Gold Kitchen Taps

Elevate the essence of elegance in your kitchen with Tapron UK's luxurious collection of gold kitchen taps. Designed for those who appreciate the finer details, our selection of kitchen faucets adds a classic yet voguish touch to any interior. From the bold statement of brushed brass to the subtle allure...

Elevate the essence of elegance in your kitchen with Tapron UK's luxurious collection of gold kitchen taps. Designed for those who appreciate the finer details, our selection of kitchen faucets adds a classic yet voguish touch to any interior. From the bold statement of brushed brass to the subtle allure of rose gold, our taps cater to a wide range of styles and preferences, ensuring that a touch of gold is never too much.

Our assortment of pull out spray gold kitchen mixer taps embody perfection in both function and fashion. These products are meticulously crafted from the finest materials, including stainless steel and brushed brass, offering both single and dual control options to maximize comfort and usability. The finishes available, ranging from rich brushed to sleek polished, allow you to match the tap to your kitchen's aesthetic seamlessly.

The spout designs in our collection are diverse, featuring gilded swan neck spouts and gold kitchen swivel tap spouts, crafted to meet all kitchen necessities without compromise. Each design not only enhances the kitchen's functionality but also its visual appeal, ensuring that your sink becomes a focal point of luxury and style.

For those seeking to make a bold statement, our coloured brushed gold taps offer a distinctive persona to your space. Equipped with ceramic disc valves, these taps guarantee durability and a leak-proof performance, backed by a solid manufacturer warranty. This ensures a lasting addition to your kitchen, blending practicality with sumptuous design.

Moreover, our kitchen sink taps include easy temperature adjustment functions, providing a comfortable and efficient user experience. If gold feels too opulent, our modern rose gold or copper kitchen taps offer a toned-down elegance, perfect for adding a touch of grace to your home without overwhelming it.

For those looking to extend this luxurious theme beyond the kitchen, Tapron UK also offers a curated collection of Gold Bathroom Sink Taps. Handpicked to balance modern sophistication with classical flair, they are ideal for creating a cohesive look throughout your home.

Incorporating a gold tap from Tapron UK into your kitchen is more than just a functional upgrade—it’s a commitment to beauty and luxury that enhances your everyday life. Whether you opt for antique, black and gold, white and gold, or polished copper, each choice promises to enrich your kitchen with unmatched style and quality.

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Experimenting with colour schemes and styles in homes to express a unique persona and charm has become a norm in recent times. A brass kitchen tap featuring a glamorous touch of gold transforms your kitchens into elegant spaces of royalty. Gold has been the rage in interior aesthetics owing to its opulence where it creates a warm tone, creating a striking focal point and serving as a centrepiece. Our assortment offers a variety of styles from modern to traditional pieces devised with high-tech functions to provide all-in-one modern solutions.

Tapron allows homeowners to customise every detail, starting from a gold bathroom sink tap to kitchen tapware and other accessories extending to all areas of the home. Trendy colours also include Black Kitchen Taps that invite a luxurious splendour. Made with an array of only the best quality materials, the stainless steel or brass craftsmanship these taps feature, grants them a strong tolerance against oxidation, ensuring problems of rusting and corrosion do not hinder the appeal. Our taps promise durability, longevity and superior performance and feature voguish brushed and polished finishes.

Golden Elegance: Material and Finish Selections for Tapron's Luxurious Tapware

Stainless steel and brass are two materials that boast resilience to humid environments and hectic kitchen traffic and withstand the test of time. The stainless steel gold kitchen mixer tap has an exceptionally well-built structure that resists corrosion, rust and staining. With a very high tolerance to scratches and dents, this robust build also allows a smooth surface that gives off an opulent glimmer and is relatively easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel contains chromium that forms a protective oxide on the surface and this acts as a barrier that prevents corrosive agents from causing damage.

Running parallel in durability and longevity, the brass kitchen mixer tap with its alloy of copper and zinc offers a high tolerance to corrosion. This feature also provides a lasting lustre and integrity over time. The high oxidation and corrosion resistance make it ideal even in humid and damp environments and projects strength and durability, making it a reliable choice for tapware that is built to last. Brassware is also less prone to dents and deformation compared to other materials which makes it suitable for both residential and commercial kitchens.


A popular finish of this collection is the brushed brass kitchen tap, defined by a textured and matt appearance with subtle striations or lines. The brushed finish is marked with a graded quality that is scratch-resistant and helps conceal fingerprints and water spots, making maintenance a hassle-free task. With a golden hue, it invites warmth and creates a luxurious air even in smaller spaces or powder rooms.

Another option is the antique brass kitchen tap defined by a radiant shine with a smooth, reflective surface. The glossy finish captures and reflects light to add brightness to the room with added benefits being its easy cleaning properties. Requiring an effort as minimal as regular wiping with a soft cloth and mild detergent, the durable finish retains its shine and brilliance even after considerable use. A range of this collection offers rose gold kitchen taps that invite a unique charm with the distinctive pinkish hue that sets this curation apart from traditional gold finishes. The soft, rosy tone creates a cosy space with the versatility to blend well with other design styles and palettes.

The Black and Gold Kitchen Tap with Pull Out Spray flaunts a brilliant shade of black combined with golden detailing that serves as a statement in any space. It is also available in a classy white shade, adorned with modern features including a retractable hose mechanism and ceramic disc technology.

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Mounting: Tap Hole and Structural Considerations

Tapron’s modern and traditional brass kitchen taps are structured for deck mounting, featuring a single tap hole and a Monobloc structure. This grants the tap the suitability to a wide range of sinks and countertop configurations, including single and double basin units. Installation is also relatively easy as compared to wall-mounted structures as it requires only drilling on the surface depending on the number of tap holes with an instruction manual that is user-friendly and is offered with all required fittings for quick fixation.

These deck-mounted brass sink taps require no complicated mounting arrangement and therefore, are easy to clean and maintain with maximum accessibility readily provided. It can further be paired with a range of accessories and fittings like soap dispensers that allow you to keep your handwash and liquid soap at an accessible length. Structural considerations such as the water supply lines and their proper installation, water pressure requirements (whether your kitchen demands a low-pressure or high-pressure fitting) and plumbing connections for maintenance and repairs are important factors to consider with these mono-body designs.

Pair your brass kitchen taps with Kitchen Sink Wastes to facilitate quick and efficient draining in your sinks. Designed with a perforated strainer or grid to capture debris, these fittings allow water to pass through freely without risking clogged or damaged pipes. It allows an optimised flow rate and is engineered to maximise practicality, allowing water to drain quickly and efficiently. Also available in a range of diverse colours including brushed and polished gold, these adornments also prevent unwanted gases and odour from entering your space while eliminating unwanted drainage issues.

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Handle and Spout Designs in Tapware: Enhancing Functionality and Style

An aged brass kitchen tap can be defined by its handle and spout style which affects both aesthetics and functionality drastically. Featuring round and lever handles, these taps offer single or dual controls to regulate water flow and temperature. With the long, slender design that allows easy operation, they are structured with a close eye on details and include flat, curved and angled levers. These designer handles provide intuitive operation, allowing users to adjust water flow and temperature with a simple upward or downward motion, making it family-friendly in every possible way.

The gold kitchen tap is also characterised by the spout style. A swan neck spout has a graceful silhouette with a bent neck which grants ample basin space with its arch shape. The L-shaped design has a more defining feature with its neatly crafted lines and a distinctive design featuring a sharp 90-degree angle. This style is favoured for its space-saving design, particularly in compact or tight spaces with the vertical orientation of the spout that allows for efficient use of space, making it suitable for smaller sinks or countertops.

Gold Pull Out Taps: Luxurious Functionality in Elegance 

A popular category of our gold range includes the brass pull out kitchen tap,  designed with a flexible hose that is powered by a retractable spring mechanism that allows users to easily manoeuvre and extend the pull out spray. Washing pots and pans, rinsing vegetables and fruits and even gaining accessibility for cleaning tasks become more manageable with this fixture. Unlike traditional side sprayers or bulky attachments, the spray head is integrated into the tap itself, reducing clutter and maximising countertop space.

The antique brass kitchen tap with hose offers convenient controls like buttons or levers to easily toggle between modes. Our assortment offers two modes to maintain a spray pattern and adjust water flow and pressure. The spray mode delivers a high-pressure stream of water and disperses water over a wider area, ideal for rinsing and cleaning chores. A steady and aerated flow is allowed by the stream mode that provides a controlled flow of water, suitable for general hand washing and filling glasses and bottles.

Featuring a coiled spring design, the Brushed Gold Kitchen Tap with Pull-Out Spray has a well-designed spring mechanism that allows users to extend and retract the spray head with ease. The tightly wound spring on the base of the spout compresses the spray head when pulled out and when released, stores the spray head back to the docked position after every use. By providing controlled and consistent tension, this mechanism enhances the functionality and user experience of pull-out taps.

Ceramic Disc Technology: Enhancing Tapware Performance and Longevity

The gold mixer tap for kitchen offered in our assortment makes a significant development of replacing rubber washers with durable ceramic discs. Made with a high-quality build and an array of only the best materials, these discs provide added mechanism, durability, smooth operation and temperature stability. The movable disc is controlled by the tap handle where it slides across the second stationary disc to allow a smooth water flow. It provides a watertight seal to prevent unwanted leaks even under high pressure.

Designed to withstand daily use, these discs that power the selection, including the gold pull out kitchen tap, replace the limitations of rubber washers and precisely controls flow and temperature. It reduces water wastage while ensuring low maintenance properties, offering a consistent and effortless turning motion to achieve the desired stability. Understand the function of this technology better and boons in improving the practicality of your taps with our blog: WHAT ARE CERAMIC DISK TAPS - A DETAILED GUIDE

Tapware Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, and Product Guarantees

Each of our kitchen brass mixer tap is provided with a product guarantee of up to 15 years that gives assurance against any manufacturing defects and premature failures. Tapron is committed to maintaining high standards of quality in our tapware and other products, assured of reliability in use by using premium materials such as solid brass or stainless steel for durability and longevity. With a wide range of options, we cater to every homeowner’s needs and aim to provide customer satisfaction by assisting with product selection, installation advice, and troubleshooting.

Easy returns and quick delivery are assured and we strive to dispatch your order promptly, ensuring swift delivery to your doorstep. In the rare event that you need to return an item, our streamlined returns process makes it blissful and convenient. Simply contact our customer service team, and we will guide you through the return procedure. (T&C apply)


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