed to deliver exceptional functionality without sacrificing water efficiency.

Eco-Friendly and Water-Saving Features:
Many of our shower valves come with built-in water-saving features, helping to reduce your environmental impact while lowering your utility bills. These eco-friendly options do not compromise on performance, ensuring you can enjoy a luxurious shower experience while being mindful of water usage.

Ease of Installation and Compatibility:
Designed with the installer in mind, our shower valves are easy to fit with standard UK plumbing systems. Whether you're upgrading an existing setup or undertaking a new installation, our products come with all necessary fittings and clear instructions to ensure a smooth setup.

Explore Tapron's exquisite range of shower valves today and transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort and style. Whether you are looking for a minimalist modern design or a detailed traditional setup, our collection promises the best in both functionality and elegance. Choose Tapron for a timeless bathroom upgrade that reflects your personal style and meets all your showering needs. 

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Tapron offers a comprehensive arrangement of designer shower valves in diverse configurations, styles, colours and suitability. These universal pieces are functional pieces for the modern bathroom and increase practicality by controlling the flow and temperature of water to enhance your showering experience. These valves can be paired with a diverse array of shower fittings including shower arms, heads, risers, bath spouts and more, for a combination kit that offers a venture that falls nothing short of that of a spa or resort.

Shower mixing valves are essential components of any bathroom, serving two primary functions: controlling the flow of water and regulating its temperature.

Flow Control: The addition of a shower valve allows users to adjust the rate at which water flows from the outlet. This feature enables users to customise the shower experience according to their preferences with spray patterns ranging from a gentle trickle to a powerful stream of water.

Temperature Regulation: Regulating water flow and temperature at a precise balance is a crucial function of these valves. By blending hot and cold water in precise proportions, the fixtures ensure that users can enjoy showers at their desired temperature without the risk of scalding or discomfort.

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Concealed and Exposed Shower Mixer Valves

At Tapron, the collection is narrowed down to two categories to enable homeowners to choose the basics while shopping for the perfect pieces. This includes whether you need a concealed or exposed fixture depending on space limitations, aesthetic value and other such considerations.

Concealed Valves: A concealed shower mixer valve is designed to be installed within the wall, with only the control knobs or handles visible on the surface. The handles range from crossheads, levers, round to square buttons depending on whether you want a minimal look or a vintage element. These handles are housed within a base plate that is to be mounted horizontally or vertically, depending on the design structure and configurations.

The recessed shower mixer valve helps save space in the shower area since the majority of the valve mechanism is hidden behind the wall. Offering flexibility in terms of design and customisation, it can be paired with various styles of fixed showerheads, hand showers, and other accessories to create a personalised showering experience. These valves are also less susceptible to accidental damage or knocks compared to exposed valves with their recessed design which prolongs the span of the product.

Exposed Valves: The exposed shower mixer valve category features a visible valve body that is mounted onto the surface of the wall with the entire valve mechanism, including the control handles and connections exposed from the mounted surface. This selection is relatively easy to install since they do not require any recessing into the wall, eliminating the need for complicated plumbing modifications.

The bar shower valve provides accessible controls with the handles, typically mounted on either side of the valve horizontally or vertically. They can also be easily replaced or upgraded without the need for extensive wall modifications which adds to the many boons of this buy!

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Understanding The Number Of Outlets

1 Outlet Shower Valves: A single outlet concealed shower valve is designed to control the flow and temperature of water for a single shower fixture, such as a showerhead or a hand shower. Users can adjust the handles to achieve the desired water temperature and flow intensity. With only one outlet, these valves offer a simple showering experience and are easy to operate, making them suitable for residential and commercial settings.

2 Outlet Shower Valves: The 2 outlet shower valve is designed to control the flow and temperature of water for two separate shower fixtures. This allows users to have multiple showering options, typically via a fixed overhead showerhead and a handheld showerhead. Choosing the water outlet is enabled by a diverter that is usually mounted in the middle with the flow controls on either side.

3 Outlet Shower Valves: Designed to control the flow and temperature of water for three separate shower fixtures, a 3 outlet shower valve can be paired with multiple showerheads, hand showers, body jets, or even bathtub fillers and spouts. Like 2 outlet valves, this selection feature separate handles or knobs for each outlet, allowing users to adjust the water flow rate and temperature independently for each fixture.

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Thermostatic Showers

Offered in both concealed and exposed thermostatic shower valve designs, the selection is devised to maintain a constant water temperature, regardless of fluctuations in flow and regulation. It promotes safety in the bath space, allowing a consistent and safe showering experience, making these family-friendly adornments. One of the primary functions of thermostatic valves is to prevent scalding accidents by regulating the water temperature where in cases of a sudden loss of cold water supply or a surge in hot water temperature, the valve reacts quickly to shut off the flow to prevent the user from being exposed to dangerously hot water.

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Concealed Shower Sets

Concealed showers offer a sleek and minimalist solution for modern bathrooms, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its components include the shower valve, shower head, body jets, handset and shower wastes, and vary from set to set. By concealing the structure within the wall, these sets help save space in the shower area, creating a clean and uncluttered look.

These shower mixer sets come in a variety of configurations, allowing users to customise their showering experience with different combinations of showerheads, hand showers, and body jets. It provides a ready-made solution to tailor your needs and preferences without the taxing responsibility of picking each product piece by piece. Professional plumbing expertise is recommended while installing concealed sets to ensure proper alignment of the valve and fixtures within the wall cavity.

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