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How to Choose a Bathroom Basin

by Globo 05 Sep 2021 0 Comments
Stainless Steel Countertop Basin

Bathrooms without basins? It's nearly impossible - a washbasin became the norm hundreds of years ago. It would seem that the choice is not a big issue, because there are thousands of models in the market to suit everyone's tastes. Unfortunately, this is where the main problem lies - with so many options, it is easy to get lost, and you can end up buying a basin that does not suit your needs. What steps should you take to avoid this?

The purpose of basins

It is clear at first glance that washbasins are intended for hygiene procedures (washing, shaving, washing hands). Basins do, however, serve many more functions in practice.

  • It can be used to bathe pets, wash household items, or wash clothes.
  • Assist in the placement of cosmetics, hygiene items (combs, toothbrushes).
  • Bathroom furnishings have decorative elements that determine their overall style.

When choosing a basin, the type of material it is made of should be one of the main factors to consider. 


Bathroom basins are commonly made out of ceramic. In this category, you will find fireclay ceramics and vitreous china.

Having a variety of shapes and being easy to clean, ceramic basins are trendy. Considering how popular ceramic basins are, you will also find various price points to suit any budget.

Solid Surface

Basins with a solid surface are distinguished by their smooth lines and lack of seams. These furniture items offer a modern, minimalist outlook and are also very easy to keep clean.

Metal Finishes

Aside from stainless steel, and other metals are also available for the construction of basins. It will look great if you are creating a modern bathroom with these striking finishes. Despite this, the unique finishes of these basins need a little extra care to remain in good condition.

Further choices for the material

  • Artificial stone - Mineral chips and polymer binder are mixed with cement to create an artificial stone. It is wear-resistant, aesthetic, and easy to maintain.
  • Marble (natural stone) - these materials are very porous, requiring careful maintenance and adherence to unique operating conditions; they have an expressive texture; however, due to their high porosity, they can last only for a short time.
  • Metal - The smooth, copper, bronze, or steel surfaces of metal basins make them the most durable, but they can be scratched easily if treated roughly or used with an abrasive cleaner.
  • Acrylic - Models made of this material are light and available in many shapes; they are pretty easy to use. Still, there is a tendency for them to develop deep scratches and cracks when exposed to mechanical stress.
  • Wood - polished wood infused with a special water-repellent composition, producing an unusual (for plumbing) texture; however, it requires special care when handling.
  • Glass - Although this material is an attractive choice for basins, scratches and dullness will quickly ruin its appearance and transparency if handled carelessly.

    With the wide variety of materials available, washbasin manufacturers have the opportunity to experiment with their products. Basins are available in several different forms in the commercial sector:

The main advantage of these models is that they are easy to clean since there are no corners. They add elegance and softness to the interior thanks to their smooth, streamlined shape.

According to their style, these basins have either smooth or sharp corners. The result is a slightly larger internal volume of the bowl but requires more maintenance.

  • Semi-circular

A variety of basins are mounted close to walls. By doing this, you save space in the bathroom, but the bowl's capacity is reduced.

  • Corner

The sector-shaped form of these models makes them suitable for corner installation. In general, these washbasins are intended to be used in small bathrooms, where space should be utilized as rationally as possible.

There are several types of washbasins:

Countertop washbasins 

Your bathroom and cleaning products are conveniently stored in a countertop basin. With drawers, you can hide the elements that aren't aesthetic, or you don't want to show in your bathroom. This is a handy option for families with children and will help to keep the bathroom tidy. Many find it more aesthetically pleasing. It will take longer for the water to reach the worktop so that you can choose natural or more delicate materials. It can easily be cleaned. As basins are available in standard sizes, you will be able to find an appropriate cabinet.

If you are interested, then check out our Countertop Basins or semi-recessed basins that are perfect for any bathroom, and you can get them here at Tapron at incredibly discounted prices. 

A wall-mounted unit

These basins don't require an adjacent cabinet or countertop, so they save space. It is important to note that all water pipes must be placed in the wall for the basins to look good.

Before choosing a wall-mounted basin, think about the storage space needed for personal hygiene products, first aid kits, etc. The user can select the position and height of the mount for the wall-mounted basin. It's best to choose light basins since the heavy ones can't be held securely with screws for long periods. However, some homeowners find that these make better financial sense than pedestal washbasins. Various styles and designs are available for you to choose from to enhance your bathroom.

At Tapron, we have an excellent range of modern and traditional wall-mounted basins in various finishes and designs to fit most taste preferences.

Vanity units

There are washbasins with storage underneath. Typically, a basin is accompanied by a cabinet. There is a basin siphon behind the cabinet doors, as well as some cosmetic accessories. It is possible to purchase a washbasin with open shelves beneath the bowl. A modern, high-tech bathroom would be great with an over counter basin. It creates a focal point above the counter or cabinet, adding an exciting feature to the bathroom. Installation requires that the basin height be as low as possible to be easily accessed without hassle.

Tapron has excelled in offering a wide range of basin vanity units 


It's best not to repeat after acquaintances, friends, or neighbours. Get rid of these thoughts and decorate your bathroom according to your own taste. You can't chase fashion; it's replacing itself faster than you can type! There is always the possibility that a washbasin of an unusual shape will be inconvenient. Match your basin to the style and colour scheme of your interior. It should be sufficient to wash hands in the basin, and the bowl should allow the palm movements to be as free as possible.

Important points to remember

  1. Decide on the material. It is possible to find a large variety on the market nowadays, but you should consider the rest of the washroom decor while choosing.
  2. Pick a design.
  3. It is essential to recognize that basin design determines the type of installation.
  4. The shape of the washbasins is essential. A square or oval basin is convenient. Select a form that isn't standard if you need something special. It is important to remember that beauty often isn't practical.
  5. Choosing a basin for the bathroom should be based on its size. Be aware of the difference between the depth, length and width of the washbasin. The washbasin dimensions should not be ignored.
  6. Choose your colour carefully.

 Now you have a firm understanding of washbasins! The only thing left is to choose the perfect one!

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