Stainless Steel Kitchen Taps

Our collection of brushed steel kitchen taps represents the pinnacle of both style and functionality, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of modern homeowners. Crafted from high-quality metal, our taps are not only practical utilities but also serve as stylish additions that significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your...

Our collection of brushed steel kitchen taps represents the pinnacle of both style and functionality, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of modern homeowners. Crafted from high-quality metal, our taps are not only practical utilities but also serve as stylish additions that significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

One standout feature of our taps is the incorporation of a ceramic disc cartridge within each monobloc and mixer faucet. This advanced technology ensures a leak-free and drip-free operation, which not only conserves water but also enhances your overall user experience by maintaining the tap's integrity. The durability and reliability of our taps are further bolstered by their sturdy brass construction, making them resistant to rust and tarnish. This robust build ensures that each tap in our collection remains a long-lasting solution for any kitchen sink.

At Tapron, we strive to deliver products that perfectly blend functionality with contemporary design. Our range includes various finishes, allowing you to choose from sleek black, luxurious gold, and the best brushed stainless steel, each designed to match your kitchen's interior design seamlessly. These finishes not only add significant aesthetic value but also offer versatility, making our taps suitable for any kitchen décor.

Whether you're updating an existing setup or completing a new kitchen project, our collection of stainless steel kitchen taps in the UK offers something for everyone. Each faucet, be it a mixer, a monobloc, or pull out is designed to integrate effortlessly into both modern and traditional kitchens, ensuring that every homeowner can find the perfect match for their kitchen sink. With Tapron, you can be confident that you're installing the best in design and durability in your kitchen.

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By combining innovative technology, premium materials, and timeless design, Tapron offers every homeowner a diverse collection of kitchen and bathroom tapware with exceptional quality and aesthetics. Tailored to suit various preferences and tastes, our kitchen tapware collection includes options such as pull-out sprays, stainless steel kitchen taps, sensor and regular designs, and more. The bathroom section ranges from bath fillers to thermostatic and manual valves with accessories that suit well with all interiors. Advanced features like ceramic disc technology and durable finishes add to the practicality of our comprehensive assortment of products!

We are dedicated to providing high-quality tapware that meets the needs of modern homeowners. Our assortment of stainless steel kitchen mixer taps are devised with a single tap hole design in deck mounting, provided with a user-friendly manual for installation. The defining factor of this range is the durability of a highly polished surface that withstands the test of time, making it ideal for everyday use in kitchens. With a fixture to suit low-pressure (0.1 bar-0.5 bar) and high-pressure (1 bar-3 bars), the curation provides a solution to all modern homes without demanding complexities in plumbing modifications. Product guarantees range from 2 to 15 years (depending on the product and its usage) to assure every buyer of their Tapron product!

Elevate Your Kitchen with Stainless Steel Taps 

Our stainless steel kitchen mixer tap curation is defined in quality by the robust build and structure and is crafted with precision to meet the demands of high traffic in the kitchen. Renowned for their exceptional durability, these taps have high moisture levels which grants exceptional corrosion resistance properties. With a robust material that withstands heavy and mechanical stress, these taps are less prone to denting and chipping, enabling a pristine charm even with years of extensive use. Removing dirt or grime is no difficult task as it requires regular wiping without additional effort to retain its lustre.

A stainless steel kitchen mixer tap also possesses high heat resistance, making it a safe choice without risking deformation even with exposure to hot water. With a timeless appearance, these taps, with their antimicrobial properties, promote hygiene without risking bacterial growth and keep water safe for consumption. Installation is a user-friendly task with an instruction manual supplied with all necessary fittings that make these taps a must-have for all modern homes!

You can also shop for a kitchen sink waste kit to pair with your brushed steel kitchen mixer tap to ensure your space works with uncompromised functionality. Allow quick draining without risking clogs and damage to your pipes with this fixture. Offered in separate sink strainer waste designs to combination sets, the strainer basket keeps debris and solid food away from entering the plumbing system, installed at the drain outlet or opening.See the complete collection here: Kitchen Sink Wastes

Discovering the Perfect Colors and Finishes for Your Taps

Create an impression in your kitchen sink area by picking the right colours and finishes that best meet your desired mood and palette. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of chrome, the modern appeal of matte black, or the warmth of brushed stainless steel, there is a colour and finish option to suit every style and preference. This White Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray breezes classy elegance with a light and airy feel that makes smaller spaces feel more open and spacious. Black invites a dramatic finish, creating a striking focal point while gold creates warmth with a subtle texture and antique-inspired look. A stainless steel finish has a rich opulence with a brushed or fine-grain appearance.

Offered in two finishes, the brushed steel pull out kitchen taps are defined by a textured appearance with subtle, parallel lines that give a soft sheen and depth to the whole design. Due to this texture, light is reflected in a diffused manner and is ideal as it shows fewer fingerprints and water spots, demanding less maintenance effort. A matt finish has a non-reflective surface with a consistent, smooth texture. Adorning a more minimal look, this finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it and is more durable as it does not have a grainy texture.

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Unravel Luxury: Elevating Every Detail with Precision Handles and Spouts

Each of our matt and brushed stainless steel kitchen tap vary with handle and spout designs. The defining feature of this range is the round lever handle offering single or dual controls to control flow and temperature as required. This design has a traditional charm with its graceful and smooth lines with easy usability that offers a comfortable grip and smooth operation. Their ergonomic design allows users to easily control the flow and temperature of water with a simple flick of the lever, making them ideal for users of all ages and abilities.

Spout styles of the assortment include a multitude of shapes and configurations, from a standard swan neck with an arched design that provides a graceful curve to a 90-degree bend L-shaped spout with clean-cut lines. The swivel spout offers a 360-degree rotation that allows it to easily direct the flow of water wherever needed. This flexibility and optimal reach make tasks such as rinsing dishes, filling pots, and cleaning the sink more efficient and convenient. The stainless steel pull out kitchen tap has an extended hose with a spout attached that allows maximum accessibility and is a popular pick in the culinary space.

Versatile Vibes: Stainless Steel Taps to Suit Any Décor

The stainless steel kitchen tap pull out spray has versatile spray options such as an aerated stream, a powerful stream and a pause mode. Our taps offer spray and stream functions. The first one provides a stronger spray that is ideal for cleaning chores while the second option allows a gentler, soft-to-the-touch water flow. The configuration of this tap design is defined by its retractable spring mechanism that allows the spray head to be manoeuvred comfortably with an extended reach. When idle, the spray head retracts back to the spout and remains snugly docked within the tap’s body without forceful impact that can risk damage.


Structured in a Monobloc design, the stainless steel mixer tap for kitchen features a design with the spout and handles combined into a single unit. It has a mono tap hole and are excellent space-saving fittings, making it ideal for smaller spaces and sink areas. The single-hole installation requires less counter space compared to traditional two-hole taps, allowing for more efficient use around the sink area. The suitability to both commercial and residential spaces makes these the perfect choice to breeze your everyday routine effortlessly!

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Elevating Taps with Aerators and Ceramic Disc Technology

Ceramic disc technology is a key component in our brushed steel kitchen tap selection and provides smooth and reliable operation for controlling flow and temperature. Made with high-quality ceramic material, the cartridge is highly resistant to wear and corrosion and allows flawless operation with a precise control mechanism. The discs fit together tightly to create a watertight seal, preventing leaks and drips while providing effortless operation. With a smooth surface, it is also free from the risk of debris buildup that might cause clogs and allow the desired free flow of water. Flawless functionality is assured as these cartridges ensure the water supply is completely shut off when the tap is turned off.

Each of the brushed steel mixer taps for kitchen is powered with an aerator that offers practicality by mixing air with water to create a steady stream. It provides a strong and consistent flow while minimising water usage and also prevents splashes, allowing a more efficient and controlled water flow. Water pressure is evenly regulated by this feature, ensuring your plumbing system remains safe from damage that results from strain while at the same time, extending the span without requiring frequent repairs. The water flow has a bubbling effect that is soft to the touch and is accompanied by an easy installation manual.

Our Commitment to Your Satisfaction

The kitchen mixer tap in brushed steel and matt finishes are guaranteed for longevity with a quality assured by the manufacturer’s guarantee. With customer satisfaction as our top priority, we offer services to assist you with queries, troubleshooting and warranty services. Our products and trusted guarantees allow you to shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting high-quality products backed by outstanding service and support.


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