Our Top Stylish Counter Top Basins

Every house has its own story and needs to be designed particularly, but there is this one thing we have in common in every home - the countertop basin. And the importance of it has been evident for the last couple of years. Many of us start our day and finish with it; the countertops have been used a lot. 

A countertop washbasin is much more than a place to wash off hands. If you think it's not, then you probably aren't aware of the kind of magic that this stylish countertop basin can create in your bathroom.

To experience a stylish change in your house right now, you should understand the different basin units. 

  1. Countertop Basins

With minimal effort, the countertop basins can surprise you with their aesthetics and instantly change the feel of the entire bathroom space. The countertop sink is easy to install at the top of the shelf of your choice. Irrespective of the size of your bathroom, the countertop basin units fit easily, creating an illusion of a larger space. 

In addition to being available here at Tapron at an amazingly discounted price, our counter-top basins and semi-recessed basins can be an excellent addition to any bathroom. To complete the look, you can pair it with eye-catching basin taps and waste from our ranges. 

  1. Wall-Mounted Basins

If you don't require a lot of space around your basin, you can opt for wall-mounted basins. You can choose from many Wall Mounted Basins styles and finishes to save some space in your bathroom, whether you're renovating it or installing a washbasin.

Available in different shapes, such as oval countertop basins or rectangular countertop basins, all come easily installed to the wall. One can install it to any height of their choice. Ideal for small bathrooms since it saves a lot of space, offering ample space under them.

  1. Tabletop basins

Highly consider the tabletop basin if you want to enhance the look of your bathroom without doing a lot of labour for it. This kind of bathroom sink countertop offers greater water holding capacity. Furthermore, their rim design allows them to be easily installed on a table, counter, or any surface of your choice, creating a sleek appearance in your bathroom.

The clean line robust construction is designed for modern contemporary homes and working places. 

  1. Corner Basins

The corner basins are a great example of class and comfort with the right amount of sophistication. Their use makes the corner incredibly useful, as they make it highly efficient.  

The corner basins require a wall to support the installation. Designed to fit easily, the corner basin is ideal for cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms. 

Material Used for Countertop Wash Basin:

Within the last couple of decades, basins have gone through a radical transformation. They are not just a requirement but a necessity.  Having a functional and visually appealing basin depends on the material it is made from. It is vital to choose a suitable material as the long life of the countertop sink will be determined by the material. 

Largely the bathroom sink countertops are either made up of ceramic or metal. Both look exceptionally well when paired with the right basin accessories. The ceramic basins will never be out of fashion as their gloss finish creates a rich ambience in your bathroom. In contrast, the metal-made countertop basin units have a luxury of their own. 

You can make your bathroom look stunning by using these striking finishes. They are available in luxurious brushed brass, matt black, brushed black, and stainless steel finish that will add a touch of glamour to your bathroom. But they do require a little extra care to maintain that eye-catching look. The exquisite bathroom sink countertops are available in a round, oval countertop basin or rectangular countertop basin. 

Benefits of Using a countertop basin:

Countertop, the name itself, is a practical benefit for your bathroom, other than installing it into the wall, vanity, or standing separately. If you are looking for a fantastic addition to your bathroom, we bet you cannot ignore the benefits a countertop washbasin has to offer.

  1. Installation

Countertop basin units are the easiest to install. They eliminated the hassle of finding the accurate size vanity units so the sink can fit in. The only thing you need is a table large enough for your drain and a hole big enough for it at the top! There are fewer tools required and no pipe that needs to be concealed to keep the aesthetics.

  1. Variety of styling options

These countertop washbasins can carry any look; whether traditional or modern, they will ace the game in no time. As they come in numerous shapes and styles, there is always a countertop that perfectly fits your requirements. Your bathroom can have the luxury of gold or diamond shine of polished chrome or gloss of ceramic. As a result, the countertop is very versatile, and you can change the style as needed. 

To help you choose the perfect countertop basin for your bathroom, here are the top 5 countertops from the Tapron.

VOS Rectangular Stainless Steel Countertop Basin - Brushed Brass Finish [23CTS520BBR]

The brushed brass-finished VOS countertop washbasin brings instant luxury to your bathroom. It is an ideal choice if you are renovating your home. You will be amazed by the hotel-inspired ambience created by the rectangular countertop basin. Besides its fantastic look, it has quick drainage technology for frequent usage, keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic. And if this is not enough, the countertop comes with 15-year manufacturer guarantee.

VOS Round Stainless Steel Countertop Basin - Matt Black [28CTR400MB]

There is a shade of black for everyone, they say, and we couldn't agree more! This round countertop basin has a glamorous matt black affair with sleek curved sides. 

With its matt black finish and 316 stainless steel quality bowl, this will give you a rich, luxurious experience while you freshen up. The rich circular-shaped structure offers worry-free durability. Its slimline, minimalist appearance with an industrial twist will win over you every time you use it.

Countertop Ceramic Basin [TRAB803]

A standard rectangular basin like this one can be incorporated into most bathroom decors. In addition to being made of durable ceramic, it is finished in an elegant classic white. In this model, the height is 400mm, and 500mm width, which gives you ample space to wash your face and hands. With just one tap hole, any mono basin mixer will fit, and a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind, you won't worry about anything.

Corner Ceramic Basin [TRCAB701]

Compact bathrooms and cloakrooms can benefit from the use of a corner countertop basin. This elegant design blends beautifully into any decor while remaining stylish and individual enough to stand out. Because of its smooth surface and attractive contours, it's perfect for corner applications in bathrooms. 

Its wall-mounted design increases available floor space, which makes the room seem more spacious. Its vitreous china construction and porcelain finish provide a clean, unpolished appearance and are ideal for small spaces and limited space. 

Cloakroom Basin [CB106]

Ideal for contemporary bathroom spaces, the stylish cloakroom basin has been thoughtfully designed with exceptional durability. It will make sure that you have a spacious bathroom thanks to its compact design. Extremely practical and manufactured to the highest standards, the unit comes with 15-years manufacturer guarantee.


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