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Bar Shower Valves

Bar Shower Valves

Thermostatic Shower Rigid Riser Kit with Vernet Sensor - Brushed Brass FinishThermostatic Rigid Riser Shower Kit - Brushed Brass Finish
Black Shower Mixer with Two Outlet - Matt Black Finishblack_bar_mixer_shower
Black Shower Head Riser Rail with 2 Outletsblack shower mixer set
Save $103.00
shower riser kit - tapronThermostatic Bar valve 3 oulets, adjustable riser and, multifunction shower handle-Tapron
Save $103.00
Shower Heads Arms and Risers
Thermostatic Bar Valve Multifunction Shower Kit- Brushed Black
Sale price$922.00 Regular price$1,025.00
Save $42.00
Bath Shower Mixer Rigid Riser Shower Head With Kit - Brushed Brass Finish -TapronGold Bath Shower Mixer Rigid Riser Shower Kit - Tapron
Save $190.00
Thermostatic Bath and Shower Mixer Deck Mounted Tap with Cascade Spout FunctionThermostatic Bath and Shower Mixer Deck Mounted Tap with Cascade Spout Function
Save $14.00
Florence Wall Mounted, Thermostatic Bar Valve, MP 0.5[5012] Chrome Wall-Mounted Round Thermostatic Shower Bar Valve -Tapron
Save $42.00
Shower Valve 2 Outlet-Tapronshower mixer valve-tapron
Save $42.00
Black Shower Mixer Kit with Exposed Shower Valve - Brushed Blackblack shower riser rail
Save $42.00
Thermostatic Shower Set with 2 Outlets - Matt BlackMatt Black Thermostatic Shower Set-Tapron
Thermostatic Shower Set with 2 Outlets - Matt Black
Sale price$801.00 Regular price$843.00
Save $56.00
Thermostatic Bar ValveThermostatic Bar Valve [1208]
Thermostatic Bar Valve [1208]
Sale price$226.00 Regular price$282.00
Save $22.00
Shower Rail Kit with 2 Outlet Thermostatic Bar Shower Valve - Chromechrome shower riser rail
Save $25.00
Thermostatic Shower Mixer Valve with 2 Outlets, and Adjustable Risershower riser rail
Save $9.00
Cool Touch Thermostatic Bar Valve [2081]Cool Touch Thermostatic Bar Valve - Tapron
Cool Touch Thermostatic Bar Valve
Sale price$167.00 Regular price$176.00
Save $18.00
Deck Mounted Thermostatic Bath Shower Mixer without Kit2-Outlet Deck-Mounted Thermostatic Shower Mixer Tap-Tapron
Save $50.00
concealed thermostatic shower valvepressure control valve Tapron
Save $16.00
concealed shower mixer valveconcealed shower mixer valve
Save $29.00
wall mounted valves, slotted basin waste, basin mixer tapbasin mixer tap

Bar Shower Valves

A modern and minimalist touch to your bathroom is ensured by the details that you choose to incorporate in your bath space. Our range of bar shower valves is designed with a promise for perfection and luxury. 

With dual control functions that assure that your favoured water temperature is maintained constantly, our assorted collection of thermostatic bar shower valves are crafted to suit any water pressure requirements.

We also offer our modern bar shower valves that adds a neat and intricate finish to your bathrooms. With a wide selection to choose from, including the curved, straight, fixed and waterfall spout design for shower valves, the study brass material makes the products twice as durable.

The exposed bar shower valves are everything you need to add an ambience and subtle mood to your space. The best part of it is its minimal space requirements. These bar valves are marked with a rich matt black, brushed black, lustrous gold, and stainless steel, which boosts its aesthetics without making it stand out too much.

The thermostatic bar shower valves are propelled with an advanced mechanism for avoiding accidents and hazards by automatically turning off in cases of water supply failure. The thermostatic bar valve comes in an array of designs suited for up to 0.2 bar of water pressure. Nothing can go wrong with your choice in picking our bar shower valves, which come with uncompromised functions and are assured with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Grab your bathroom essentials from the wide selection of Tapron’s handpicked products, including the bar shower valve today!

Bar Shower Valves Collection Video

Matt Black Shower Head

The Main Component in Your Bathrooms No One Is Telling You About!

An advanced guide to choosing a water pump based on your house structure, for a blissful shower 

Imagine going through every detail you plan for your bathroom. You've chosen the bathroom design, managed to find complementing shower heads, along with hoses, shower arms, radiators, body jets, valves, even the shower waste from the variety of options we offer here at Tapron. But one problem,because you've missed out on the most crucial part of the bathroom design: Pumping, you can blame the gravity, however here is a simple solution: Shower Pumps.

What is the role of Shower Pumps?

Shower pumps are used to increase water pressure in pipes; it can be used to pump out the water and increase the thrust of your shower system. It increases the water volume into the first storage unit where it gets heated (if you have an electric heater). Because of the improved water pressure, shower heads don't dribble and give you the luxurious shower effect you paid them to give!

Pump pressure is measured in bars, where 1 bar ... Read More

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