Modern Bathroom Ideas: Embrace The Monochrome Makeover

Modern Bathroom Ideas: Embrace The Monochrome Makeover

Aarushi Bhaumik

Monochrome colour schemes are the ultimate expression of sophistication and style. So, we’re sharing our best ideas on how you can give your bathroom a bold makeover by embracing the magic of black and white!

The best home decor experts love playing with the contrast between lighter and darker shades in their designs. Just like in photography, a monochromatic colour scheme sets a timeless appeal for home interiors. This black and white colour palette also bring distinct, bold energy, especially to bathroom interiors. So, we’re here to tell you how you, too, can create this bold and beautiful bathroom decor with the right bathroom fittings and accessories.

How To Create A Bold Bathroom Decor With Monochrome

There are some excellent ways to incorporate black and white bathroom interiors. The trick is creating just the right balance of light and dark to pull off a design that never goes out of style. Here are the best monochromatic bathroom design ideas our interior design experts have curated for you.

Black & White Bathroom Fittings

The easiest way to embrace the monochrome makeover is by going big. Start by creatively fitting designer black and white tiles. You can then create the perfect harmony by pairing a white bath with a freestanding matt black bath tap. If you want to go bolder, you can switch the colours around and go for a darker bathtub with a white bath tap instead. You can also install a chrome heated towel rail on a darker wall or a matt black radiator on a lighter one.

Monochrome Bathroom Accessories

Though accessories aren’t necessarily your first thought while designing bathroom decor, they should be! The right bathroom accessories can silently accentuate the overall look of your bathroom space. So, in keeping with monochrome bathroom decor, you can strategically select everything from towel holders to douche sets from Tapron’s black and white bathroom accessories collection. In the spirit of monochrome, you can even opt for black white towels.

Black and White Bathroom Furniture

Enhancing the monochrome vibe, install a glossy white wall mounted bathroom unit against a dark wall or an anthracite spacious bathroom drawer against a light one. Choose your basin and basin taps with this alternating black and white colour scheme as well. Complete the look by adding a stylish LED magnifying mirror to the mix.

The Monochrome Shower Space

One of the most luxurious additions you can add to your bathroom is a glass shower enclosure with a black frame. This works out exceptionally well in smaller bathroom spaces  as well. Set against a lighter wall and teamed with bathroom fittings, like matt black showerheads, body jets or shower rail kits, you can create the ultimate light and dark interplay. You can round this off with shower accessories like black shower valves, a dark shower tray, black soap dishes, and more.

The Negative Space

Right across your lighter shower and bath area with dark accents, you can opt for a contrasting darker space. With a predominantly black shade at the other end, you can install lighter fittings such as a white toilet and a light vanity unit. If you want to break the overbearing black wall space, inserting occasional white tiles is a good idea.

Individual Toilet Space

Another trendy bathroom design that regains popularity is the separate toilet space, which is mostly a great idea for larger bathroom spaces. Many modern homes have now started adopting this concept, as well. You can top it off by installing a black-framed sliding door to an alcove or recess to enable privacy.

So go ahead and shop the bold and beautiful monochrome look for your bathroom by choosing from Tapron’s extensive online store of luxury bathroom products and more. You can also look for more home improvement ideas and products from the best interior design experts, only on


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