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by Pavneet Kaur 10 Jun 2021 0 Comments

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When you are looking for that professional touch in your kitchen tap, the pull-out option is the one for you. But, available in different styles and finishes, it can be overwhelming sometimes to choose the right one for your needs.

So, here is a guide for you, answering all your questions before buying a Pull Out Kitchen tap.

How should I choose a Kitchen Tap?

When you think of renovating your kitchen, many kitchen ideas start by choosing a kitchen tap. For you to have an ideal kitchen tap, think of your kitchen sink size and your needs. Ensure that your mixer taps are comfortable to use and adjust to get the right balance of hot and cold water. Kitchen Taps with ceramic discs technology incorporated into the workings are often easier to control than other taps.

What are pull out kitchen taps?

Pull out kitchen taps have a spout on the faucet that can be pulled out, enabling the water directly to be aimed according to your convenience and need. These pull out taps are flexible and ideal for both commercial and domestic kitchens.

How do Kitchen Pull Out Taps work?

Kitchen pull-out taps work by allowing to pull the spray head to extend down into the sink. You turn the water flow on by using the single handle as usual. At the same time, you can mix the hot and cold water using the same handle. The water from the handle goes back down to the main controller unit under the sink.

Why do I need a pull-out tap?

The pull out hose of the kitchen tap will aid you in cleaning down your fruits and vegetables, rinse your dishes before they're placed in the dishwasher; they are easy to install and maintain.

Difference between pull out and pull down kitchen taps?

Both types of kitchen mixer taps offer similar features and flexibility. The significant difference is in action performed to draw out the hand-held spray from the tap spout. For example, if the shape of the kitchen tap represents a straight spout, you 'pull out the spray, and If the spout points downwards, you 'pull down' to use the spray.

Pull out kitchen spray taps take up much less headroom than a pull-down kitchen tap, making it an ideal choice for kitchens with cabinet space above the sink. However, if you have a shallow sink, a pull-out tap may be more beneficial.

Why should I consider pull - out kitchen taps?

One of the main reasons people choose a pull-out tap for their kitchen is that they are modern and add style to your kitchen compared to any average kitchen mixer tap.

However, they are so much more than just this. They are also a tap that is satisfyingly functional and not just aesthetically pleasing. They are there to provide you flexibility and make your daily kitchen chores much more manageable, simplifying your everyday life. 

Tapron kitchen pull out tap

How many types of Pull-Out Kitchen Taps are in the market?

There are 6 major types of pull out kitchen taps available in the market to cater to different needs.

Professional-style pull out taps

As the name suggests, these pull out kitchen taps are most commonly found in a commercial kitchen. However, they are nowadays also found in homes with a large-sized sink as their functionality requires more space and size.

Our most popular professional pull out kitchen tap is the Spring Mono Kitchen Spray Tap which is usually recommended to be fitted on a ceramic kitchen sink or granite or a high-quality stainless steel sink. 

Weighted pull out taps

The weighted type of pull-out kitchen tap stands true to its name with a weighted pull out operation, which means that the tap hose and tap spout are packed back into its housing. A contemporary upgrade of these taps is another pull out tap, which has a spring-loaded operation to move the tap head back into its stand, known as Spring-loaded pull out taps.

Spring-loaded pull out taps

As the name itself suggests, at the end of the spout of the spring-loaded pull-out tap is a spring. With a spring-loaded tap, you'll notice that the further out you pull the hose, the greater resistance you'll face from the spring.

Unlike a weighted tap, you have to keep hold of the pull-out spout whilst using it. As soon as you release the pull-out, the spring retracts, and it nestles back in its housing.

Pull out spray kitchen taps

This kitchen tap is about what kind of water flow comes out of the spout of your tap. These multi-function Pull out spray kitchen taps have multiple spray options – shower, spray and regular aerated flow that can be switched between just by pressing a button on the pull out attachment.

Pull out aerator taps

These pull out taps with an aerator have just one flow operation. As a result, they are excellent for your kitchen chores, from rinsing fruit and vegetables to  general cleaning to even filling pots and pans. The speciality of this aerator pull-out tap is that it provides a 'soft,' frothy-type flow that makes it more water-efficient than a standard flow.

Kitchen taps with a hand rinse

Some pull out kitchen taps come with a separate hand rinse that sits right next to the tap. This can also be bought separately and fitted in your kitchen. The benefits of a kitchen tap with a separate hand rinse are that you still get a normal, stylish kitchen tap, but then you also get the added convenience of having a pull-out spray to help when needed.

What makes each pull-out kitchen tap different from the other?

  • Finish

The Finish you choose for your tap should be inspired by the style of your kitchen and tie in with hardware and appliances. For example,  If you've got an industrial aesthetic, perhaps consider a matt black modern kitchen design. On the other hand, a modern minimalist would suit a sleek chrome Kitchen tap.

  • Spray Function

When choosing your new kitchen tap, think practically about what you'll be using it for. For example, you may choose one with a detachable nozzle head for spraying dishes or vegetables.

  • Ergonomics

Opting for a mixer tap can have several benefits, including ease of use and temperature management. It can also be a more user-friendly option for children and people with reduced dexterity.

  • Shape

Paying attention to the shape of the spout is essential from a style point of view and for the purpose of functionality. For example, you use your sink to wash dishes, large oven trays, and pots and pans. For this reason, a medium or high tap with a swivel spout will be more accommodating and practical.

 There is no denying the fact that not only a pull-out tap is incredibly stylish, it is also an equally useful and functional addition to your kitchen too.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a pull-out tap today and see what a difference they can make to your kitchen. 


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