Wall Mounted Bath Taps

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of elegance with Tapron's collection of wall-mounted bath taps, meticulously designed to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. From the regal aura of Victorian styles to the sleek lines of modern design, our taps provide the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our...

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of elegance with Tapron's collection of wall-mounted bath taps, meticulously designed to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors. From the regal aura of Victorian styles to the sleek lines of modern design, our taps provide the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Our offerings include a variety of finishes to cater to every taste: classic chrome for a timeless look, matt black and brushed black for a bold statement, luxurious gold and antique gold for a touch of opulence, as well as brushed nickel, bronze, and rose gold for those seeking something unique. The high-quality brass construction ensures durability and longevity, standing up to the rigors of daily use while maintaining their stylish appearance.

The wall-mounted design of these taps not only saves space but also enhances the clean lines of your bathroom, creating a minimalist vibe that is both practical and visually appealing. Choose from our range of filler taps, complete with diverter functionality, or opt for a model with a convenient shower attachment, ideal for bathrooms that serve multiple uses.

Our mixer taps feature advanced technology, including thermostatic controls for precise temperature management, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. The waterfall taps add a luxurious touch, mimicking a natural cascade that brings a spa-like atmosphere right into your home.

Each tap set is designed with meticulous attention to detail, from square modern designs to classic styles with traditional levers, ensuring there is something to suit every bathroom. With options for both deck and floor standing installations, our taps offer versatility and can be integrated into any bathroom setup.

For those looking to upgrade their bath experience, our wall-mounted bath taps with hand-held shower heads offer the ultimate in luxury and convenience. These units provide the flexibility of a quick rinse or a relaxing soak, all controlled by smooth, easy-to-operate handles.

Discover the perfect blend of style, quality, and practicality with Tapron’s UK collection of wall-mounted bath taps. Whether you’re renovating your entire bathroom or simply upgrading your fittings, our taps are sure to enhance your bathing experience while adding a touch of elegance to your space. Explore the collection today and find the ideal solution for your bathroom’s needs.

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Wall mounted shower mixer taps are a sophisticated and space-saving solution for modern bathrooms. Tapron’s selection caters to a wide sphere of interest offering a broad spectrum of colours and finishes including timeless black, classic chrome, brilliant gold, subtle nickel and radiant brushed bronze. The polished, brushed and brushed finishes determine the texture and surface of these fixtures where each coating makes the product less prone to wear and tear, including stains, scratches and fingerprints. The smooth surface resulting from the graded finishes makes cleaning easy and manageable, making these fixtures must-have modern solutions for any bath space.

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What are Wall Bath Taps?

A wall bath tap is mounted to the wall above a bath, providing a convenient and stylish solution for controlling water flow and temperature during bathing. Unlike traditional deck taps, which are installed directly on the bath rim, wall mounted fittings are installed on the wall adjacent to the bath, offering a sleek and space-saving alternative. These taps typically consist of a spout for water delivery and one or more handles or controls for adjusting the flow rate and temperature.

The installation of these taps involves securing it to the wall surface and connecting it to the plumbing system behind the wall and this requires careful planning, precise measurements, and proper execution to ensure a seamless and functional result. Once installed, these taps with their concealed design, provide easy access to water controls from outside the bath, allowing users to adjust settings conveniently while bathing.

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Wall Mounted Bath Taps with Shower Attachment

The wall mounted waterfall bath taps with shower attachment is a versatile and convenient solution for bathing, providing both a standard water outlet for filling the bath and a handheld showerhead for added functionality. With integrated controls, these kits are to switch between the two outlets, i.e., the bath tap and the showerhead, with a simple flick of a lever or knob. The components of the set include:

Waterfall Spout: The central feature of the tap assembly is the waterfall spout, which is mounted on the wall above the bath. The waterfall spout is designed to create a cascading flow of water, mimicking the tranquil effect of a natural waterfall. It has a wider structure than regular spouts with a straight design that slightly curves towards the base, allowing a downward angle through which water flows.

Shower Attachment: Attached to the waterfall spout is the shower attachment, which consists of a handheld showerhead connected to a flexible and lightweight hose. The attachment allows users to switch between the two modes for releasing water while also providing flexibility and convenience in bathing, catering to different user preferences.

Controls and Diverter Valve: Integrated into the waterfall spout or adjacent to it are the controls and diverter valve. The controls typically include the white and black lever that allows users to adjust the water flow and temperature. The diverter valve controls the flow of water between the waterfall spout and the shower attachment, enabling users to switch between the two functions seamlessly.

Mounting Bracket or Backplate: To secure the tap and shower attachment to the wall, a mounting bracket or circular backplate is used. This component provides stability and support, ensuring that the tap assembly is securely attached to the wall surface.


Understanding Modern and Traditional Categories of Wall Mounted Bath Taps

Modern Designs: Modern wall mounted bath taps feature square or cylindrical structures with two handles at either end of the bar valve. The 2 Outlet selection offers a diverter valve that is placed on the tap head, right above the spout. The spouts are typically straight structures or slightly curved designs that allow an anti-spill flow with the most relaxing cascading effect.

Traditional Range: From pinched to crossheads and levers, the traditional wall mounted bath taps have more intricate structures and profiles. The two-tone styles stand out in any bath space and blend perfectly with the wide waterfall spouts. Unlike the bar valve structure of the modern selection, vintage designs have separate handles that protrude from the tap’s structure.

Advantages of Bath Taps Wall Mounted

Space-Friendly: By eliminating the need for taps mounted on the bath rim, regular designs and wall mounted bath taps with shower heads help conserve space in the bath area, creating a clean and clutter-free environment, especially in smaller bathrooms.

Convenient Operation: With controls easily accessible from outside the bath, these taps provide convenient control over water flow and temperature. While a selection offers dual handles for controlling flow and temperature, kits are devised with a diverter that allows users to dispense water from the desired outlet. A ceramic disc technology powers each tap with leakproof utility while increasing its durability and functionality.

Versatility: Wall-mounted fixtures come in a variety of designs and configurations, offering flexibility in design and placement to suit individual preferences and bathroom layouts. The diverse range also attends to the requirements of all homes, offering fittings from low to high water pressure requirements, suiting perfectly with the plumbing systems of all modern homes.

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Bath Spouts: A Solution for All Modern Bathrooms

Adorning space-saving properties and a streamlined structure that blends perfectly with all interiors, the bath spouts selection stands out with the minimal design. It has no handles but a spout that protrudes from the wall surface. Many wall mounted bath spouts are designed to create a waterfall effect and typically feature a straight or curved spout that extends from the mounted surface on the bath rim. The water flow from the spout can be controlled using built-in valves or on/off valves allowing users to adjust the flow rate and temperature as desired.

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